Valuable Words of Wisdom

March 23, 2012 by Kharla Jolly  
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Here are couple saying, written to help people in their close relationships with others.

First, here is a definition of the word DISCIPLE: A learner. It is a person who realizes their need to be taught, more than they already know–and the more knowledge this individual attains, the more he or she finds out, they still have a lot more to learn.  This is true humility!

LOVE: When you truly love someone, we learn to accept their obvious differences and personality traits.

Many allow unkindness and bad attitudes to erode the tenderness, they once had towards one another in their relationship. They both turn defensive and their friendship becomes ridged, ready to fight or run. Jesus Christ is always gentle and kind, always humble, never broods on anothers errors. His love rejoices in the truth! This is how the Bible teaches us to be, in all of our relationships with other people!

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  1. TIPS2TRICKS Says:

    very good article

  2. ladym33 Says:

    That is how we should be in our relationships you are very right.

  3. elee Says:

    I have been following yours writings , all have been wonderful literary


    thanks :

  4. lauralu Says:

    Very true thanks Kharla

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