Ways to Whiten Your Armpits

June 18, 2007 by Jejeizahfaye  
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Here are some tips on finally having white armpits…

What causes armpits to become dark?

The most common cause of darkening of the armpits is in the anatomy, the rubbing of the armpits against each other.

Another common cause: shaving and plucking. Every time you shave or pluck, you cause micro abrasions. When healed, these wounds cause darkening. You may not be aware of these, but you can easily confirm it by putting alcohol on your underarms after you pluck or shave. It’s going to be very painful because of the abrasions. Shaving and plucking can also cause armpit hair to stand straight up and enlarge hair follicles, making your armpit take on the appearance of chicken skin.

Waxing can also cause trauma to the skin, although the burn may be slight.

Some deodorants also cause an allergy and irritate your skin which results to dark armpits.

There are also other less common causes, like skin asthma. Extra weight also aggravates pigmentation and darkens some areas of the body, including the nape, underarms, and back of the knees.

So, what is the most effective and safest way to treat dark underarms? The best answer would be to visit your dermatologist, because you need an expert to tell you what’s causing the darkening and the most effective way to achieve white armpits.

Armpit peeling is just one of the treatments being done by the dermatologist. A peeling solution is used to remove the outer layer of the skin. After the peeling is done, you need to put bleaching agents for applying every night at home.

Another treatment is armpit bleaching. Some people go straight to this treatment, but it is strongly recommended by dermatologists that one has to undergo peeling first before the bleaching.

If you want an inexpensive natural whitening agent, use lemons. These are natural sources of vitamin C. Alum also works for controlling sweat and may lighten the skin a bit. But use this with caution as it may irritate the skin of some women. Below are some techniques:

  • Leave-on Lemon and Alum – Cut lemon crosswise and remove seeds. After taking a bath, rub the lemon on the armpit. Then, using a circular motion, rub powdered alum on armpits. Leave on.
  • Lemon and Honey with Alum – Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon honey. Apply mixture to the armpits. Let it stay for about 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Do this before taking a bath. You may also pat on some powdered alum afterward.

Your underarms may go back to its normal skin tone with treatments like bleaching, but to maintain it, you will have to eliminate all the other factors causing skin to darken. If your deodorant is irritating your skin, ditch it in the trash can now. Laser hair removal is also an option to avoid plucking and shaving, and it promises to rid you of unwanted hair for the rest of your life. It can even smoothen underarm skin.

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339 Responses to “Ways to Whiten Your Armpits”
  1. melanie Says:

    this is cool!
    but, where can i find alum?

  2. melanie Says:

    this is cool!
    but, where can i find alum?

  3. jejeizahfaye Says:

    Hi, alum is available in most drugstores. thanks!

  4. beth Says:

    are there any alternatives aside from lemon?

  5. tarantada Says:

    how much an alum may cost?

  6. hmm.. Says:

    is there a side effect on using alum?

  7. shanie Says:

    where can i find Alum and wat kind of honey is that?

  8. curious? Says:

    is tawas an alum?
    how much wud it cost for laser permanent hair removal?

  9. scarlet Says:

    are there other natural and inexpensive items to use to whiten underarms?

  10. jejeizahfaye Says:

    (1) hmmm… : for the side effects of alum, i think, the usual precautions should be taken, like, trying out in a small area of your skin first then check if you’ll have some reactions from it.
    (2) tarantada: in my country – Philippines, alum is very cheap, and can be easily bought in most drugstores.
    (3) curious? : yes, tawas is called alum. i have no idea about the cost of laser permanent hair removal.
    (4) scarlet : i think alum is the best natural and inexpensive items that can be used to whiten underarms, i’m not aware of any other product other than this.
    (5) shanie : honey can be easily found in most supermarkets/grocery stores.

  11. sleeping b Says:

    laser hair removal cost about $200 per treatments/ and you need about 6-8 or more treatments..

  12. curious? Says:

    which is more efectiv? the leave on lemon or the lemon & honey solution?

  13. jadi Says:

    what is alum? is there another name for it.

  14. hannah_mari10 Says:

    what is the best and cheapest way of whitening the axilla?

  15. Jenumme Says:

    Lemon doesn’t work. I used it for 2 months and my underarms stayed the same.

  16. isha Says:

    wat is alum…???
    any other solution to whiten the armpit more sooner…plzzz tell if any…????

  17. kim Says:

    what we cant afford the laser hair removal treatment?!is der any alternative way to stop it from growing?!

  18. kim Says:

    what if we cant afford the laser hair removal?is der any other way to stop it from growing?

  19. jane Says:

    I tried laser but it doesn’t worked either. Is Alum is a powder?

  20. anne Says:

    how many times should you apply the lemon with alum to take effect?

  21. happyy Says:

    oOhh. yayy, thankss. tawas&lemon .
    ima try thatt. haha, so yur filopino who eva wrote this..?
    anywayy. thanks againn.



  22. bree Says:

    you can buy alum in asian stores

  23. aw Says:

    is that a efective way?

  24. smarty Says:

    My mom and I used to have really really dark armpits, and BAKING SODA is the bomb!!! USE IT!! U WILL THANK ME!!!
    It took me two weeks to whiten to perfection!!
    I applied baking soday nightly after bathing!

  25. jR Says:

    really? baking soda works too? well i use alum before but it don’t worked on me… hehehe… because maybe i skip using it. but i’ll try it anyways…

  26. SA Says:

    what do you do with the baking soda??? do you mix it with anything or you just put some of the baking soda powder in your armpits? also do you still shave or you wax?? let me know.. thanks

  27. jango Says:

    baking soda??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm in the evening…
    for lemon and alum combi.. in the morning….
    baka lalo mangitim.. dahil pa iba iba…

  28. noaj Says:

    try nyo godiva deodorant

  29. arlyn Says:

    nivea deodorant is good also for a change deodorant

  30. hadhad Says:

    alum is not effective.

  31. blue_stars Says:

    i tried baking soda every night… its good because it doesn’t have any odor and you don’t need to put deodorant anymore…but I’m planning to use lemon and baking soda… maybe it works

  32. radhika Says:

    do v need to rub baking soda on the armpit?if so how long v have to rub?after rubbing can v leave it on, or do v need to wash it off?does baking have to be mixed with water?plz advise..i’m worried. my underarms are really dark :(

  33. nehsa Says:

    is alum the so-called tawas in the philippines?

  34. Alona Says:

    what’s alum in the market?

  35. mylesy Says:

    alum is a component of “tawas” that you can see in the market with cheap price like 10php with the small size..Im using it years already and it works, just rub it GENTLY after taking a bath because it may cause skin irritation only if you rub and rub and rub it after shaving or plucking..hayz..so painful talaga..but doing the right direction can help. It also reduces the risk of having sweaty armpits..

    …baking soda? is that really works guys? maybe i should try it. one disadvantage of using “alum” is it can lessen your memory leading to alzheimer’s disease…yes!!!

  36. Annaehr Says:

    I have dark armpits too. I started using DERMADOCTOR’s armpit lightner. It really works. I’ve been using it for two months now.
    It’s a little expensive but worth a try. I’ve also stopped shaving my armpits as often, as to not irritate the skin. I only shave when I wear tank tops. try dermadoctor.com. No Non-scents deoderant.

  37. ann murielle Says:

    you can use alum but with the right direction on how to use it. first your pits should be slightly damp. and then apply the alum. dont rub it that hard. it’ll be harsh for your pits.
    folks says calamansi can lighten your pits. :)

  38. jane of the phils. mati Says:

    that very good idea i guez to test your skin sensitivity, before using new products…

  39. malembe Says:

    Annaehr, where can we buy the DERMADOCTOR’S armpit lightner? im from the philippines, is this available here?

  40. mary jane Says:

    uhhmmm.. after using those suggested items, do you still need to shave to avoid armpit hair? i mean.. it still grows right? is there another way to get rid of it?..the cheaper way?i’ve tried using lemon.. and it works..but not with alum..it hurts! my armpits were irritated back then.. so don’t dare to use it together.. it’s really painful..

  41. venz Says:

    after using the lemon and alum..what will happen next…would ther still be and odor?…because i have a problem about my armpit…

  42. Celia Says:

    Isn’t hair remover cream a better alternative to remove hair from armpits?? Please reply!!

  43. tamiella Says:

    does baking soda really work?
    maybe i should try it.
    my mother said calamansi works but not for me i guess because i sometimes forget to apply it.

    which is better? the powdered tawas or the rock form?

  44. jazzy Says:

    so does the baking soda really work???
    how do you apply it?

  45. Gaby Says:

    how do you use the baking soda, do you mix it with anything else?

  46. les Says:

    how do you use the baking soda, do you mix it with anything else?

  47. Rookie Expert Says:

    Lemon sounds like a great idea since it has bleaching properties. Good research.

  48. CHIE Says:


  49. lady Says:

    lemon ….. not sure the more i use it the more it becomes dark

  50. MICH Says:

    so, whats the best way to get rid of hair under your arms but you don’t want it to go dark?

  51. THE one AND only ME Says:


  52. ArmpitosGoneBad Says:

    Ugh – i recently got a wax and i think the lady left it too long or made the wax too hot that it burned my armpitos. Didn’t realize at first. Then i felt this awful burning sensation hours later and when i looked down, my armpits were RED as a tomato! Didn’t really think anything of it, thought i would just put some aloe vera on it. A couple of days later, altho my armpitos did heal, the “healed” skin turned dark!!! Really dark! :( Then i became VERY upset and almost frantic as i researched for a home remedy but to no avail. Then i discovered something. I’ve recently been using mashed bananas on my face as a moisturizer all the while noticing that not only was it moisturizing my skin, but it was also… whitening it! Now, don’t be grossed out, k? But i tried some on my armpitos and i actually have been noticing a slight change! I will say that i am slightly intrigued but this “baking soda” phenomenon that i will HAVE to try it tonight! :)

  53. bArBie'gUrLxOs Says:

    i think my armpit is bit dark… im worried about it, i can’t wear my suits anymore or even dis sleeveless clothes… can sumbodi give some tips??? i want to whiten it… tnx…

  54. crazysexycool Says:

    Mashed bananas? how long did it take for the change to visible?

  55. yo Says:

    IS LEMON AND TAWAS EFFECTIVE (PROVEN NABA?) how long does it take for the results?

  56. mimi Says:

    i tried it all though…but still no changes jst caused of getting darker, huh? any options there?

