Tips for Mother: Tips to Teach Hand Washing to Children

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Tips for women: Tips to teach hand washing to children.

Handwashing habits are closely huge in keeping kesehayan kaitanya with us. For that, it teaches good habits like washing hands at the baby needs to be done as early and accurately as possible. Teach children the habit of washing hands properly, then for the future, they will make it as a breath of life.

Handwashing Habits To Teach Children

The first thing to do is to explain to the children about the importance of washing your hands so they understand why they should do it. When children understand, then they will be easier and will do well.

Furthermore, you also need to instill in children at any time to wash hands, before preparing or taking food, after eating, after playing, after defecation, after coughing, sneezing, or hold the goods are ‘dirty’, such as money .

If it gives an explanation, then you can start training with hand washing a fun way for them. Here are some tips.

Buy their favorite soaps, both in terms of smell or texture of foam. If they find that there is a soap that is one of their favorites, then they will be more motivated to clean hands.

Further guidance children not to wash hands with moderation. When guiding them, invite them to sing their favorite songs, such as ‘Happy Birthday’ twice as proper hand washing (with soap and under running water) takes 10-20 seconds so that germs can die optimally.

Teach children not to just rub your palm, but also the back of hands, between fingers, around the nails and even, to the wrist.

Lead children to dry hands thoroughly after washing hands. Keep hand wipes provided by you is white, as if the hand of children leave stains on the cloth, then it means that children do not wash their hands thoroughly and maximum.

You can also give a small challenge for the baby by giving the seal / stamp on their hands and ask them to wash it thoroughly. You can also describe something in a child’s hand with a pen and asked the child to remove the picture. When you do this, the child will be embedded in the minds of thinking, that everything is in the hands of stain to be removed to clean.

If you and your children are in a place where there is no water and soap, then take always hand sanitizer to disinfect hands.

The last thing the main thing is that children always learn from the example of their parents. Have your own keep?

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