The Gorgon Analogy – The Frenemy

May 26, 2013 by coffeelover  
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“I look hot. But.. oh…you look kind of cute too”

Did it ever happen to you to wake up suddenly,in the middle of a foggy night,walking on an empty street with a cigarette in one hand and asking yourself what the hell were you doing ?

I assume the answer would be no…Because any sane, normal person, would be in bed at 3 in the morning, resting and dreaming of puppies and white picket fences  and whatever  people usually dream about.

But obviously not me. Not that I hate puppies or have anything against white picket fences … No, I just needed some cooling off after a fight. That is if you can call an one sided argument a fight. 

The friend-enemy relationship

No matter how nice you are and how much you try to help others, there is always that particular person, also known in the media as a frenemy.  For those of you who are yet to encounter this special type of person, the frenemy is that self-proclaimed friend, who like a Gorgon, brings chills up your spine every time you look upon it. 

At first glance they seem to be the sweetest people in the world…they might even take you under their protective wing. Well, so long as they consider you a mere country hick. You will soon realize that you simply cannot dare be smarter or look more beautiful then them.

‘ Trust me. It’s for your own good ‘

Sabotage under the name of greater good is their method of choice for undermining you. That boy you like and that seems to also fancy you, is said to be no good, for he calls his parents every day and loves the classics. They say you need  someone that drinks, to take you out. Although that guy, whose only long lasting relationship was with a keg does not strike you to be perfect, this is an advice from a friend, someone that cares and wants to help. 

And you go out with the said ‘ John ‘…and see your ‘ friend ‘ with the one you like…and you accept, after all maybe he was not that into you. 

And then there is that dress you have, the perfect colour for your skin, and that won’t do. It makes you fat. It would look so much better on her. The list could grow. Nothing you say is good enough, for she knows best.

So there you have it…the so called friends. But don’t despair. Recognising the green light of envy in their eyes, and catching the malicious subtext to their comments it’s the first step into better trusting your own judgment. Do not fight them as you will never win, as they don’t play nice and by the rules. Just get on with your life and allow no place for them.

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