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August 2, 2008 by Ruby Hawk  
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How to play up all your features from a flawless complexion to beautiful bee stung lips, these tips will show you how to be your most beautiful self.

Fake a flawless skin

1. Do not cover your face with a thick foundation. It looks unnatural. Instead, sweep on a “skin perfector.” these gels contain light diffusing particles that even out skin tone. Then dab on concealor to cover imperfections. (Avon Magix Face Perfector $10)

Play up flawless skin

2. Highlight with a vibrant blush. Rosy blush with flecks of gold works for almost everyone. The smoothness of the skin will be illuminated by the wash of rosy, golden color. (NXY Rouge Cream Blush in golden, $4.99.)

Fake big eyes

3. Put the stuff on your eyelids that you normally put under your eyes. You will create one smooth even color that opens the entire eye area. (Physician Formula Organic Wear Concealor Stick. $5.21)

Play up Your Eyes

4. Line your eyes with one of the shimmery eyeliners. Gold flecked liners are recommended for lighter skin tones and bronze flecked liners for deeper skin tones. For lighter skin ;( Bourjois Metallic Eyeliner in Gilded Gold, $12.50.) For darker skin; (MAC PowerPoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown, $13.50)

Fake full lips

5. Glide on a lip gloss with cinnamon oil. It will create a tingly sensation that boosts blood flow to your lips, making them look bee stung in seconds. (Biglow Cinnamint Mentha Lip shine, $7.50.)

Play up full lips

6. Swipe on an opaque rose or cocoa shade. A highly pigmented color crisply defines the rounded curve of your lips. For light skins ;( Lipstick Queen Rose Sinner, $18.) For darker skins; (Cover-Girl Queen Collection Vibrant Hue lipstick in Shiny Chocó Lott, $6.21.)

Lash thickening trick

7. Close your eyes and dust with translucent powder near your lashes. The tiny particles that land on your lashes will give the mascara a little something extra to cling to, making your lashes look extra thick.

Pool color corrector

8. Remove the green cast with a good soak in tomato juice. Saturate hair in tomato juice and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes then shampoo as usual

Stop thinning hair

9. Blend 3 to 5 drops of clove oil into 5 tbs. of coconut, olive or almond oil. Massage into your scalp every night and shampoo in the morning. The clove oil massage increases scalp circulation, promoting hair growth, while cocoanut oil keeps hair shiny. Indian women have sworn by this treatment for thousands of years… (Aveda Cinnamon Bark in Clove Oil, $12)

Smooth away scars

10. Massage vitamin E over it every night at bedtime. Studies prove that the massage and vitamin itself work together to heal the damaged skin. This treatment will reduce the scar or even make it go away.

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20 Responses to “Super-Easy Beauty Tips”
  1. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    Thanks for the great tips, Ruby. I need all the super easy I can get.

  2. nobert soloria bermosa Says:

    nice article with good beauty tips,

  3. valli Says:

    Great tips.

  4. adolf Says:

    wear a burka, helps the really ugly women

  5. Judy Sheldon Says:

    Great tips, Ruby. Thanks.

  6. Autumnrose Says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I’m definitely trying quite a few so I can look my best for the new school year!

  7. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Thank you good people for your interest. Darlene I can surely use all the help I can get and then some.It is amazing what a few beauty products can do to brighten our faces and make us feel better. You all take care. Ruby

    Autumnrose,Enjoy and good luck.

    Thank you Nobert, Adolf,Judy and Valli, Best wishes to you all.

  8. PR Mace Says:

    Thanks Ruby for some good advice. I wish I had known about the tomato juice a few years ago when I had green hair from the pool at our apartment complex. I have a scar in my face from an infection after a facial at a local spa, long story. I tried Vit E and it did not work. I had to use a special cream for scars to to soften it. It is still there but better.

  9. IcyCucky Says:

    Great tips Ruby…

  10. penny golding Says:

    Thanks Ruby, I’m going to try your tips~

  11. Trish Says:

    Thank you for all these good tips. I will try all of them.

  12. fay Says:

    For somebody that has never worn make-up and doesn’t know what’s what, this isn’t ’super-easy’ at all. I understand it all as im a make-up artist, but break it down into simpler terms if you’re calling it ’super-easy’.

  13. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Thank you all. I appreciate you everyone.

    PR I have never thought much about green hair untill my daughter-in-law told me about it. (She is a hair dresser.)But its good to know there is a remedy if it happens. i hope your scar heals all right. there is a oinment called, Scar Begone but I don’t know how good it is.

    fay, I’m sorry if my instructions are not easy enough. I thought I had made it simple. It’s probably best to just read the instructions on the products. You can’t go wrong there.

  14. Trish Says:

    I love the one for the eyes. The gold shimmery stuff sounds like it would look good.

  15. dee gold Says:

    people like me who have no time for a salon will really love this article.thanks!

  16. crys Says:

    These tips will be helpful to me. I am always in a hurry. I don’t have time for a trip to a salon either but I can take a few minutes to try some of these.

  17. Harold Says:

    I printed this for my wife. I know she will be interested.

  18. hanna Says:

    its a very nice site&more beauty tips for this site
    I am sure you are wisest this site

  19. Tanya @ Online Colleges Says:

    Great tips. I was wanting to know how to get bigger looking eyes so thanks for the tip; I’ll for sure try it.

  20. purity12lover Says:

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