Top Four Hottest Plus Sized Celebrities

January 8, 2011 by stine1  
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Beauty is skinny? I do not think so.

Take a look at the following 4 really hot and sexy celebrities. I bet you will change your mind that not only size 0 can be sexy and beautiful!

1. Christina Schmidt

Christina is a Canadian Plus Size Model and a talented actress.

2. Toccara Elaine Jones

Toccara Elaine Jones from the USA has already modelled for Ashley Stewart, New York and Company, Target, Essence magazine, Vibe magazine, King magazine and Smooth magazine.

3. Johanna Dray

Johanna Dray does work as a model in Paris, France. Her most famous clients were John Galliano and the French Vogue.

4. Charlotte Coyle

Charlotte Coyle from Northern Ireland has organized Britain’s first beauty contest for plus-size women.

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4 Responses to “Top Four Hottest Plus Sized Celebrities”

    Wow these are considered plus size women. These women look like the bombshell pin up girls back in the day. They were the true beauties, not these skinny twigs in magazines now.

  2. smokychristine Says:

    Thanks for appreciating us plus sizers.

  3. Jamie Myles Says:

    I don’t think super skinny = beauty. It is nice that the fashion industry is moving away from that image.

  4. JohnSuarez Says:

    So you like a little meat on the bone do you? I do too and “have” with my second wife of 27 years. Not too fat and not too skinny. Just right.

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