The Meaning and Significance Pair of Wedding Ring

September 9, 2012 by FabChuz  
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The Meaning And Significance Pair of Wedding Ring.

Wedding ring is a symbol of an object of marriage. Do you know why it is used as a symbol of a wedding ring? If you know the meaning and significance, you will further appreciate the force of a marriage.

The Lasting Togetherness Not Be Destroyed

Since ancient times, the ring is the special jewelry. The ring is jewelery that became a symbol of a circle will not be broken or crushed. In many cultures believe in immortality, the ring is a symbol of eternity itself. As for a pair of wedding rings, meaning it will be a lasting togetherness and commitment that will not be destroyed.

Glory and power

Several centuries ago, the ring is jewelery made ​​from very expensive materials. Only certain people in high places and that can wear them. When the ring is a symbol of a marriage, meaning the attainment of glory and power be carried by two people who support each other through life and marriage.

Overlapping Oneness

The ring always has a spherical shape, without beginning, without end. The ring describes the daily life of people who continue to spin like a wheel. There is birth, death, sadness, happiness. In a wedding ring, it is interpreted as a complementary unity of life. Accept each other flaws, complementary perfection.

Proof of Love Without End and A Commitment

Wedding rings have long been a symbol of unity. Those who wear wedding rings indicate their status as a married man. Many people believe that a wedding ring has a charm to bring good luck and victory. Beyond belief, wearing a wedding ring is a testament to the endless love and a commitment.

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