  57. R-O-S-I-E Says:

    For my underarms to lighten, I stopped putting deodorant and each time after shaving I applied alcohol. when i started this i noticed each time i used the alcohol the darkness would rub off onto the cotton ball. my pits are very much lighter now and this was all i did. for those with odor issues that tend to need deodorant, my suggestion is to try rubbing a scented toner instead of alcohol if you know you’ll be sweating. i started seeing results in just a few days. but i rub alcohol at least once or twice a day even when i don’t shave. but do it definitely after you shave.

    i also heard vitamin e helps with skin lightening. you buy the gel caps, poke a hole in it and squeeze and rub it onto the desired area. I use it for marks on my skin but never tried it on my underarms.

    hope this helps!

  58. R-O-S-I-E Says:

    Also, for deodorant users, you can try the tawas as mentioned above but not the plain tawas, they also have a tawas roll-on deodorant available at asian stores or look it up online, you might find it in ebay or amazon. you’ll be amazed at what you can find there.

  59. chicks Says:

    i believe baking soda…

    but go with the lemon 1st…though it takes time, at least the long wait is worth….stop using deodorant…

    well u can try nivea fresh with lemon grass….

  60. anita Says:

    hi to all? plz i m also worried due to my arm-pit dark,plz can any one tell me how to use baking soda or lemon. tnx i will b very greatfull to u all , plz

  61. sha Says:

    hey guys…
    i have the same problem so did anyone answer me if the baking soda and the baking powder is the same? because i’ve use the baking powder as i thought they are the same item…but instead of lightening the underarms…it’s just making them more dark and also hurt…so, anyone can answer me plz…i have this problem for years now…

  62. sdchika Says:

    Best way is to have Ampit laser. But you will be needing 5 or more visits. Not only it will take out the dark hair on armpit but also it will whitten it.

    I had dark armpit. I develope it slowly from skin thrauma. Evertime I get a fever my nanny will give me a bed bath with Alcohol and water.

    Hair laser are very painful. Believe me!

  63. sdchika Says:

    Do not use deodorant that has alot of chemicals like “ALUM”. When I was a teenager I was using crushed alum and it will just give me irritation,persperant and still smelly armpits.

    Try using deororants that are “ORGANIC” like Tom’s. It is milder than alum and the lemongrass scent has an effect on me that it exfoliates my armpits.

  64. Deanna Says:

    I’m going to try this cause i’m getting married and the dress that i would love to wear would show off my arm pits. and i really don’t want people to be looking…

    Thanks everyone! :^)

  65. gem Says:

    hi could anyone tell how 2 use the baking soda?

  66. stephanie Says:

    where can i buy a powdered alum ? and how often am i going to do this ? tnx :)

  67. stephanie Says:

    can i use only alum on my armpit?

  68. STEPHANIE Says:

    i really need a better solution and if possible, the fastest way because we’re going to have a dance performance in school and we’re going to wear a dress with no sleeves and we’re always going to raise our arms … it’s too awkward when everyone will know that i have a miscolored armpits ! help !!!

  69. jaz Says:

    so does ANYONE know how to use the baking soda??? lol

  70. autumn Says:

    tawas/alum is very cheap, it will really whiten your underarm in a weeks time but my under arm got irritated so i stop using it.Lemon is also effective but do not directly rub the lemon on your underarm..squeeze the lemon with milk like paste and leave it for 15-20min.it will smoothen&lighten the underarm. I think alum should not be used regularly due to skin irritation..2-3x a week maybe.Alum whitens the underarm and prevents it from sweating.

  71. Yesenia. Says:

    how many week or days do u notice results?

  72. gargi Says:

    hey why is nt any1 tellin hw 2 use bakin soda??? guyz help…

  73. nicole Says:

    how to use baking soda does it really works

  74. dot Says:

    My mom told me to bathe with baking soda and so i do that and i concentrate on my armpit..

  75. Jeng Says:

    Familiar ba kayo sa AMIRA WHITENING CREAM OR THE NEWEST is AMAZING HERBS WHITENING CREAM? THIS WORKS EFFECTIVELY to dark areas even inner thighs(singit),elbows, face & neck. Kaya lang be very sure original mabili nyo kc b4 ung nabibili ko yata sa ongpin hindi na puro kaya naka ilan muna ako bago ako na satisfied.Medyo me kamahalan nga lang ito ranging P 500-800, pero its worth it naman pag nakita mo na result, u can wear sleeveless again.

  76. Jeng Says:

    sabi ng sister ko , me kiosk daw na pwedeng mabilan ng AMIRA WHITENING CREAM sa SM megamall cost Php 700. Inaapply namin ng anak ko ito ussually sa gabi & pag maghapon lang kame sa haus. I’ve tried so many kinds of deodorants, pero talgang wala akong makasundo until me nabasa akong magazine, an artist na ang gamit nya sa armpit nya ay MITCHUM deo, so sinubukan ko ito & thankfully, hindi naman nag dark armpit ko. 2 or 3 mos. ko na din use ito. Mabibili ito to SM grocery section & Watson & mercury din cguro meron

  77. Jeng Says:

    If you want a real fast solution, go now to http://WWW.MAGIC-POTIONS.COM
    & buy the AMAZING HERBS WHITENING CREAM. wala po akong connection sa seller nito, ako po’y gaya nyo din searching for ways just to have an even toned skin esp. on these hidden areas. Hope to work this on you.

  78. ally Says:

    alcohol and allum u mix that and u try 2 apply after a bath and use lemon before bath…..try this u dont problem na to ur armpit…

  79. Sophia Says:

    Is there a specific type/brand of alcohol/scented toner that we need to use or any brand/type will do?

  80. venus Says:

    baking powder is not the same with baking soda, use the baking soda for your armpits. Mix it with lemon juice and apply it after taking a bath. Your armpits will never smell…it works for me, I hope it works with you too.

  81. THE one AND only ME Says:

    hey …..it’s me again
    i just came to see if there is somthing new…
    it’s really “not shocking” that no one reallllllllly knows how to get white arm pits …so we got nothing from all of this

  82. ems Says:

    alum with calamansi is effective.. don’t shave your armpit just wax it.. it will whiten your underarm..=)

  83. bienne Says:

    who needs alum? contact me for price & shipping charges, it’s not expensive. there are varietis of alum that I offer: powdered alum, scented, odorless and stone-alum.
    Send me your details and your concerns at biennseance@yahoo.com

  84. shong Says:

    ay naku.. di naman talaga totoo yang alum and lemon to whitens ur underarms.. if di talaga mag work kahit ano gawin mo eh wag ka na lang mag suot ng sleevless top.. yun lang yan!

  85. primrose Says:

    what do you mean by lemon?is it the yellow one or the one which is called dayap or the kalamansi?thanks..as to baking soda,this really have so many uses..it not only whitens armpits but whitens teeth as well..it can also be use as a facial scrub..

  86. al Says:

    Hi, newbie here, in my case UA ko mala chicken at matigas ang buhok kc inahit ko dati, tpos ngaun plucking nlang pra mtgal 2mubo, nilagyan ko ng katialis di naman natanggal ang chicken skin nangitim pa, ano kaya solusyon na di gagastos ng mahal

  87. Rafael G. Toledo Says:

    After bathing can i use tawas powder with calamansi or baking soda with calamansi?

  88. celine Says:

    use lemons,baking powder and bleach together it works!!!!

  89. babydoll Says:

    i am from guyana and i have really dark armpits can you help me with an inexpensive product?

  90. angel Says:

    i just wax,TRY IT . and i also use block&white soap.its cheap and works!!

  91. La Missy Says:

    So do u mix up the baking soda with water?

  92. tin Says:

    wat is d solution for chicken skin armpit because of plucking?

  93. Abby Says:

    ALUM POWDER, can also be use in underarm and foot.
    MILCU is a 2 in 1 Underarm and Foot Deodorant powder, it is like a baby powder formulated to prevent odor and perspiration. Unlike other deodorants Milcu won’t give you a sticky feeling when applied to underarm or feet. It is mild, natural and fragrant free.
    Active Ingredient: Potash Alum
    The 2in1 MILCU cost P40.95 it is in a bottle like the Johnsons baby powder, it is available in malls (supermarkets. watson, PCX, etc.), Mercury drugstore And other beauty stores.
    There is another MILCU, “The Original Milcu MAGIC PUFF” it cost around P90-P120, but its only for underarm. It is in a Powder Puff Container.

  94. Abby Says:

    try using SALLY HANSEN EXTRA STRENGTH HAIR REMOVER LOTION it cost about P500.00 295ml.It also reduces the appearance of hair growth and It delivers the result in:
    (minimum time) 3 minutes, (maximum time) 10 minutes.

    but swear it will really remove your hair even how thick it is! my boyfriend tried it on his armpit and “bigote” maybe 3 hours ago, you’ll just spread thickly over hair to be removed and after 10 minutes i wiped the area with a lukewarm water and a clean cloth and AMAZING it really works! the very thick hair were gone!

    I bought it at PCX at ALABANG TOWN CENTER. I just don’t know where and what other stores it may also be available, maybe try searching on the web.

  95. minnie Says:

    Hi guys, i’ve been experimenting for years now how to lighten my armpit. I’ve already tested several whitening products and I can only recommend one product that works for me, “Body Recipe” Skin Lightening Powder- Calamansi you can buy this product at any HBC outlet from the Philippines. It only cost P129.75. Just applied or leave this product for more than 20 minutes before taking a bath. Use 2- 3 a week, and promise your going to see the result. I hope this will also work to u guys. This is proven which I also highly recommended with my friends and niece. It is also effective to whiten your dark knees, elbows and groin. Just dont rub it briskly when you rinse the area.

  96. lilee Says:

    hey im 14 and my underarm already gets darken can i ask you what is the best way to lighten my armpit in just 1 week i need it seriously because im getting reyna elena in our place in may 30 please help me!!..
    thamks in advanced..
    please help me!!

  97. albert123 Says:

    try using lemons then add lotion any kind of lotion,, then you add exfoliants,,add petroleum gel…… i use it ,, it works…………………just in ”’1 week”” It will lighten your dark underarms

    for more information e-mail @ aku_eson22@yahoo.com ” ”thank u”’

  98. albert123 Says:

    or………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………KALAMANSI…… well i’m from DAVAO

  99. sHy gUy Says:

    hai..im so embarassed with my condition..i mean showing my armpit

    with my friends..gosh !!…that was terrible and awful!!

    i hope this alternatives ways works…

  100. kel85 Says:

    okay this is weird i started shaving my armpits in high school and every since then i had the armpits gone wild!lol Am curious about what everyone that has commented about there armpits. But my question is about the baking powder or soda how do you use it? Do you mix it? and how long does it take to show improvement? Help ARMPITS GONE WILD!

