These Ideas Will Make You Look Great!

October 1, 2010 by Lee Ness  
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Here are ways to make you look and feel great by what you wear!



The first way which is really is to create a trendy belt. Before oversize scarves became all the rage the skinny scarves made of silk or satin were everywhere. These scarves have multi colors and shapes to make your simple outfits look smashing! If you have one fold it flat lengthwise and wrap around the waist of a simple sheath dress. Tie a small knot in the back and wah la you have a chic obi-style belt!


We all hate deodorant stains in our garments. Here is way to stop the stains in their tracks. If you know you will be wearing a silk dress or thin white tee switch to a natural, aluminum free deodorant to prevent discoloration.




Jewelry is great accents pieces but metal pieces are the best choices. Combining gold and silver jewelry or rose gold with blacken metal can be tricky. To pull off the look wear a transitional piece that features two metals like two-tone watch or a charm bracelet with mixed metal trinkets.


We all hate wrinkles in our pants so here is sure way to keep them off. Always take your belt off before you hang or fold pants. The extra weight can cause the waistline to stretch and droop between wearings.


How we all like to watch certain shows for fashion ideas! Here are examples like Desperate Housewives or Dancing with the stars or Project Runways shows. Log on to to find out where to buy the actor’s pieces. Many are surprisingly cost friendly!




We are all carrying laptops around with us to get our work done. Here is way to carry your laptop in discreet style! If you are looking for a laptop bag that will not attract attention check out American Apparel’s new vinyl versions they look like small sporty duffel bags or simple laptop bags at Ann Taylors or Target stores.

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    Nice Post

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    when we look good we feel good… thanks for the tips.

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