What Does The Color of a Woman’s Underwear Represent?

December 12, 2011 by themaximilian  
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Colours represent multiple things about a persons character – but how about the color of lingerie?

What does the colour of a womans underwear is telling a man about her character? There are different things that can be associated with each of the following colours. Now, I am going to focus on white, red/rosé, violet/blue and black as colours of lingerie of interest. Lets find out what they are supposed to mean, according to some German psychologists.

White lingerie

As white lingerie is a timeless classic, they tend to represent purity, elegance and innocency as well as virginity in many cultures around the world. The woman wearing lingerie of that colour is using her allures pretty efficient but never makes the first step in crucial decisions nor love-wise. She is rather waiting for him to conquer or occupy her.

Red and rosé lingerie

This type of colour usually stands for engery and fire. The woman or girl wearing that red lingerie is taking the initiative and always takes her chances seriously and maxes her options. She is very self-confident whilst the girl wearing rosé lingerie is more reluctant and values tenderness and romance more than anything else.

Violet and blue lingerie

Currently it seems like night blue and fruity violet are somehow trendy colours often used by designers in their latest creations but anyhow, the woman wearing that coloured lingerie is very open for trends and follows them quite intensively and frequently. She also tries out new things very often to find and explore herself and her perfect style. She likes to experiment and recreate herself each and every morning.

Black lingerie

Black underwear is actually very classy and has been the number one selling type of lingerie for years. This colour represents passion and pure erotic. The woman knows exactly what she wants and draws attention especially to her allures. In combination with beautiful makeup and a wink of her eye lids she always gets what she wants.

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  1. BruceW Says:

    Or if she’s not got enough money, what the colour of her underwear tells you is what colour of underwear was on special offer in the sales!

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