  101. MeowMeow Says:

    i recently just tried the baking soda yesterday and damn my armpits dont smell anymore ! but they’re still a bit dark. imma continue using it and hopes they get lighter.

    what i do is get some baking soda and add a little bit of water. make it into a paste ( not so much water or it’ll be runny/liquid like ) then apply it to your underarm. leave for a few minutes. then rinse off. i do this while im taking a shower. not sure if you’re meant to do this after/before =/ but yea. armpits dont smell anymore ^__^

  102. yeLLow Says:

    i’m confused now..dunno what to use first and wen..i’m planning to use calamansi since it is cheaper..i’ve never tried tawas before..but i will do so.I am also plannin to use baking soda..gotta try them all and find out what’s best for me..

    is the new product of “rexona skin whitening deodorant in just 2 weeks” effective? like i said..gotta try them all!i’ll start with rexona..but i’m having a doubt cause it is still a deodorant..which can make ur skin darker..

  103. pinkish Says:

    @ meow meow…do u still deodorant though after u take a shower?

  104. pinkish Says:

    i mean..do u still apply deodorant though after u take a shower?*


  105. yeLLow Says:

    oMg..i can’t believe i’m gonna be dealing with these dark UA’s..
    i bought baking soda and new rexona skin light earlier this afternoon..i will apply baking soda:i will mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water (as indicated at the back of the box) and apply it after i shower every night..during the day..i’ll use rexona skin light.i don’t know if it’s really just meant to be but there was this sales lady that actually talked and discussed with me how can i whiten my armpit in 2 weeks using rexona skin light…(supposedly i’m gna be buying the block n white deodorant powder) but then this girl approached me..

    i’ll update this forum for the results!:)

  106. yeLLow Says:

    she said that rexona skin light will lighten ur underarm back to its natural color…i hope this will work

  107. bikini Says:

    heyguyz,, wat is d best way b tlga?ung very effective? coz lapit n summer d2,, and its so hot hir bsa summer,nd nag aaya mga couz q s beach,bt how can i wear a swim suit? i cant coz of my dark undrarm, omg,, i only have 1 month 2 remedy this probz,,huhuh,, s dami kc ng post d2 d q alm kng anu22o, iba ngsabi effective ung iba sabi hnd,, anu b tlga ate at kuyah,,hmmmppp,,

    wel now em just tryig lemon,it smoothens after u use, but whitens? weli cant see the result 4 now,kc kakastart q lng t hnd aq plagi nggamit,, wats d really best and efective solution hmmm,,

  108. pakikay ni paking Says:

    oi mga sister na maiitim ang kilikili…nasubukan nyo na ba un placenta skin whitening with gatas ng kambing…sisters,matutuwa kau,kasi isabon nyo lang sa kilikiling maitim o singit then leave it about 15 minutes,after a few weeks….naku mas maputi pa sa puti….advice ko lang di pwede sa maiitim na tao,kasi pag gumamit ka nito,magmumukha kang dalmatian…echos!!!

  109. blambie Says:

    ei pakikay…dpt tlga gatas ng kambing?
    at panu nmn? like isasabon mo ung soap..eh pnu ung milk?

  110. Courtney Says:

    hello i have dark arm pits too, im thinking of really trying the alcohol 2x a day thing, you can shave but then you must apply alcohol to the shaved skin. I read all these comments but i only want to try one and that is the alcohol and shaving, tho they say shaving is not very good and that is where the darkening of the skin started from it is all i can afford. and waxing is painful in various ways. Wish me luck as I wish you all luck. Thank you and goodbye

  111. JOY VILLANOVA Says:

    I’ve never had dark underarms but I’ve gone twice to wax my underarms (which I had never done because I just shave) and now I have a dark almost oval shape dark patch on my armpit!! I’m almost sure it was the waxing but does it go away???? ever???!!!!!

  112. rachel Says:

    Does usage of epilator darken the armpits?

  113. JAK Says:

    i used to have dark dark kilikili but not anymore. i’ve been using “amira magic cream” and it worked on my kilikili. i bought it from ebay, a little bit expensive but it work. it’s also kind of strong, the skin will peel at first then the whitening will start. i use it ever other month coz if i use it continously, it will look like i have a “buni” in my kilikili (mas maputi from the rest of my body lol).


  114. yeLLow Says:

    i will but tomorrow a bonne spa milk salt on hbc..75php lng rw un..it says that you have to apply it on ur wet skin for 3 mins..and then rinse..and i smelled it kc may gnun ung mukhang martilyong kapatid ng bf ko..grabe!!ang bango!amoy gatas!!!:))

  115. yeLLow Says:

    Please..is amira magic whitening cream available on sm malls?

  116. shinjirella Says:

    i’ll try baking soda..hope its works..

  117. mynameisnina Says:

    Hi to everybody…. I have a dark armpit and i have no guts to wear sleeves i did once and i was embarrassed. One day i was researching a solution how to lighten underarm and I was surprise that lemon and baking soda works as well too to a dark underarm . Baking soda turns my yellow teeth to white teeth using for year now ( and take note no bad breath too ) and lemon whitens my face. And I will try this for I believe it will work as well. I will get back here and I will testify to everybody so that many of us will stop worrying which one that is the best solution for our dark underarm.

  118. izaiza Says:

    The simplest solution is to rub lemon slices on your underarms. Then, let the lemon juice sit for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse off. You can also add a bit of honey to this mixture to help it act more like a mask. This should be done twice daily until results are seen.

  119. ako mismo Says:

    can i know what is the fastest yet cheap way to whiten dark underarms?we’ll be having a ballroom dance presentation and I dont want to be embarrased,please help,kailangan ko na talaga…

    ^_~tnx and godbless sa lahat…

  120. kjkarenj Says:

    thanks to all of you!!!grabe dmi natin!halos parehas lng problems nating lahat!!!

    ask ko din sana ala ba kayong problem s inner thighs “singit” nyo?

  121. kimi Says:

    be careful w skin laser, thats what made my armpits super dark, now i cant wear teentops anymore :(

  122. harhar.. Says:

    uhmm.. baking soda? 4 how many minutes?? after or before shower.. & if after.. do u still put deodorant?? **please answer** thnkyou

  123. Raveena Says:

    Hey guys, I have tried using lemon but it is not working.
    I really need help.

  124. JV Says:

    hi to all commenter! need more info bout baking soda. my problem arise when I got pregannt and till not my UA is miscollered. help….

    AMIRA magic is also interesting… but lil expensive…

    hope to read more comments from u all…

  125. ohnoarmpit Says:

    heyy, my classmate told me of another way to remove those gross hair on your armpits.. “it like a sticker that you’re gonna put in your armpit, but first wax is applied. then you’ll peel off the sticker several times until the hairisgone. It’s painful but worth it” .. she said.

    I’ve forgot the name of whatever it is she’s using. But OMG! you should see her armpit.. it’s whitey .. shiny .. it’s wonderful! :) ) seriously.

  126. marie-marie Says:

    heloo folks…try rhea ehtyl alcohol…it will lighten your UA…

    but i’m curious ’bout that baking soda thing…maka’try din nga niyan….

    nyweiz…watz the difference between baking soda and baking powder?

  127. Aquir_bentedos... Says:

    I do have a dark, UA..a friend of mine shared to me that bonne milk salt..was effective.. Yet Im not that satisfied then, I’ve watched a segment in t.v…they used calamansi and lemon..yet, though i have already tried it..it didn’t work..

    about the plucking issue..i sometimes pluck and shave..it depends on the affair i’ll attend..but due to rush..i sometimes, cut a skin..and bleeding..occurs..too mush pressure may lead to, discoloration of the skin..

    Deodorant…ohwww..since 4th grade i used rexona..the liquid one..to my disappointment, my nightmare , now had stared..
    as years pass by..my armpit started to darken..

    “Baking soda”:) after reading such comments and opinions from different persons.. I’ll try this one..hope it’ll work!!

  128. sexynurse Says:

    Rhea ethyl alcohol will darken your underarm so bad that you’ll wish you’re able to afford a skin graft! Hello? it will burn the sensitive skin of your underarm and cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation…putting it simply, charcoal underarms! LOL. Bad, bad idea, disregard this. Want to have a brighter skin? or underarm? eat healthy! ingest antioxidants like vitamin c, munch on fruits, carrots, tomatoes and everything nutritious and finally drink heaps of H2o to flush away those toxins. You will have clearer skin, healthier hair, lighter under of the eyes and you will sweat better hence exfoliate better! These topical treatments, treat them as secondary options. The saying is true..beauty comes from within. Believe it or not, I’m a nurse I know what Im talking about. Good luck :)

  129. Buffy Says:

    I used alum with lemons as deodorant when I was younger. This works great and prevents(even cures) underarm odor, but I don’t think it whitens under arms. I now use a roll-on deadorant that has alum and it still doesn’t help with the whitening. I’ve given up on this.
    The pure form of alum looks like a crystal rock(almost like a rock of salt). They grind this rock to make it a powder form(looks like powdered sugar). I’ve only seen it sold at Filipino/oriental grocery stores.

    Here’s a funny story. When I was 10, I packed some alum(powdered form) in a clear plastic bag and stuffed it in a secret compartment in my luggage. During security check at the airport, the security folks found it and closely examined it, they thought it was coke or something. I was embarassed. LOL.

  130. jee Says:

    Hi everyone, know what i have tried the spa milk too it stated there that it can whiten UP and “singit” teka queston po ano ba ang english ng “singit”??…basta yung the one that is sold in the sm…i bought it for less than 100 pesos, but still it didnt work…i never tried yet the calamansi, but maybe one of this days ill try it..i do plucking din kasi eh…thats why all of my sleeveless na damit is pinamimigay ko sa mga friends ko…huhuhuhu….paano nato…:(

  131. chacha Says:

    hi…how do you apply baking soda in your face to whiten? and also, how to prevent hair in the armpit even not stoping in shaving?pls help me…. any suggestions or ideas/ tips will be greatly appreciated…

  132. chacha Says:

    hi…how do we use the baking soda sa face? and how to prevent the hairs on the armpit even hindi magstop ng pagshave? pls help…any ideas/tips will be greatly appreciated….

