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June 20, 2010 by Renee Allison  
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Salon hair products are used by hair professionals to treat, care and maintain the hair of their clients. Salon products are considered to be superior in quality to readily available hair products and are usually exclusively available only to professional stylists and salon owners. Although most salon products are sold directly to hair care professionals or purchased from select salons, you can also find these products online. Here is a list of the top salon hair products.


Fekkai salon hair products are known worldwide as one of the leading professional hair product lines. The Fekkai hair product brand was created by Frederic Fekkai, a hair professional and businessman who introduced his line of products with the concept of giving hair clients a luxury hair care experience.

Fekkai salon hair products include shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling products, hair color products and styling tools. The products also come in a variety of collections such as the Ageless hair product collection, known as anti-aging for hair since it restores the strength, and structure and vitality to the hair, and the Silky Straight Ironless collection, an anti-frizz hair straightening product that makes each strand of hair appear straight and silky smooth. The officlal Fekkai website offers more information about their products.

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell salon hair products are a professional hair care line created by John Paul Mitchell. The Paul Mitchell line of products has become a well known brand recognized by the distinctive black and white product packaging. These products are among some of the most sought after salon products by hair professionals the world over because the brand has established itself in the hair care industry as having superior quality and effective results.

The Paul Mitchell line includes hair products for color care, conditioning, clarifying, styling, moisturizing and conditioning. There are other featured products in the Paul Mitchell line such as the Tea Tree line of shampoos, conditioners and scalp treatment and the Modern Elixirs collection of bodyfying shampoos and conditioners, color therapy shampoos and conditioners and refining shampoos and conditioners. The official Paul Mitchell website offers a search bar to locate a salon near you that sells this line of salon hair products.


Redken is one of the leading brands in the professional hair care industry with a complete line of shampoos, conditioners and styling products. The Redken collection of salon hair products include Blonde Glam, All Soft, Body Full, Clear Moisture, Fresh Curls, smooth Down, Real Control, Extreme, Color Extend and Color Extend Sun.

Each collection offers products for specific hair care needs such as softness, brightening and refinement, volume and style support, color protection, environmental protection, strength and repair, moisture and defrizz, nourishing repair, ultra smoothness and scalp relief. The Redken website offers more details on their complete line of products as well as salon services and salon locator information. Redken salon hair products can be purchased from and


Matrix has one of the most diverse product lines in the hair care industry and is also well known as a leader in training and educating hair professionals. The Matrix brand of product collections includes Biolage, Amplify, Solutionist, Vavoom, Color Sync, SOCOLOR and V-Light. The Biolage line of Matrix hair products is one of the most popular lines because of its natural botanical properties. Biolage products include Biolage hydrating shampoo, Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie Conditioning Balm, Biolage Smooth Therapie Smoothing Gel, and Matrix Biolage Strengthening Shampoo. The official Matrix website offers more information about their salon hair products and a search page is available on the website to help locate a salon near you where their products are sold. The Matrix Biolage products can be purchased online from and


Tigi offers some of the trendiest product brands in the salon industry producing some of the most popular lines of salon hair products. Tigi hair product collection includes Bedhead, Catwalk, S-factor, Rockaholic and Tigi Color. Tigi creates hair products for both men and women that include shampoos, conditioners, styling and texturizing products, moisturizers and hydrating products, volumizing and curl maintenance products. Tigi’s website offers more information about their products as well as styling tips and a salon locator page. Tigi hair products are sold at Target, Amazon, and Walgreens

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