The Hair Style You Want and How to Get It

September 20, 2007 by Ruby Hawk  
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It isn’t always easy to get the hair style you want, even if you know exactly what it is. It can sometimes be a problem conveying your idea to your hairdresser. If you have trouble making your hair dresser understand the hair style you want, read this and get the style you want every time.

Do you have trouble getting the hair style you want? You know what you want, but when you try to tell your hair dresser, he doesn’t understand, and you are disappointed at the results. If so let me help you out. Here are some terms your hair dresser will recognize, and hopefully you will get the style you want. Here are also instructions to get the same results at home.

Smooth Hair But Not Straight as a Board: Ask for a Blow Out With a Bend

While hair is wet, add mousse for body and hold. Blow-dry just the roots, directing air upward, one section at a time. Pin rest of hair up. Wrap each strand around a round brush, following with air from roots to end of strand. Use a medium round brush to have bend, and a small one for more curl. Once hair is dry, smooth on a dab of light weight anti-frizz finishing cream.

Super Straight: Ask for Straight and Sleek

Shampoo and towel dry hair .Do a quick blow-dry to get most of the moisture out. Then with a nozzle attachment on to concentrate the air, and a brush, flatten any waves. A flat, wide paddle brush works best. When hair is dry, divide hair in small sections, and use a flat iron to smooth the pieces out. Keep iron moving at all times. Finish off with a spritz of silicon spray. If you get fly away hair near the end of the day, use aerosol for control. Use brush to gently coax back in place.

Perfect, Not Messy Curls: Ask for Polished

Start with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. When out of the shower, apply leave on conditioner, and follow up with silicon serum. If you have natural curl, let hair air dry, and wrap your natural waves around the barrel of iron, to seal the cuticle, and perfect curls. For straight hair blow-dry, and create curls with curling iron. Lock in curls with aerosol hair spray.

Soft and Touchable: Ask for an Undone Pony Tail

This works best with slightly dirty hair. If you don’t have time to shampoo, that’s the day to try it. Use a few spritz of water to rough it up. Since undone means casual, not messy, Work with your fingers, not a brush. Rake them through to gather back a pony tail and secure with elastic. Comb hair carefully with fingers, and pull out loose strands here and there. That’s the beauty of the style.

Spunky: Ask for Piecey

Shampoo, condition and apply product with hold to wet hair. Use jell for shorter hair, and mousse for longer hair. Next dry as usual, then rub pomade between your hands and grab random bits of hair and rub product from mid shaft to ends. Pull in different directions to cause chunky effect.

Try all these styles at home and see which suits you best. I wish you happiness, and all your days to be good hair days. click here to post your beauty tips or anything that interests you and earn income.

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8 Responses to “The Hair Style You Want and How to Get It”
  1. Lloyd Deering Says:

    Sounds like good advise.

  2. Hannah Says:

    Maybe even I can get the style I want with these instructions. Thank you kindly

  3. Amanda Says:

    We girls can all use this advise. It is hard to get the hair style you wnat.

  4. Amanda Says:

    We girls can all use this advise. It is hard to get the hair style you wnat.

  5. Amanda Says:

    We girls can all use this advise. It is hard to get the hair style you wnat.

  6. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    Great advice. I spent 18 months trying to achieve a certain style. I would go home disappointed, let me hair grow for another 4 or 5 months (good thing it grows fast) and go back to try again. Finally I stopped going and found someone else. Amanda’s right. Most of us girls can can use your advice.

  7. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Thank you ladies. Sorry I haven’t been back by, I appreciate you and I apologize.

    I know what you mean Darlene, I have a hard time getting what I want but it is working out better since I know more what to say.

  8. neelam pandey Says:

    i couldn’t ever get the hair style i wanted but these tips show some hope. thanks a lot for sharing.

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