  133. Trixie Says:

    epilyn/ebilyn wax is an effective one. i’ve been using it for 3 months :D

  134. :( Says:

    same problem hir.hayz…hop the baking soda and calamansi thing will work..any other suggestionz???tnx so much..

  135. ayesha Says:

    alcohol,is not good to your armpits,it will only darkened…baking soda is good its like an exfloliation.

  136. cute Says:

    I dun know too

  137. cheng Says:

    hi guys! try nyo din un magic cream frm ksa, may kmahalan nga lang, pero effective xa promise!

  138. xoxo Says:

    my theory is salt.
    haha .. but for real, when ever i\’m doing sport, of course i get sweaty, my armpits seem to be whiter. (doesn\’t sweat contain salt?) but then my deodorant darkens it.. still looking for a good deodorant. A good one, that\’s worked for me is Rexona roll on, but not the liquidy one.. anyway, i\’ll experiment using salt.
    correct me if i\’m wrong.
    right now, i\’m sticking to t shirts and no sandos or dresses that show my arm pits but i really do want to wear sandos because of the weather here in sydney!!

  139. gio Says:

    try abonne\’ salt and milk scrub.. it leaves the skin very smooth.. it has solved my chicken skin problem on my UA, and hopefully it will whiten my discolored UA with continuous use.

  140. istin Says:

    careful with lemon guys, too much of it burns ur skin.esp if u have sensitive skin it easily causes irritations cause it makes skin dry coz of the acid i guess…thats what happend to me…try leaving ur skin as it is…scrub with soap and water when bathing to remove deodorant or whatever u put on it, then leave it dry..if u start perspiring just wipe it with ur towel.if it starts to smell wash it with water (wear sleeveless shirt), just water.it removes the smell right away..of course this will do if ur just at home.so in days where u have no appointments, do this, so ur skin can “rest” from chemicals like in deodorants..this works for me..i dnt have very dark underams though, just a lil shade like color coz of deodorants, shaving and sumtyms plucking…and wear sleeveless shirts, ive read chemicals in deo combined with sweat in shirts can cause darkening as well, i thnk its true.

  141. sasha Says:

    hi all….i use baking soda as deodorant.( mix it with lil water to make it as a paste and rub on ur UA and u wont smell for the whole day…do this after bathing but dont use for atleast 12 hrs if u have shaved as the baking soda wud sting ur skin) …it does remove all the bad smell…. i used amira magic cream from KSA for few weeks and my underarms lightened a bit….now i have stopped using as i dont stay there anymore….but gonna try with the mashed bananas and the lemon…..

  142. helpme Says:

    wooohhh so many suggestions which one really works guys?and which is effective within one month pls help.. :) ty

  143. helphelpeeps Says:

    Is the Banana thing and the baking soda works? ‘Cause I can’t wear sleeveless. I will try the Baking Soda first. I hope it really works. I’m so tired of these armpits. :( PLEASE REPLY.

  144. smiley Says:

    hi.. i’ll be attending a wedding next year, 2nd of january. I’m not just attending but also I’m part of the wedding. I’ll be a secondary sponsor. I have tried almost every thing to whiten my UA but nothing works for me. I’m really desperate about my UA problem. pls help! thank!

  145. pilipina Says:

    hello people…
    uhm… we are going to have prom around february 2010… ano ba talaga ang pinaka-effective na underarm whitener!!! as in one month lang maputi-puti na yung underarm mo… please….

  146. kristel mae reyes Says:

    my armpit is starting to darken since i use deodorants so wat should i use to whiten my armpits….ewww it so kadiri talaga…itim na kili kili kainis talaga..

  147. tin Says:

    hi same hir prob ko din ung dark underarms.. i tried AMIRA MAGIC CREAM.. veri effective xa promise.. may kamahalan lng 300 ung maliit and 800 ung malaki.. pero sulit.. mabibili niyo to sa hortaleza, sm department store, mercury drug.. tas gamitin niyong deo ung nivea whitening.. im xur matatapos na ang prob nio.. gudluck guys..

  148. darna Says:

    anu b tlg ang effective?tawas?alum?lemon?baking soda?mga cream?saksakan din ng kaitiman ang kilikili ko.hay sbi nga nl BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL,o db?

  149. Jayn Says:

    ou prom night will be on d 3rd week of Feb nd were going to use gowns..my underarms.huh.their dark.what shud i do?plz help me.

  150. dreamer Says:

    hello po. i’m wondering po kung ung “amira magic cream” is really effective and for how many weeks? abot po ba ng 1 1/2 week? kasi we have our prom on the second week of february na. help po please.. please.
    thanks a lot po and God Bless!

  151. ~light~ Says:

    Shaving UA is really not recommended especially for girls as it only helps in thickening hair and if most of the people realize, it will also multiply the growth speed. I believe the best way to be hair-free is to use hair removal creams but reminding to use it gently. Rubbing (harsh) will not help and will increase the darkness as the UA skin is very soft and gentle. Most of the people do not treat UA as gentle and so the quickest way they think is to shave and eventually they continue doing it without realizing that it will only darken the UA. The best way is to try and use natural exfoliates for any part of the body, as now a days most of the skincare products are processed and contains indigenous chemicals. It may not be easy for most of us to identify the healthy products.
    After reading all the comments, I’ve decided to stop using all kinds of deodorants and will give a try to ‘baking soda’. Each time after a shower it will be appropriate to use the baking soda watery paste. I believe it will help as its natural and its citric! It may take time for UA to get healed or to come back to its original skin tone but it will only help with a continuous use. Atleast 15 days should be a trial period. I suggest for people who are trying too many products, please do not try them together. Example: after morning shower you might use some deodorant and after evening shower you might use baking soda. Using two products like such may not help and even make you feel worse with your UA. Good luck !!!!

  152. kris Says:

    i tried amira magic cream but it didn’t work..i dunno maybe it depends on how dark UA is. i will try the baking soda. hoping it will help.

  153. blueberrycheesecake Says:

    I also have the same problem with my UA. it’s very embarassing especially dami kong inaatenang debut ng mga friends ko. I don’t want raising my hand because I wear sleevless. I’m using NIVEA whitening deodorant, but it doesn’t work. I will try baking soda and lemon. Hope it will work!!

  154. Ann Says:

    Shaving then deodorant then sweating then turning ur armpit to be darken.Lemon or Tawas or both is really helpful and easy.
    But if you really have an armpit that is sweating, no matter what u will put it will not gives any effect.But if u try to use bleaching and rub it softly into ur armpit and then put this items mention it will work.

  155. karla Says:

    fter having a shower, take some baking soda in your hands. Rub it on your armpits and rinse off with water.
    Applying vitamin E oil on the armpits is also believed to help whiten dark armpits.
    Use coconut oil for washing your armpits.

  156. Stephfy Says:

    Im using Baking Soda and its starting to irritate is that good? is it suppose to happen

  157. ochi Says:

    guys.. maybe is better to go to dermatologist rather than using alum or baking soda coz some might be irritated to ur skin n make it more dark.. just consult

  158. zed Says:

    soo many products!

    which one really works guys?

  159. shiela mae Says:

    i think the best comment i\\\\\\\’ve ever read is from ochi…consult a dermatologist before anything get worst, like skin irritations, etc. Doctor knows best…

  160. kelly manahan Says:

    hi there im from the philippines. Alum is available in mercury drugs, just look for the product MILCU it contains potash alum and serve as enderarm and foot deodorant as well. Im using it everyday for my underarms and it feels fresh and non steaky powder.Before I go to bed im applying calamansi juice to my underarm just let it dry then put a little Milcu on it. Its effective yet cheaper.

  161. Nursevan Says:

    when i was in High School, literally you will never see me wearing sleeveless shirt or blouse, as in never, because i have hyper pigmentation on my underarms! after my graduation in high school, my mom gave me a gift (money) and recommended Belo (Vicky Belo), and so i went there (Belo Suit, Medical Plaza, Makati) for consultation and on my next appointment they “jepeel” my under arm! i instantly love the feeling, it like they are power washing your kilikili more like car wash! it doesn’t hurt at all, its cool to the skin, and after the treatment (less than 1hr) i already saw the difference (they took picture of my under arm before and after the treatment) the only setback was when i was told not to use deodorant for 24 hrs! jeezz good thing i was staying home all day and surprisingly my pits didn’t smell at all considering it was summer time and its like 40 deg Celsius in my room lol! it only costs Php 2,200. per jetpeel I had 3 sessions a week apart, that was in 2007, and until now its still white! About the hair, I had it laser removed in June 2009 before my brother’s wedding. Thank goodness for technology, no more dark arm pits, no more unsightly hair! I tell you its worth all the money invested, compared to the cost of “home treatments” Calamansi, tawas, baking soda at kung ano-ano pa, pati ata bawang narinig ko na, plus the pain and frustration? I wouldn’t think twice!

  162. arzel Says:

    im 13 & i just started shaving my armpit & now i regret shaving it cuz they said it will turn dark ,& so embarrasing if it does! what’s the best thing to use ? but im goin to try to use calamansi so it will stey white & if it will turn black im goin to try using baking soda ! baking soda is that da one for is dat da one for cleaning lols or the one for cake ahhahah ! im confused !

  163. perpectionist.honey Says:

    Hello everybody i would like to inform you that i have underarm whitening product very affordable yet very effective tested by many clients in the market we call it Underarm Whitening Lotion & Cream u can buy it @P1,150 only can be use for 3-4 mos. Most of the Fil-chinese women are using it.

    For orders and delivery u may call or text @ 09279969987, landline 7120355, for further info email @ g_honey@hotmail.com

  164. Amy Says:

    Rachel: Epilating doesn’t darken the armpits. It’s got nearly if not the same effect as waxing. Infact, epilating works better for me. :D

  165. arzel Says:

    oohh lmfao i jes’ bought a baking soda deodorant ! if u guys dont know dat der’s a baking soda deodorant ! it’s only $3.99 dollars ! lmfao yeah it’s cheap ! imma try it if it works !

  166. yellow Says:

    Hi Ladies! I never had a dark under arm b4 but I have an excessive sweating in my UAs. Since I tried almost all the products of antiperspirant, my UA nag dark na sya. I tried Driclor and yes the sweating is gone but I got dark and chicken skin though i have only 2 hair na totobo sa armpit ko pero nagkachicken skin pa rin sya….

