So Who’s The Fool Today?

April 1, 2012 by Kharla Jolly  
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Being April 1st, everybody and their brother is joking about what day it is. Yet, some things we should consider, aren’t anything to laugh about!

One might tell their friend, ‘Your shoe is untied.’ If that person glances down to find out if it’s true, they have   been fooled! This is just a simple bit of humor, somebody may use to trick another into looking. Laughing is always fun, when it doesn’t hurt their feelings or cause harm in any way.

Today is also, Palm Sunday. The Bible teaches that this is a day in Jesus Christ’s ministry, when the crowds honored him, for who he was. Yet, only one week later many of these faithful followers were the exact same ones who cried out, ‘Not this man, we want you to give us Barabbas!’ It was a custom in their culture at this time of year, to release one prisoner and set him free. When Pontius Pilate found no fault in Jesus, he told the crowd this, asking if he might release Jesus unto them. But they hollered out, ‘No! Release Barabbas!’ a man who was in prison for stealing and committing murder. Pilate then asked, ‘What should I do with Jesus?’ Again the crowd hollered out in agreement, ‘Crucify Him! Crucify Him!’ This same Jesus who healed the sick, raised some from the dead, taught them the truth with wisdom and authority, poured out the love of God on everyone, prayed with many, fed thousands with one fish and a few small biscuits and these are just the miracles that were recorded for us to see! There were many others that he did. What happened in just one short week, to change their view of Jesus as the King of King and Lord of Lord’s?

Satan had come right away, to steal out of their thoughts, the truth! When God does anything wonderful to bring glory to his name, Satan comes immediately, to kill, steal, and to destroy and that’s exactly what happened. Jesus the Messiah, was now seen as an enemy, one who deserved to be put to death! His entire life here on earth, Jesus had never sinned against another person nor did he ever disobeyed his heavenly Father. He was sinless, in every way! That’s the reason God was able to use Jesus Christ as the perfect lamb, who was sacrificed on a cruel, shameful cross, for the sins of the entire world. He was the only one who was worthy to accomplish this deed, for mankind! Outside of this complete work, that God did for you and for me, there would be absolutely no way possible for anyone to enter into God’s Kingdom! We would all be doomed to die and spend all eternity in HELL, a fire whose flames are never quenched. What a glorious gift! And because God loves the people of this world so very much, it pleased his heart to do this! So, who wants to be a fool today? Choose life and more abundantly, because Jesus Christ is waiting to be accepted into your heart and life, to save your soul this very day! It’s here for the asking, you just have to say ‘YES’, to God’s free gift, for YOU! All heaven awaits your answer.

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    About god, like share

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    Eye opener, as always.

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    Very well written. Choose life.

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