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For the ugly hairs on arms and legs, I recommend using Veet.

I am one of those women who can be considered a monkey because I have lots of hairs in my legs and in my arms. I think it’s in the genes as my relatives are hairy. I am aware that it affects the way I wear my clothes especially during summer or if I wear skirts, and sexy shorts. It is so obvious that at first I wanted to avail expensive cosmetic surgery but because of the cost and ugly rumors about infections and lapses I researched for better remedies. I have to shave it before putting on stockings and after-shaved legs can be uncomforting; worst is when the little hairs grow as it is so irritating and itchy.

I watched a commercial with a model shaving her legs using Veet. I decided to buy one and happy at the results. The hairs are removed not by shaving but getting it out in its roots painlessly. I think it penetrates in the skin and soften the foundation of the skin root that will make it to remove using the free tool (included in the box). Veet doesn’t pay anything, I just wanna help those girls who have the same problems about their ugly hairs.

I am satisfied with the after effect as it leaves no greasy feeling or any feeling of roughness compared to shaving. In its pack includes all the necessary ways you need to know to get off the hairs in parts of you body where you didn’t like. The whole bottle can be used in 2 months depends on how often do you use. I use it once every 5 days or whenever I see new grown hairs. The hairs that would grow after you use it will not be as thick as it used to be. I am recommending it for shaving your legs and arms but I am not sure for chest hairs for men.  This is definitely better than cosmetic laser for ugly hairs. I think Veet is one of the wide-known product for hair removal and indeed trusted.

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  1. jeni Says:

    i should try this VEET… thanks!

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