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July 9, 2010 by DocSmith  
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A new therapy for reducing wrinkles.

Tried everything you could to get rid of those wrinkles and yet unsuccessful?  Well you might as well try Carboxytherapy which is a natural alternative to Botox therapy.  Scientist’s claim that CO2 gas can amazingly take care of stretch marks and saggy skin with good results.

The gas, which undoubtedly has become the latest weapon in a cosmetic surgeon’s arsenal, when injected subcutaneously aids in melting fat cells and reducing stretch marks to good effect.   As per the latest study in the University of Siena in Italy, Carboxytherapy has been proven to reduce fat and smoothen the skin.  The study involved 48 participants who attended 6 sessions over a course of 3 weeks.   The results of the study, researchers claimed, was the participants thighs reduced by 2 cm on an average plus 1 and 3 cm each from their knee and stomach.   During the same time the researches noted a thicker skin and a smoother cellulite.

Sabine Zenker, a doctor who has initiated the use of Carboxytherapy claims this to be a quick and painless surgery with the best part of this being a completely natural alternative to Botox therapy.    A session of Carboxytherapy at the most lasts 5 minutes.

How it Works

The CO2 injection dilates blood vessels increasing the flow of blood and oxygen thereby leading to nourishment and regeneration of skin cells.    Deeper injections are also known to eliminate fat cells. 

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