Thankyou, God for Your Faithfulness

March 26, 2012 by Kharla Jolly  
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This poem tells about the faithfulness, that God has shown to me.

The morning comes so soon, when I have slept in thee,

Your angels gathered all around, have kept watch over me.

Father, why do I complain and let fear assail, with strife?

When you, Lord, are my pilot, directing over my life.

The cares they get so heavy, while walking down this road,

Yet, not once have you allowed me, to crumble beneath the load.

Through each situation, doesn’t matter if it’s big or small,

Your ears are always open wide, when on your name I call.

If sin I’ve allowed to remain, still, you never close the door,

You love me, even in that state and wash me clean, once more.

No matter how often I do come, with repentant prayers flood,

You always forgive me once again and place it beneath the blood.

Father, I do thank you for your Word, forgiveness, and love,

For salvation and eternal life, and your indwelling, like a dove.

But, most of all I’m thankful for ‘Jesus’, your perfect son,

The greatest gift I could ever receive, from God, the Holy One! 

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4 Responses to “Thankyou, God for Your Faithfulness”
  1. girishpuri Says:

    GOD IS GREAT , keep writing

  2. stevetheblogger Says:

    So Nice to read just as I am about to go to bed
    God Bless

  3. Kai Vicky Says:

    God’s love, is so wonderful.

  4. Jeremiah777 Says:

    You are a poet Kharla.. I am sure you just put a smile on Father God’s face..

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