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November 12, 2012 by mayasavanovich  
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Do you want to have long eyelashes that look like the real deal, get rid of mascara and the constant hassle of removing your mascara. Then eyealsh extensions are for you.

Do you dream of having eyes that can say what you’re thinking without you having to speak? Long lashes can give you a flirty appearance and they can also give your face some more character. There are a lot of different options available when it comes to extending your eyelashes; some are toned down while others are a bit more extreme. By experimenting with these you can change up your look for any event you have coming up! These are perfect for Halloween, but also nights out and whenever you just want to look different.

Paperself Eyelashes 

Want longer lashes that are completely unique and different? If so, these are definitely the best choices to use on your lashes! These are fake, but they are made out of paper and cut into shapes. For example, one style you can find is a French lace design, which has cut outs of lace that make up the lashes. Want to dress up for Halloween? This company also makes holiday themed lashes that are extremely unique and eye-catching. The spider web design has full on webs along with spiders to make for really awesome lashes.

Feather Lashes 

You can take the phrase “shake your tail feather” to a whole new level with these lashes. Available from many different brands, feather lashes are becoming increasingly popular. These come in all sorts of colors and designs, but all are made with feathers! These are applied like regular false lashes but they are quite a bit more bulky. If you are looking to make a statement or just need some feathers to match with a unique outfit, these are going to be the perfect accessories for your face. Makeup Forever makes black feather lashes that have a lot of great reviews, so you might want to consider those.

Colored False Lashes

Want to celebrate your love of colors? False lashes can easily help you do this with just a little bit of time spent applying. These are long, bright and definitely bold for any person to have on. Some of the lashes even come in rainbow, which is a great color for special holidays or fun events. A lot of different brands make these, most are extremely affordable and easy to find. You can even find some at party stores if you look in the accessories or cosmetics aisle. 

Sparkle Lashes

If you want to sparkle and shine without needing to dump a ton of glitter on your face, these are perfect. The sparkles are made in with the lash extensions so you don’t have to do any extra work. These differ with how they are made, some have loose glitter while others have a type of tinsel in them. Of course you can add some glitter to your eyes while wearing these, but they will be shiny enough on their own! These lashes are going to make your eyes really stand out and are perfect for occasions like New Year’s Eve. 

Finding Your Lashes

No matter which type of lashes you choose, any will create a bold statement. The length will make your eyes stand out and the unique designs will change your appearance. These can be a lot of fun to wear and they can be used for all types of occasions.

For more information about eyelash extensions, their history and process visit Wikipedia.

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