    I tried Quantum Soap, less than a week nag lighten ang UA skin ko and nag smooth ung chicken skin ko and most of all nag fade ang maraming stretchmark sa tummy ko… but its very expensive na soap nga lang. Halos di mo kayang gamitin dahil s kamahaln ng price.

  167. cyberphunk Says:

    lagyan mo lng yan ng pulbo…puputi yan…og chlorine, ibabad mo yomg armpit mo. or tide babad…

  168. cyberphunk Says:

    para d mangingitim mga armpit nyo..avoid using rool on or deodorant… isa 2 sa mga sanhi….

  169. cute Says:

    elow yellow; try mo dikitan ng panyo yong armpits mo…

  170. poor cute Says:

    arzel;;; we cnt afford that…! f ur willing 2 giv, y not! pahingi

  171. mayaman? Says:

    To perpectionist.honey;;; ang mahal naman anong akala mo sa amin mayaman? wla bang tag 10.00 jan? pwd try? tsaka ko na bayaran pagEffective…..jejeje

  172. expert! Says:

    to arzel –lagyan mo na lng ng pulbo para puputi. about plucking….? ammm sunugin mo lng yong hair ng armpits mo. kakalbo yan panigurado/….

  173. pedro Says:

    to Nursevan: wow ang yaman naman…pwd pahingi ng money? plz… buti ka pa… e tawas lng maafford ko….jujuju “,

  174. arzel Says:

    aha\’ yah i do put powder(bbypowder) & i started plucking my armpit ! & everynight i put calamansi :)

  175. arzel Says:

    the calamansi uhmmm it doesn’t even work but let see about a month if my armpit will stey white :D

  176. arzel Says:

    to expert – susunogid ? whoaaa! isn’t dat sore ??

  177. Girl_nxtdoor Says:

    Try waxing your underarm instead of plucking or shaving it. When you take a bath, put St. Ives Apricot Scrub on your pits to massage, then rinse it with water. This will allow your armpit to exfoliate. You can buy this at Watsons for less than P200. I use Epilyn wax, also available at Watsons for only P89.99. You will absolutely see the results in just 4 weeks, you just need a little patience though. I’ve tried it myself and it really worked for me. Now, my underarms are smooth and white. I used to shave but now I shifted to waxing them. i dont have dark underarm anymore!

  178. arzel Says:

    awwwh ! but i stey here in hawaii , u think they sell that kine over here ?

  179. princess suu Says:

    guy please can sum1 tel me where in riyadh can i get alum powder pls hola bck tx

  180. llhoove Says:

    i sugggest if u really have mney go to bello it works forever white

  181. eloise Says:

    i tried all tips mentioned above and it work.. but nver use baking powder bcoz baking powder is use for cooking while baking soda has the chemicals 2 whiten. tips 2 lessen the dark is 2 use alum (tawas) powder or stone alum instead of any deodorant.. never use any roll on deodorant coz it will make ur UA dark. nwy im not concern abt dark UA bcoz mine is not nmore and tnx 2 alum.. my concern is the HAIR!!

  182. joan Says:

    nangitim ung kilikili ko noong gumamit ako ng deodorant. then now gumagamit na ako ng alum stone at effective sa akin. tuwing gabi ako gumagamit at pag day namn ay wala na akong ginagamit. try nyo po itong gamitn proven po yan at mura lang

  183. STAR90 Says:

    where can i but waxing strips ???

  184. ktmaze Says:

    buy an EPILATOR works like waxing except its better. you don’t have to waste a lot of money buying waxing strips every time your hairs grow back. You will feel pain at the beginning but then you’ll be able to get use to it after some tries. I have one for a year now and i’m loving it my hair’s is a lot more thinner,lighter and fewer now. hairs grows back depending on how fast you hairs grows. you guys should get one of these its worth buying it.

  185. ktmaze Says:

    i always wash my UA when i get home then i use a mixture of lemon/kalamansi and baking soda under my arms before i go to bed and rinse it in morning. it stings a bit but i’ll be gone when it dries up. though you have to be patience to see the results.

  186. ktmaze Says:

    and remember to always exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skins. use a loofah scrub for instance.

  187. maganda21 Says:

    I’ve never try the baking soda yet…isn’t really really works???how to use it??

    @arzel,,wer did u got that baking soda deodorant???cuz I stay in Hawaii too!!

  188. zainab Says:

    lemon never works in whiting your armpit . the best substance is Castor oil. use it 3 times a week . rub it on your armpit and leave it for 20-30 minutes .then rinse it .after you rinse it,,, apply lemons in a circular motion to remove the oily layer on your armpit.

  189. Alix Says:

    ughh i hate this
    im only 14 and i have really dark armpits
    i try the lemon but thats about it
    and it burns
    is there and easer let painfull way

  190. vanee Says:

    why didnt anybodyy answer the question about the baking sodaa &lemoon ! caan yu mix somee stuuff ?

    likee using lemoon &baking sodaa beforee showeringg’
    theen while taking a showeer the St. Ivees Apricot Scrub;
    &theen use a bleaching lotion.
    *but NO deoderant; or just a non scentt onee ?

    will thaat work at all; ?


  191. nike Says:

    after a week of using baking soda, i’ve seen good results. my underarms are now less darker, i’ll continue using it for few more weeks and update you guys.

    for those who suggested baking soda, thank you so much! it worked on me. just that, i do it before i take a bath, i put about a teaspoon and mix a drop or two of water then spread it on my underarms and then i’ll let it sit and rinse it after i’m done with my hair (usual shampoo and conditioner routine for the hair). i don’t use any deodorant anymore, thanked God i did not have body odor even if it is extremely hot in the place where i am in.

  192. ice Says:

    Hi, guys! I’m confused… what is epilator?at gano katagal bago mgappear ulit ang hair? pls. answer…

  193. carmela Says:

    hello.im 37 y/o now since grade 3 i started using rexona roll on.it really made my armpit so dark.i was fat and with dark armpit.what a disaster.i tried everything as mentioned above by other correspondents.what i believed really work for me is the waxing every 2 weeks i use bliss spa wax kit and also obagi clear am/pm..thank you

  194. 18thavenueskinprojects Says:

    I got the answer for your needs mga sis!

    I have the DERMA Underarm Peeling and Whitening Kit, it is a set of dermatogist-tested products that would whiten you darkest nightmares!

    Proof that it works is the actual peeling of the skin, you’ll see the dark dead skin cells off your skin like dried glue, may stinging feeling like sa baking soda thingy but very tolerable, plus you’ll se the RESULTS IN 2 WEEKS!

    after that, you just have to maintain it with the ALUM Anti-perspirant and the ua whitening cream until you achieve the desired texture and color of your underarms!

    Then I suggest you wax the hair off sa Underarms ninyo, shaving and plucking is one of the major causes if skin darkening. Waxing helps get rid of dead skin cells and removes hair from the roots, kaya pag tumubo thinner, finer and mas konti compared to regular shaving na nakakatigas ng hair at tumutusok pag tumutubo.

    You may leave me a message at:

    for any further inquiries!

    Underarm Whitening Kit – P 380.00
    Alum Anti-Perspirant with Whiteneres – P 100/ 60ml
    Underarm Cold Wax Kits (NO heating required )
    -P360.00 (200g Cold Wax made of Honey, Sugar and Calamansi with Moisturizers, inclusive of washable cloth strips, spatula and Aloe Vera Gel, good for 3 months depending on usage)

    Ciao and have more confidence raising those hands up!


  195. 18thavenueskinprojects Says:


    An EPILATOR is a cream that you use to get rid of unwanted hair. It works just like shaving, getting rid of the unwanted hair in the surface of the skin but it doesn’t pull out the root of the hair.

    Using depilating creams can be abit risky as you have to watch out on the time, hindi pwede lumagpas sa oras yung contact ng cream sa skin mo, if it would, you’ll injure yourself.

    In getting rid of unwanted hair, i suggest you go for laser removal or WAXING.

    Laser removal is a tretament done at dermatological clinics to get rid on unwanted hair. It is quite expensive though.

    Waxing gets rid of the unwanted hair from the roots. Eventually, the hair roots of the areas you wax would stop having hairs on it. Another thing is when the hair grows back, it is finer at mas konti. Wax products are sold over the counter, but most are artificially made, abit costly and has limitations kung san mo lang pwede gamitin.

    Try DIY Waxing, like the cold wax kit made of sugar, honey and calamansi. It is an all natural wax that is safe to use at whichever part of your body (including the face, and genital areas).

    E-mail me if you want further details at:



  196. Trist Says:

    guys :) to all of you who’s asking what is “ALUM” well alum is a powdered deodorant, some people use liquid deodorant which is designed with roller that’s why people call it roll on deodorant well alum is a powdered one.

    and lemon could probably work and i’m thinking does really baking soda work? i mean c’mon it does make our teeth whiter but does it really make skin whiter?

    i’m even having a crazy idea that a VINEGAR could work because i noticed everytime i eat something and add vinegar to it, it makes my lips go abit whiter so i think it might work for armpits. HOPEFULLY.

    well i think that’s all i’m going to share for now.

  197. Pretty_me Says:

    Mga sis pare-pareho pala tayo ng problem!! enwei goodluck n lng sa ating lahat sa pag ta-try ng kung anu-anong whitening product para pumuti ang ating mga KILI-KILI!! :)

  198. Tambay lang jan sa tabi-tabi! Says:

    use any milk soap/milk bath soap, and salt or sugar… milk bath soap must be used as your soap(Obvious?) and salt or sugar as scrub… works effectively… but you need to do it for 2~3weeks!

    glad to help everyone ^_^

  199. Tambay lang jan sa tabi-tabi! Says:

    another thing is that, this wont cause body odor or any bad odor cause its milk… you can use this to remove dark nape, dark armpits, dark back of knee… and even dirty minds(hehe… just kidding!!)

  200. arzel Says:

    i got the baking soda deodorant at longs but it’s just a mixed in the deodorant & i dont use it cuz im scared of what it might cause of using it .

  201. Simsim27 Says:

    Im 32 yrs old female.
    I have a problem with my skin..facial skin and i wanted to know if by using tawas/alum on my face will it remove dark spots and also if it can damage my skin because by using it in arm pits it is sure is very useful and makes skin sift. Can i use it on face as a whitenign agent and remove dark spots caused by the sun?

    Need help urgent!!!

