What Makes a Woman Beautiful to a Man?

June 15, 2009 by BradONeill  
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Just a guy who is a little older passing on a few tips to the beautiful young women who are wondering how they will find love.

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As a happily married man I can answer this question only for myself but I am certain others would share my views.  If you are reading this and you are a young woman who is worried you don’t fit the current mold for what society has deemed beautiful let me assure you.  You are Beautiful.   I don’t mean this in a dad to daughter kind of way.  I mean it as it is an absolute truth.  There is something about you that is absolutely beautiful and will make that perfect guy for you absolutely happy. 

I don’t know if your beauty is apparent maybe you just happen to be athletic and have beautiful skin and guys fall to you like flies.  If that’s the case great count your blessings be grateful and enjoy every minute of your attention.  This kind of beauty burns very brightly and very quickly.  If you do not accompany it with a good heart and genuine caring for other people you will find yourself lonely and miserable as your youth fades.  But if you genuinely try and appreciate other people’s gifts and realize yours is merely one aspect of a full life you will live a happy and rewarding existence.

Now what if you think you’re beautiful but no one ever talks to you.  Ahh you are a special kind of girl.  Most of the boys are probably intimidated a little and they are just as worried and self conscious as you are.  You may find yourself getting teased more than you feel you should and this is because people are trying to knock you off your pedestal.    They may feel you’re stuck up although you aren’t your just confident but shy.  You need to counter the teasing with a round of your own.  It actually can be quite fun and you will soon learn to use your powers of wit to engage masterfully in a flirtation that will keep the boys guessing and interested. 

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16 Responses to “What Makes a Woman Beautiful to a Man?”
  1. dmccusker11 Says:

    nice write..thanks for sharing

  2. Morgana Says:

    This is a lovely article. I have a circle of female friends, you could find beauty queens and the low maintenance girl within this group. All of us have some insecurities which we try to cover up with makeup, clothes, or by exhibiting an outgoing personality.

  3. serialwriter Says:

    This is a really great article. I loved reading it. I like the bit about rewarding a stranger with a smile. What a great tip! This is what I always try to do and it really is incredible the amount of people who approach to have a chat. I suppose a smile makes one look more approachable.

  4. esteronium Says:

    Aw..I don’t think this is a silly article at all. Your article has just made me feel more secure and happy with myself. Thank You.

  5. Judith Dupree Says:

    As is heard Beauty is in the eye of beholder, what some sees in one , another does not

  6. Cebah Says:

    Nice article :) Interesting to hear a male view point which seems honest and heartfelt. Liked!

  7. raptor22 Says:

    As the mother of two teenage daughters I found this article very informative and interesting. I’m gonna have my girls read it.

  8. eminemgrl123 Says:

    Thanks Brad. I don’t know if this was written just for me but I feel like it is. Confidence level is currently up several notches. :)

  9. Isabella Wulf Says:

    You know what Brad, i think I just found some new found respect for you as a person and a man. This is a wonderful piece of writing and very inspiring. I won’t tell you which mold that i fit, but I can assure you that reading about it made me smile. :)

  10. Jinger Says:

    I liked it. Thanks for sending me the link.

  11. sneha Says:

    i really liked the article and i have often enjoyed looking at people and smiling at then.. sometimes it has made up my day.

  12. Theresa Johnson Says:

    great work brad. this is very true in any area of society.

  13. Jafizah Says:

    Thank u 4 posting this article..i really love it…it makes me feel very appreciated n simply makes my day. Thank you very much, you’re a wonderful man.

  14. shade Says:

    Simply saying that everyone is beautiful is like saying that everyone can be an artist, and that if I put a cross in a jar of urine that is as much art as the Sistine chapel. Some things are beautiful and some things aren’t, why shouldn’t the same standard apply to people? So you aren’t universally beautiful, you also aren’t Einstein or Bill Gates, and you cannot do much to change these facts.

    If you start giving out ‘runner up’ trophies for beauty then you devalue something that is critically important to the human condition. When you see somebody who is truly spectacularly beautiful then that image will forever stay in your mind like an eternal rose that never ages from the moment you first glimpsed it.

  15. BradONeill Says:

    Shade- There really is beauty in everyone. Some people are physically attractive to a wide range of people others may only be found sexy by a few. But the point of the article is that there is something beautiful about all women. You may not be capable of appreciating anyone that isn’t a swimsuit model but that is your loss. And yes there are several people just like you out there in the world. And my guess is if you look long and hard enough you will find a pretty girl who is either equally as shallow as you are or is able to overlook your minor deficiency and love you for the pig you are.

  16. blake Says:

    Also, Shade, in reality, even a rose isn’t eternal. Beauty comes and fades. It is a dynamic force. Just because someone is spectacularly (physically) beautiful doesn’t mean that Beauty is truly theirs. They will age, get a bad haircut, or perhaps just “lose” it. Besides, I agree with Brad, it does come in all forms, and is not just limited to a thin layer on someone’s face.

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