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November 3, 2012 by ExRayEx  
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Various tips gorgeous while pregnant – Pregnancy is a beautiful gift for any woman, for that we as women should always look beautiful while pregnant. During the first three months of pregnancy every woman’s mood is always changing, because it is influenced by the hormone estrogen that inevitably arise. As well as with our appearance, will become larger, the skin becomes drier and so on. But friends Fabeluna not need to worry because I will share tips for doing treatment during pregnancy.

During pregnancy your body will change gradually becomes larger, the skin becomes dry, dull hair, the face is worn. For, in addition to maintaining the health and diet, we must always take care of our appearance to look always beautiful when pregnant. No need to do expensive treatment, simply by diligently clean your face and always wear body lotion. Friend want to know more about the beautiful tips during pregnancy. Let us look at the following article:

# When pregnant we will be spending a lot more sweat. For that bathe and cleanse your body at least 2 times a day.

# In addition to cleansing our bodies should always clean the face clean. Because while pregnant face will release much oil in the cheek, nose, and chin that can cause acne. For that wash face with cleansing milk and refresher every 1 day 2 times.

# After cleaning the face and body after bath time for us to put on body lotion that suits your skin type. Should avoid body lotions that contain lots of olive oil, as it will make the oil content in the body is higher.

# Should rajinlah drinking variety of fresh fruit juice contains vitamin C, which helps the absorption of iron so that we avoid anemia.

# If friends want to dress up, you should wear cosmetics that are safe for the skin, because during pregnancy the skin we will be sensitive. If a friend has a problem with the face friend should consult a dermatologist. So that we face will be free from the problems that plague.

# Use comfortable clothing when worn. Like the clothes that easily absorbs sweat, and always consider the harmony of the whole appearance of companions.

# Friends can try to stand in front of the mirror, to see which friends have advantages and friends can try to highlight the advantages friends.

That’s pretty different tips while pregnant can I share to friends Fabeluna. Hopefully this article can be useful for friends, especially for friends who are in a state of pregnancy.

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