  202. SEXYMOM Says:

    alum or tawas is very cheep deodorant here in the philippines… my mother tld used alum for my armpit but i try to used it for a couple of months.. but my armpit have rashes and make my armpit really dry and it doesnt help….now i try some deodorants that i think its helpo but it doesnt…..DONT USED ALUM OR “TAWAS”

  203. Hush.pupp Says:

    same problem here ! ive tried many whitening products for my skin and most especially for my pits but it doesn work any of them .. is baking soda really works? i really need help here . this is my problem for ages . and my boyfriend always keep on laughing whenever he saw my pits lol :) ) other any suggestions ?? let me know plsss.. im really curios about the soda . more info will help


  204. kobey Says:

    lemon works! tried it..it will soften your pits as well.

  205. BUDConcerned Says:

    Baking soda cleans, deodorizes and freshens.. I’m holding a box of baking soda and that’s what the box is telling me. No whitening effect. Whoever said baking soda whitens her underarm must prove it. The black underarm ‘desperados’ (BUD) will try anything, mind you. ‘Been reading these comments and some are only making fun of the BUD suggesting fake whitening procedures. Let’s try to be helpful here.

  206. cate Says:

    hello there..
    Bud..u are definitely right!BAKING SODA doesn’t make our UA whitens..In my experience….having read all of those recommendations..i used the Baking Soda stuff for 2 weeks….and my UA becomes more and even more DARKENS! Grabe….nag worst sya…now im going to my derma for this…Baking Soda only cleans, deodorizes and freshens…pero di sya nakakapag paputi….any recommendations & suggestions?

  207. bebe Says:

    waaa…i was satisfied with those recommendations until dis last two commentors said that BAKING SODA is not effective!!!!wat da F!!!XD so wat now?

  208. Island Girl Says:

    try baking soda or lime that’s what my mom made me use when i was younger it help clear up ur Armpit a little but if you have really dark arm pit you probably needs to try some thing different. i use baking soda or lime anytime my arm pit starts getting dark.

    when you use Baking Soda or Lime you don’t have to use any other deodorants this way the effect is more clearly.

  209. Aree Says:

    Okay everyone this works 100% and not alot of people know. I shave. I don’t wax and my armpits and other parts of my body are always white. My secret is an Aloevera plant that is growing in my backyard. The plant is cheap and doesnt need any maintenace really. Most grocery stores sell it. Its good for scrubbing armpits, back of the neck, inner thighs, knees, elbows, and even private parts! Alot of people get these parts of the body dark. Aloevera works for it all! Not only is it good to keep your skin white but its also good for your skin.

    Directions? Easy!! I do this every other day. Just take a sharp knife cut one whole leaf off the plant. The greener the better! Gently slice the skin off the leaf from one side. You will see the green slime the plant has inside. This is what you use! Take the leaf and begin to scrub the areas you want white. Keep slicing the leaf the more you keep scrubbing. The slime is sticky so its best to do this before you shower in a towel. Let the slime dry for 15min into your skin. Rinse or shower after 15min. Thats it!! Really cheap and easy to do! The plant grows fast so don’t worry you will never run out of it! This works I promise you and its safe to use even on your private parts.

    Look it up on youtube.com alot of people show you how to cut the plant there and use it or even store it so the slime is ready for you!

    Good luck everyone! Have fun shopping for sleeveless shirts! :)

  210. alyssadianne13 Says:

    alum (tawas) have found a specimen on tomatoes

  211. Jane Says:

    i know we want to make our underarm or armpits white but what if our armpits or underarm has HAIR?

  212. nyssa Says:

    for those who have dark UA and sweats alot like me, here are my comments

    deodorants, even those whitening deos are not effective! ive been using them for years but nothing happened

    alum(tawas) makes my uniform whiter hahaha (UA area) gross! it doesnt even mask the smell

    kalamansi stings and stains my shirts

    a bonne salt scrub is heaven! makes your skin soft and smooth

    i did try maxi peel cream on my ua, at first it will exfoliate ur ua seeing results but after a week i think it burns my ua making it darker again…

    im desperate! it is easy if you have money, all i have to do is go to any derma clinics or buy expensive but sure and effective products help me!!! lol

    i will try the baking soda thing

  213. welinna Says:

    yesterday i bought baking soda ’cause that’s what i’ve red in the net lately. so i’m gonna try it.. awhile ago, what i did are these. I MIXED THE BAKING SODA with VINEGAR(desired amount of vinegar to make it in paste form) then apply it twice a day after you take a bath.

    i hope this will be effective for me and i’ll wait for weeks.

    calamansi and tawas have no effect!

  214. welinna Says:

    yesterday i bought baking soda because that is what i have red in the net lately. so i am gonna try it.. awhile ago, what i did are these. I MIXED THE BAKING SODA with VINEGAR(desired amount of vinegar to make it in paste form) then apply it twice a day after you take a bath.

    i hope this will be effective for me and i\’ll wait for weeks.

    calamansi and tawas have no effect!

  215. Jane Says:

    Aree: thanks for that advice! i’m gonna buy aloevera and plant it! i’m gonna see if it works! and thank you for thAT but what if? it has hair on your armit?

  216. krizstina22 Says:

    anu b yan ..after reading all ur comments and suggestions mukang sa aloevera ako nconvince .. ok n sana un baking soda kaso 2 comments un nega agad kaloka!…

  217. atasha Says:

    i dont think sa aloe vera.., parang wla cyang substance na pampaputi but absolutely aloe vera can heal wounds.., kalamansi is better, i use it and now i can see a visible effect on my armpits.., though my UA is not that dark really, slight lng and kalamnsi was i use.., matagalan nga lng.., i already use it for about 3 weeks..

  218. lhady Says:

    is it true that aloevera can whiten UA
    i want to try baking soda
    but someone said that
    it can only clean our UA
    not whiten it

    i will try baking soda and i will see the improvements

    thanks a lot for many tips

  219. Tambay lang jan sa tabi-tabi! Says:

    ahhmmm about the milk and salt scrub, it whitens your armpits and nape slightly but not that quick… but, it can make your skin SOFT and SMOOTH as quick as a wink of an eye! promise its true coz’ ive been using that method since 2009, but due to the time i consume doing that and a hectic sched, i now dont have enough time to do it but before sleeping…
    that’s why i’m back to medyo dark UA and Nape… sob y_y

    medyo masakit nga lang i-scrub kc salt xa at mas masaklap pag sa mata nailagay!! XD

    ung sa aloe vera na convince din ako at sa lime/kalamansi kesa sa baking soda at vinegar…

    i think baking soda and vinegar isn’t that good because of the strong chemical something of the vinegar…

    ung 2ngkol nmn sa lime/kalamansi, effective na un and proven but must use it 15mins++ before taking a bath and DON’T BE SILLY to wear a shirt/clothes after applying it coz obviously it would cause STAINS (Think before you act!)

    ALUM / TAWAS, if not used properly or scrubbed too much on skin can cause scratches(gasgas) and would cause a much darker underarms…

    don’t even try to SHAVE and/or PULL hairs in your armpits coz’ its ONE of the REASONS of dark armpits!

    goodluck to us all this year and don’t lose hope finding a solution coz’ every problem have one.

  220. sissy Says:

    try Milku deodorant and foot powder. apply it every night after bath, might as well use it during daytime. you can buy it in supermarkets. try it first before you can conclude :)

  221. jacoblee Says:

    Try using Met Tathione Skin Whitening Product. It\’s a reduced glutathione which effectively lightens dark skin to fulfil the desire of having fair complexion.

  222. concerngirl Says:

    hello guys!!like you im worried also for my dark underarm becoz i cant wear sleeveless… Please dont ever dare to wax your armpit because it wil worsen…i tried it 10 times yakky talaga!!!… I go to dermatologist and she suggest laser its quite expensive, 2,800.00 + PF = 3,200 per session… its cool… really works… i can wear now sleeveless…

  223. julie Says:

    how old do you need to be to get laser hair removal?

  224. stressedout Says:

    where did you went for laser? please reply. I’m really frustrated because of my dark underarm :(

  225. eurika Says:

    instead of lemon can i used lime????

  226. calamansigirl Says:

    as per my experience just recently, the baking soda combined with calamansi or applied alone didn’t whiten my underarm, instead it darkened it more and caused me to panic. tho there’s zero smell guaranteed. i returned to just plain old calamansi. i use only half slice for both armpits. i apply it before going to work as deodorant and wash it off in the evening to avoid irritation. if there’s reddening or itchiness, even slight, i immediately stop applying it for a day or two to rest the skin. that way no further irritation occurs which may lead to skin darkening. i use nivea deo instead. then go back again to using calamansi. so far i am very happy with the results, it did whiten my underarm, yey! and i started pits waxing using epilin, sure do smoothen it.

  227. shah Says:

    Cool video for dark underarms:


  228. KILI_KILI Says:

    y not mix all da product mentioned above?
    see if it works..& tell me da result.

    im from Honolulu,hawaii..

  229. jen Says:

    i had an underarm bleaching procedure before, (9 months ago), ayos lang kaya mag undergo ng laser hair removal?

  230. Marie Says:

    Calamansi works for me, been applying it on my underams for 2 weeks, and so far results are good. I used to have ugly chicken skin and now it\’s gone :) my UA is softer and smoother. But of course, I refrained from shaving or plucking my UA, I used to shave everyday before lol. Also, I don\’t use deodorant that much now, I just use it whenever I go out and do some sporty activities. I don\’t know if my UA are lighter though, I\’ve only been using the Calamasi therapy for only two weeks, so I\’ll just wait :)

  231. mmm Says:

    Sa mga nagsshave..STOP magwax kayo..at ang gamitin nyong wax hindi yung wax strips..yung honey.mabibili ito katabi ng mga hair removal creams..or..pwede din kayong gumawa..
    Wax recipe
    2 cups sugar
    ¼ cup water
    ¼ cup lemon (nimbu) juice

    Pour the sugar, water and lemon juice in a saucepan, and heat it over a low flame. Keep stirring the mixture until all the sugar has melted, and you have a thick brown liquid. Let it cool slightly.

    after nyo magwax..manonotice nyo yung chicken skins or nagiging red yung skins nyo..IMMEDIATELY..lagyan nyo ng ice..basain nyo ng konti yung ice tska nyo ilagay sa underarm nyo hanggang matunaw..

