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October 16, 2011 by sandhee  
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Your body can look slim without dieting furiously.

The trick of camouflage in the dress can always be relied upon. Starting from the effect of making the waist look smaller, covering the big thighs to accentuate the curve of the body.

Overall, this will make your body look slimmer without dieting furiously. Want to know how? Wear only four ‘arms’ follows, which can make your body look smaller, quoted by The Stir.

1. Long cardigan
long cardigan that covered half of the buttocks can cause the illusion of slimmer. Whether you wear the buttons open, or closed. Pair it with a tank-top or a tight shirt. For subordinates, you can wear straight jeans, skinny-cut or straight khaki color pants.

2. Blazer-cut fit
Blazer-cut fit, is a powerful weapon to accentuate curves and make you look slimmer. Look for blazers are cut narrow at the waist and a bit wide in the hips. Then, you can bring it to the tailor to suit the curve of the body. This blazer can be worn in any event, whether formal or casual. Investment style is very ‘precious’.

3. The dress that accentuates the waist line
Thus Shift Dress easiest way to look slim. You only need to wear a dress like that show waist line shift dress. Or, it could also wear a belt at the top a little longer.

4. Coat length of 3 / 4
Coat 3/4Musim long rains come and it does not mean you can not look stylish by wearing warm clothes. Just wear a long coat with 3 / 4, straight match with jeans or skirts. As long cardigan, this coat is longer made impression on your torso area. Thus, creating the illusion of a slimmer body.

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