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Once it concerns sexual turn ons, guys and girls are quite unlike. It isn’t a myth that ladies love a man who is at ease with his emotions. It’s also true that numerous women are searching for an appealing man who recognizes how to treat his lady the right way! Check out the top 10 female turn-ons gathered by single women from an online dating survey, which was recently published in a leading women’s magazine.

Here is the list:

10. When a man can make her feel like a woman. For a lot of women, respectfulness is the first thing that they search for in a guy. Not only is it necessary in this day and age, it certainly is a huge turn on! A gentleman who values a woman and values her for who she is has the power to send her weak at the knees.

9. When a man has the ability to take control. Women admire a strong man, we are not just talking about brute strength. Women appreciate when a man can take control of a given situation. When she feels protected this gives her a sense of arousal.

8. A man who can be submissive from time to time. Most relationships require a power dynamic. When a guy can be forceful with his lady, it’s essential to be capable of relinquishing some of that force. She likes to take on the dominant role now and then and feels aroused when a man is prepared and comfortable to react to all her requirements.

7. A woman loves a man who possesses a sensitive side. Unlike common opinion, women are not searching for men who prefer to discuss his emotions perpetually. Sensitiveness is a great thing but more significant is to be emotionally well adjusted. Among the greatest female turn ons is a man who’s not afraid to demonstrate his emotions, sometimes.

6. She loves a man who is capable of holding his own. When a guy is not capable of taking care of himself, most women see this as a big turn off! Showing the ability to be self-sufficient shows her that she will not have to shoulder the weight of any potential drama that will crop up from time to time. Women perceive dependent men as weak and unattractive.

5. Successful men are in demand. When we talk about successful men, she is not necessarily referring to wealth. Most women deem success as someone who can support themselves as well as his family. Women often seek a partner who is ambitious and passionate. Confidence is also very appealing and this goes hand in hand with success! The Internet plays a huge role in matching compatible singles via online dating sites. One of the many benefits free dating sites offer is that you are able to assess the qualities of potential dates in a very short time simply by browsing the huge pool of online dating profiles.

4. A man in uniform. No, this is not a myth! Women have a soft spot for a man in uniform! Fire fighters top the list, there is something very arousing about being rescued by a man in uniform.

3. A well kept man and his body. Women are not as fixated on a mans body as he probably is, having said that though, most women will certainly appreciate a nice chest and wide shoulders so keeping a man’s body in tune won’t go un-noticed.

2. A smart man and his sense of humour. She will appreciate good eye candy although a lady will much prefer a smart, funny guy which is also a big turn on – just ask any woman. Women need to be mentally stimulated, and when this occurs, the physical side of things will then come naturally.

1. A man who gets along with kids. Although women do not necessarily picture you as the father of her children straight away, instinct and nurturing qualities are all part of the process when she is undertaking her love hunt!   

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