    ALCOHOL?di ko pa nasusubukan yan..ang ginagamit ko kasi ESKINOL.after maligo at bago matulog..be sure nalinis nyo ng mabuti underarm nyo..bago nyo ilagay yan,.MAY CONTENT NA NG ALCOHOL ANG ESKINOL..kaya wag sosobra sa 2 times..MAGDDRY SKIN NYO.kaya ayaw ko ng alcohol concentrated kasi..nakakaDRY..

    bicarbonate of soda di ko pa nasusubukan.pero susubukan ko.muka namang effective..

  232. krissy Says:

    anyone here who has any feedback with kate jones underarm package?

  233. aenniah Says:

    i am using the kate jones underarm package. the whole package contains peeling solution, cream reliever, whitening cream and a deodorant. according to the instruction 5 peeling sessions are needed and the peeling solution in the package is for 3 peelings. i am in my second session now. i really recommend this product. i have a very sensitive skin and i was afraid to try it at first but it was kind of desperate so i tried it and i never regret it.the first peeling, 70% of your underarm will be whiter and on the second, 95%. the whole package cost 960 ata.. i cant remember hehe. but for me this is the most effective home treatment that i have ever used. in 2 weeks you can actually say your UA is whiter.they have a website, just search for it in the net.. kate-jones.com and send an email or text them.

  234. lorie Says:

    ive been using alum and lemon…. etc etc.. i search the internet for a month but nothing help me except one ” SCION ” whitening roll on deodorant anti perspirant alcohol free and im on my 1st week already and there is really a diffference i guarantee u 100%.but before using this product i use liquid body lufra first. u can really see the diffrence in just 1 bath!

  235. lorie Says:

    to everyone who wants to wear sleeveless and wanted to have this whitening products , just let me know and i can help u where to find this..and how to use this i assure you.. youll gonna thank me

  236. Hanna Says:

    Lorie I need ur help

  237. guest Says:

    how many days before it you’ll see the result or before your armpits will lighten ?

  238. blair Says:

    try using epilator instead of shaving or plucking or waxing. and milcu..been using it for 2 weeks and it works for me..

  239. justcommenting Says:

    I am using Milcu powder. Its really effective im telling you.

  240. JOANAMARIE Says:


  241. pinkishviolet Says:

    ….i have read many alternatives here but then again some comments opposed it. geeez.. i don’t know who to believe in.. somebody HELP ! i really have dark UA and i’m desperate to get rid of it. It’s summer here in Phil. and it seems embarassing to wear swimsuits when you have dark UA..

    when i was like 11 years old. i started shaving my UA b’coz it’s what i usually see at home(thinking what is it like to be adult) w/o knowing the result. And now.. rrrrrgghh ! i’m bloody jealous to people who have white underarms.. wish i have powers to exhange my UA to those with white one. ^_^ . need some advice out there !

  242. dilaw Says:

    Hello po…san po ba nabibili ung QUANTUM SOAP at magkano po kaya iyon? meron ba un sa hortaleza, mercury drug or watson and other drugstores??? tnx

  243. lorie Says:

    hi hannah,you can ask me regarding your questions just email me at lorence030579@yahoo.com

    its worth 200+ pesos lang

  244. Nicole Says:

    If you started using “alum” when your armpit is already dark,,, it will not work anymore… It’s too late..hahaha,,, if you’re armpit is starting to have a bad odor,, better use alum than deodorants .. They make you’re armpit go darker and smelly,, ( especially REXONA) hoped these help .. Bye guys…

  245. jerjer :p Says:

    “LETS FACE IT” deodorant is good too. its unscented and non-sticky.. it dry quicky and no more sweat all day! try it and im sure you guys will like it :)

  246. mic Says:

    Guys, me and my mom used this product called \”Magic Cream\” we bought it from my aunt worth 1,500 i think. Believe me, i used it on my armpits, it serves as deo also.. Pumiti ang kilikili ko.. no kidding. Im having hard time looking for the said product kasi according to my aunt, galing pa ng saudi iyon.. :/

  247. Derma Says:

    I suggest to talk to a Dermatologist for Laser :) Its really works but it is quite expensive like Php4k above per session. You may use LIME if you want, but i am not that sure of that cause you’re skin might have allergy or might damage your skin.

  248. fatima Says:

    do you want to have hairless armpits. try waxing. notice hair will grow around 2-3 months after waxing. i have done this myself. check http://designsbylily.blogspot.com/ for details.

  249. jane Says:

    what will the first to apply ? lemon or alum ? pls reply if any

  250. say hu? Says:

    instead of lemon pede bng any citrus fruits?
    kc vitamin c nman db.. sooo pede rin calamansi??

  251. Anuorrep Nais Says:

    aiE…anu ba yAn ang dami-dami ng suggestions at ang dami na nag try and it didnt work out parin…kasi we all have similarities…we try one to think it will work out and then use another one when the other one doesn’t work well…so hassle right?..when there are treatments, some cant afford the price…and not all of us living in a city and can afford to pay much in order for us ladies to whiten our underarm…i thought i am alone but there are too many of us…and even so,i dont have problem with my armpit…makakarecover ra tayong lahat…confidence lang yan..marami ako nakikita mga babae na kahit maitim yung armpit nila they were so proud pa nga ehh…kaya carry na natin yan…” )…

  252. toyi Says:

    i really wanna if using of talc powder darken the underarms more??

  253. connie Says:

    Anyone has results for baking soda in Singapore? & whats Milcu powder where can i get in in Singapore? Please help me, stucked with this for 2 years ):

  254. Ysabello Says:

    Hey guys.. Read this.. I hope this will help you :) )

    Try nio sa Let’s Face it. Affordable and really effective tlga. UA Bleach is P400+. I have tried it and you can see the result after bleaching pero para mas visible ung result you must undergo this process 5-6 sessions. Interval is every two months. For maintainance, buy their unscented deo and double whithening UA cream. The Deo cost around P300, while the cream cost around P250. You have to apply the cream every other night kse masyado matapang eh as you all know sensitive ang ating UA. It takes patience to achieve the result.

    Happy Whitening! :)

  255. Ysabello Says:

    Guys another tip. :)
    Kung gusto nio pumuti buong katawan nio try this. Maganda sa balat and for me hnd sya harsh sa sken.

    Soap (Perla)
    Hydrogen Peroxide/Agua Oxinada

    grate the soap(one bar of perla) kudkurin nio hanggang sa mapino. then pour the agua oxinada(one bottle) . stir it, mapapansin nio magbububbles to. and then add calamansi tanggalin ung buto. okay lng kahit ilang calamsi kse it’s a natural bleaching agent. then pour a drops of ammonium onting onti lng. then stir it. put it in a fridge.

    for best result. apply this every morning and at night. make sure malinis ung katawan nio. leave on for at least 10mins. pwede kht ganu katagal depende sayo. safe to gamitin because its all natural. after you step out into the shower mkkta niyo nag whiten tlga skin niyo :)

    Just wanna help you guys :)

  256. helen Says:

    ateh ung tungkol pouh sa ammonium saan pouh ba pwede bilhin yun ?

  257. helen autentico Says:

    Ysabello Says: wer do i get the ammonuim think i believe that that’s effecive thats y im curoius pls help :( you can add me on faceboook so we can chat about that think tnx

  258. ely Says:

    hi guys ive just read all ur comments here dark ua is really a serious matter
    peeling sol
    bleaching cream
    hydrocort cream
    aluminum chloride
    theres a instruction how to use it dermatogically tested proven safe and effective po ito cheap lng 350 lng po gud 4 1 month use at within one week kita mo na agad result :) plus u dont have to wory using deo dat causes ur ua to darken ksama na rin sa set ung aluminum chloride un na ung mgiging deo

  259. ely Says:

    aluminum chloride will serve as ur deo walang amoy ang ua mo plus d kapa papawisan and no worry na mag da dark pa ang under arm mo…
    my friends uses it too :)
    its really effective
    heres my fb account ely_4490 mkikita nyo sa profle ko me ng commnt na isng customer na di nhiya mg thank u sakin :)

  260. ely Says:

    or for faster transaction just txt 09327496468 im happy to help u with ur problem

  261. lolo Says:

    hi everyone!!! i have a dark armpit too and i need help….it wuz shocking tht most womens hv dark armpit too…i thought im the only freak tht hv this problem…anyway…now is lemon rlly does lighen ur face n ur armpit coz i rlly need help…and does baking soda rlly wrks? do u mix wit anything like water? hb alcohol does it wrk?hmmmm…. witch one do u think is the best thing for me to use? coz i don\’t want to be abarassed goin out swimming wit my armpit dark!!!! tht abarrased!!! help me!!!! PLEASE….i am begging you!!!!

  262. ely Says:

    hi lolo try to use under arm peeling/bleaching set
    it is really effective check on my fb account elythingdotnet in just one week ul see the result :) happy to help u solve ur problem..anyways theres also a testimony on my fb profile bout that product.. ;)

  263. ely Says:

    click this link to see the testimony of one of my satisfied buyer http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1776272089837&set=p.1776272089837&type=1&theater

    thanks :)

  264. rose Says:

    hi guys i used deodorants bfore it makes my ua to darken and since i am super contious of my smell i try different deo in d market like godiva,rexona,mistine,nivea etc. but i dont like d smell of deodorant when it mix with my sweat the smell of deo and my sweat leaves me so unpleasant odor till i find the aluminum chloride it leaves my skin dry no more sweat and most of all no more bad odor plus it whitens my under arm..i not afraid anymore that my ua will become darkbcoz of deo

  265. rose Says:

    hi check this account http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.111016268952833.26612.100001333818305 ilove this product it whitens my under arm in just 1 week nag pe peel ksi ung ua mo dito after that ur going to use bleaching cream tas me gagamitin knang maintenance para di na xa umitim pa ;)

  266. Ysabello Says:

    Helen: you can buy ammonium in mercury drugstore. The one in the bottle. Very few drops lng kse matapang ung amoy nea. Ask ka nlng sa personnel ng mercury kung nsan located un. I think katabi sya ng hyrogen peroxide :)

  267. Sweetcandybear Says:

    Bumili ako ng peeling set online sa fb ko sya nakita. Pa twice ko n to na pag gamit… mas naging worst ngayon kasi sobrang namumula, mahapdi at may sugat. lalo mahapdi kapag nilalagyan ng hydrocort cream. Kapag ok na ua ko, magkakalamansi nko gagawin ko to before maligo hahayaan ko lng ng ilang mins then saka ako maliligo. I think mas mapapabilis pagputi kasi nga na peel na yung dark skin. Pero iaapply ko p rin yung nasa peeling set na cream at aluminum chloride as deo. Umitim ua ko dhil sa secret deo! Meron pb nun? Lol kaadwa tlga if mejo maitim ua. Nahihiya ako mag taas ng kamay, laging paa lng tinataas ko LOL

  268. sally Says:

    hiiiii! pwede rin ba sabay ang whitening and laser hair removal???

