The Difference Between Lip Stick, Lip Gloss and Lip Balm

June 29, 2010 by richmaldita  
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Here are the descriptions of each lip make up that everyone is crazy about.

Lip balm

> Is healthy for your lips. 

> It is good for dry or chapped lips.

> It keeps your lips soft.

> You can apply a lip balm before a lipstick or just plain lip balm.

> Flavored lip balms are the best.

> Lip balm is a little sticky.

Lip balm is like chapstick, although there are some that aren’t so waxy. It’s a stick form or in a tin. Lip balm usually has some extra ingredients, like SPF or vitamin E, to protect your lips and help heal or smooth them. Lip balm is usually clear although there are some sheer colors available.

Lip Gloss

> You can get it flavored and shiny.

> You can get it sparkling.

> It’s color, plus moisture.

> It makes your lips gleam and glitter.

> Makes lips looks seductive.

> It stays for a longer time.

Lip gloss is very thin, very lightweight, sometimes sticky and usually shiny. The color is very sheer, although some glosses can be found where you get a more intense color. Lip gloss is usually in a tube with a wand applicator.

Lip Stick

> Has various shades.

> Has different colors from deep red, fuchsia pink, pink, orange and light red.

> Some are with matte finish, some has the moisturiser in it.

Lipstick is more solid and has the most color out of all 3. The feel of it can be more heavier than lip balm or gloss.

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