Tips Framing The Eyes with “Eye Liner”

November 3, 2012 by ExRayEx  
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Eyes are radiance, I wonder if a lot of women who focus their makeup on the eyes. One makeup that play a role in shaping and beautifying the eye is the eye liner.

“Eye liner can make your eyes look bigger or smaller depending on the shape goresannya. Not only that, eye liner can also help camouflage puffy eyes and sunken,” said Astrid Tjahyanto, Product Marketing Training and Make-up Skill Etude House Indonesia, while Etude House launch of Indonesia in Jakarta, some time ago.

Groundlessness formulations, eye liner eye liner is divided into liquid and pencil eye liner. However, many people prefer to use a pencil eye liner rather than liquid eye liner, because it is easier and less messy. When in fact the way life is almost the same. However, Astrid revealed until now there are misguided in using eye liner.

“Usually, eye liner is used from the inside of the eye to the outside. Though this method is less precise because it can make the eyes look so big and messy greater risk,” he added.

Applications eye liner from the inside to the outside of the eye will make the line outside of the eye will be smaller and thinner. In fact it should be, part of the eye should look thicker in order to shape a wider eye. In addition, it should scratch the eye liner is thinner and ends on the inside of the eye so that the line looks more natural.

To produce a more beautiful eye line and naturally, Astrid advised to use eye liner starting from the outside of the eye into a position slightly tilted (not perpendicular).

As for the lower eye liner, start by scraping the eye liner from the outside to the inside by connecting the upper end of eye liner down. Scratched eye liner below is only up to the middle half of the eye or eyes. While the rest of the blanks can be polished with a pale eye shadow with a bit of drape to the eye liner. Thus, the eye shadow looks together and create a beautiful gradation effect.

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