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November 8, 2012 by ExRayEx  
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Women do have to admit with that being kind is filled with a variety of beauty, especially the beauty of the mundane. From head to toe on the woman’s body is aurat. Discussing about the woman seemed to be no end unless there is no woman on this earth. This time we will discuss about the clothing worn by women, especially the bottom of the dress.

Capri Pants

Originally pants have a shape somewhat loose at the thigh and narrow at the calf, but the changes made pants fashion is known for its narrow shape with a length of three-quarters. Name is taken from the name of the island of Capri in Italy which is famous as a vacation spot.

Deck Pants

If you have three quarters pants or tight-fitting little feet, it is called with Deck Pants. Origin of name these pants because once these pants often worn by employees who work on the boat deck. Convenient to use the streets or just relaxing at home.

pic: Nordstrom

Flare Pants

Pants with a model rather wide and straight from the waist down to the heel. Usually modeled flare pajama pants.

Frontier Pants

To be similar to the Deck Pants, but tights are generally made from cotton, denim or corduray. Is perfect paired with high heels.

Hot Pants

These pants are called hot pants because the sensation when someone wearing a very short and tight. Today hot pants more often appear in denim with trendy models. Suitable to wear to the beach or if you want to seduce your partner.


Pants super tight pants like gymnastics. Usually made of lycra material (material that easily stretched). It has a color and length varied from ankle-length or just to mid thigh. Current fashion trends are simply highlighting leggings as everyday clothing (not only for gymnastics).


Overalls with a boss (like clothes mechanic) became popular in the 1960s. Generally made from cotton with pocket accents. Currently a lot of overalls made with models short sleeves and pants.

Knicker Bockers

Typical forms of these pants are baggy, full of wrinkles and only a knee-length with button accents at the knees. Became popular in 1970.


Once these pants are very wide, the length to the heel and is often used as pajamas to sleep. But the current fashion designers have adapted this form palazzo pants into a more fashionable and can be used for everyday activities.

pic: Nordstrom

Four Plush

Similar to the knicker bockers, but generally made of tweed or wool. Another distinctive feature is the accent wrinkles below the knee. Became known in the 1920s and is often used by the British to exercise.

Gaucho Pants

These pants have a model similar to the width of culottes. Usually made from a stretch jersey material. Convenient for everyday activities or sightseeing.

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