Tips and Restrictions While Caring for Hair

November 2, 2012 by ExRayEx  
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Hair is one of the important points in the appearance Therefore, care must also be considered. In hair care, there are things to be done, but there is also a prohibition. To be more beautiful hair, let’s follow some tips below.


1. Investments in product quality care. Buy a shampoo, moisturizers, and hair nutrition from the label that has been recognized by many hairdressers success. Do not let your hair is damaged due to wrong choice even care products.

2. Customize the style of your hair with hair condition. For example, who have thin hair, do not get your preferred hairstyle will also make it look thinner and not healthy. Consult on your hairdresser before deciding to cut hair.

3. Every 6-8 weeks, get used to cut the ends of your hair. Usually uneven hair nutrients, will make the ends become dry and split ends. To restore its beauty, cut the tip of hair is problematic.


1. Using a comb and brush after shampooing while hair when wet will make the hair brittle and fall out. choose bebentuk comb straight with a gap segment while the hair is still wet. Once the hair is a little dry, you can use a brush comb.

2. Do not overuse hair dryers. This will make your hair dry and brittle. Better hair dry naturally. After half dry, you can use a hair dryer with a low temperature. Do not forget to use a special fluid (anti-Frizz) before drying your hair with a dryer for hair protected from excessive heat.

3. Do not use more than one liquid chemical on the hair in the vulnerable period of one week. Suppose you perming and hair dyed in the same week. It will make your hair is damaged.

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