The Most Powerful Art of Sex

June 26, 2013 by gledys  
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The most powerful art of sex.

Sex is always fun. However, this event can be boring. When taste it approached, a series of powerful sex tricks can be overcome its. In addition to powerful prescription sex, mutual action pamper each other an important part that can not be missed. Well, to make a bed action this time round so remarkable, Here is the recipe of powerful sex.

Sensation naughty fingers
Naughty finger movements that have proved successful arousing sex. When you are able to provide different sensations, of course he would feel amused and enjoy the sensation of incredible pleasure. To that end, the time is now for you play like fingers expertly stroking or squeezing every part that can evoke passion. If you want a different innovation, you can tease him by playing with fingers to form small circles around her. Guaranteed, the couple will soon respond to your naughty action.

Mastered the sensitive point
As with women, man was really like if certain areas such as the buttocks and nipples stimulated his partner. Additionally, you can complete the action of the tongue or squeeze play these areas. According to one study, more than half of men admitted aroused by stimulation in this area. Therefore, nipples or buttocks to one sensitive point men.

Warm his legs
Another way that you can try is warm his legs. To undertake this action, you can give a sensual massage. If you want to play increasingly colored, start the action by doing foot massage, then end with a kiss tenderly in the buttocks area.

Sprinkle perfume on the whole body
If you want an exciting battle, then you must be smart to take advantage of any equipment owned. One of them, a perfume.
In order to steal the attention of your partner, you can “play” his sense of smell. The trick is quite simple, done by sprinkling perfumes in the whole body. perfume that can increase libido partner that brought you both in the event the tremendous struggle.

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