  269. helen autentico Says:

    thank you pouh kasi kung hindi dahil sau hindi kouh alam ung gagawin kouh thank you talaga Ysabello Says:

  270. astrogirl Says:

    naalala ko nung mga 12-13 years old ako, amputi puti ng kililers ko. pero nung nagsimula akong mag-suot ng t-shirt lang (kasi nahihiya na akong mag-sleeve less kasi malaki braso ko.), mejo umitim na ung kililers ko. mejo chubby din pala ako tsaka pawisin. tapos i started shaving, napansin ko, may discoloration na. then i tried amira, it worked tapos nung inistop ko siya nangitim, nag-discoloration na naman ung UAs ko.hindi naman tlga siya maitim na maitim, bale, light shade of discoloration lang. nakakahiya namang discolored ung UAs eh maputi ung skin color ko. Ano ba pedeng gawin sa slight discoloration ng UAs ko? I have very sensitive skin kaya di po ako pede basta bastang gumamit ng mga kit kit…

  271. anonymous Says:

    astrogirl i suggest u use under arm whitening cream xtra extrength in d evening and use aluminum chloride as ur deo

  272. ann Says:

    for MIC say,

    san mo nabili yung magic cream mo na yon. na try ko na rin yon effective sya kaya lang sa abroad ko nabili. nang nakabili ako sa watson uli di na sya ganon ka effective. di ko na lam kung maniniwala pa ako sa dami ng immitation dito satin. pls. help me. here is my email. annmarie_lim2003@yahoo.com.
    Hoping to hear from you again.

  273. how to whiten armpit Says:

    of all the tips to whiten underarm I’ve read, the best way to help lighten you underarm is to have proper personal hygiene & just use alum instead of deo.

  274. rose Says:

    hi guys i really suggest u use aluminum chloride instead of using alum or deo in the market i personally use it and its really really effective


    Are you suffering from embarrassing underarm sweat stains and odor?

    Aluminum Chloride with Melawhite is suitable for men and women has been designed to protect against irritation and soothe your skin. Whitens as it prevents the underarms from sweating.

    The anti-perspirant that stops sweat.

    MELAWHITE whitens underarm at the same time!

    All natural and scentless, does not cause underarm skin discoloration.


    has been used for over 80 years, is inexpensive and nontoxic, and remain the common active ingredient of most anti-perspirant preparations.

    Aluminum Chloride is the ingredient prescribed by Dermatologists to patients with excessive perspiration or Hyperhidrosis.

    Laboratory studies prove that Aluminum Chloride is more effective and more longer lasting than other ingredients found in anti-perspirants. Yet safe when used as directed.


    Deodorant products counteract the formation of unpleasant body odour. They principally work by controlling the growth of bacteria on the skin surface but also contain perfume which can help overcome body odour and give a pleasing fragrance.

    Anti-perspirant products reduce the amount of sweat released to keep the armpit dry and comfortable. The action of the anti-perspirant ingredients also helps to control the growth of bacteria.

  275. Enzy Says:

    I bought this ua whitening package product from FB and it worked well on me! In a week, my ua peeled already and it gets fairer and even toned everyday. I used the peeling oil for 3 days without feeling any discomfort and on day 4, my ua started to peel. On day 6, all dead skin cells were removed, and I’ve started using the bleaching cream and aluminum chloride which made my ua gets fairer. Here’s where I got my ua whitening set: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001333818305

  276. newsfeed Says:

    wow nice plz read my articles too

  277. Jigsaw Says:

    Just make a paste of turmeric powder and lemon & leave it on for 15 minutes

  278. ANGEL Says:

    STOP USING DEODORANT!!! first treat the sweaty underarms first.. try Driclor u can buy it in mercury drug around 800 but u use it only every other day for 2 weeks use it at night only, then 0nce a week, then atlst once a month. its very effective. ..when u dont sweat u can treat the dark UA now coz when u are still sweating its useless coz discoloration will still occur because of sweat. 2nd.. treat the dark UA.. try the Mosbeau underarm and Thigh cream its around 950 in watsons..its very effective ull have whiter UA in 14 days.use it at night and in the morning after u bath. when u got the results u’ve wanted use driclor just once a month and mosbeau atslt 3x a week.. THIS 2 PRODUCTS WORKS FOR ME AND ALL OF MY FRIENDS WITH THE SAME PROBLEM I HOPE IT WILL HELP U!!!

  279. sawadeekha Says:

    try to purchase on online deals, there are deal on IPL hair removal. it costs 300php per session.

  280. sandea Says:

    Hey, has anyone tried kate jones armpits whitening? I have been reading so much about it, and I do want to try it out.

    It’s just that I’m also planning to have laser hair removal. I tried ipl in the past and the hairs came back after 3 months from my last session.

    So now, I’m investing on diode laser hair removal. I’ll give you guys feedback. I’m going to skin house beauty clinic by the way.

  281. hikaru Says:

    GUYZ…THE BEST AND EFFECTIVE ONE IS THE GPO(GREEN PEELING OIL) it took 3 days .. your armpit will peels and then after that your armpit will be back on your normal skintone

  282. tagacapiz Says:

    i’m not an expert on whitening. in fact, the reason I’m here is because I have this dilemma too.

    that said, I may try the hydrogen peroxide with ammonium and perla

    the calamansi
    the baking soda

    DO NOT MIX VINEGAR AND BAKING SODA. vinegar is ascetic acid while baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, a base. combined, they produce sodium acetate, water and carbon dioxide. not sure if any of those help with whitening.

    I’m also iffy about calamansi and soda. same principle: acid and base, you put them together and something new, a salt of some sort, is produced. individually, they may be effective but the ne substance they produce might be utterly ineffective.

  283. HopeHoping Says:

    Hey thank you so much for thise helpful article. I had one question though, do i wash my underarm after the lemon I put under my arm is dry? Or i just let it be?

  284. HopeHoping Says:

    Hey thank you so much for thise helpful article. I had one question though, do i wash my underarm after the lemon I put under my arm is dry? Or i just let it be?

  285. Rachael Says:

    I have been using baking soda for two weeks now. After a shower I just dust my armpits as if I was using baby powder. I only use just a little and dust of any loose baking soda. I do not make a paste, I don’t rinse it off. I just dust and go. It is awesome. I still sweat ( I had to get used to this) but absolutely no odor. NONE! I live in south Georgia it very hot and humid and no odor. My armpits have also lightened but I think it is because I am no longer using deodorant not because of the baking soda. But who knows.

  286. amazingly pau Says:

    hey guys im trying this method…i use powdered alum in the daylight …at night i take shower and after that i put calamansi and i leave it there until morning..one way of proving if it works is i only put calamansi on my left UA and after a week i’ll see the difference..

  287. amazingly pau Says:

    actually i *think that there are people who arent (hiyang) in different kind of remedies…hiyangan lang talaga yan.hehe.and one way if you are afraid to try different method other than what you know..its best 4 you guys to meet a derma…cause its really dangerous to try diff.methods..it may only cause you to darken it more…

    haha na realize ko di pala ako nag iisa na may ganitong problem ^_^

  288. katrina Says:

    Try using Forever Living deodorant stick. It’s effective in whitening your armpits. I used it for almost 2 or 3 years I think.

  289. katrina Says:

    Try using Forever Living deo stick. It’s effective against dark armpits. I’m using it for 2 years now.

  290. Lalalala Says:

    THE MOST CHEAPEST IS ALUM.. It’s actually a powder, also known as “Tawas”. It’s greater to use this than deodorants.

  291. jane Says:

    I\’ve bought my underarm whitening set from here: http://beausecretskin.webs.com/

    It\’s really effective and lasting

  292. jesley Says:

    Plss help me i so worried in my under arm wat can i do plsss… help me…

  293. Jan Windglows Says:

    I never knew you could get micro scars from plucking? very interesting

  294. meh Says:

    hi; from what i’m hearing baking soda really whitens your armpits, so how do i use it . ?

  295. Rakesh Kunwar Says:

    Hi i am rubbing lemon slices twice a day from last 4 days and really got very exiting results. Please do not wash out ur ampits after applying lemon slices. Apply the same after taking the shower. My armpits were dark and now it has become brown in colour. I am sure that contineously doing this for 2-3 weeks will give me 100% results. Also apply baking soda after 15 mins of applying the lemon slices.

    Ur armpits will not even have an bad odor . by doing so. From last 4 days i am not even feeling any requirement of using any deo.

    Try it……..!!!!!!!

  296. sandea Says:

    Girls, I made a post about underarm whitening before, and now I’m back.

    No more trial and error, which seems to be the case for most readers here hehe!

    If you have work, you REALLY should have diode laser hair removal done together with Underarm Whitening. It’s been 2 months since I went to Skin House for my laser treatment, and those 2 sessions has been great for my armpits. I see less hairs, and those that still grow back are thinner than before you can’t believe how happy I am!

    meh, I’m not sure about baking soda. I’ve tried that natural bleaching and mixing stuff but I did not get any results.

  297. khushi Says:

    hi friends!!!
    i have been suffering from this dark armpit problem. I use to think that my armpits are the darkest armpit in the world. then i went to the skin doctor. he said that i hav fungal infection. so he gave me “lulifin cream” to apply on my armpits. then after few months my problem was completely gone.
    i have used all the treatments to get rid of my problem. i tried skin peeling.but after the skin peeled off.then again the new skin was dark.
    i have used “melalite forte cream” it is also effective if ur fungal infection is cured by “lulifin cream”.
    home made remedies dosent work too much.i hav tried all of them.
    so my suggestion to you is :- apply “lulifin cream” in night. apply “onabet cream” in day. use both the cream for 3 months.
    after that if ur fungal infection is cured then u can use “melelite forte” cream in night(caution: never use melalite forte cream in day time.otherwise it will increase ur darkness in armpit.)
    you can find all the creams in any chemist shop.
    dear friends!!1 i know how embarassing it feels when u hav dark armpit.but dont worry.this problem is curable.
    n the best suggestion is that if you know any good skin doctors then consult them.
    dont worry!!its not that big problem.

  298. bash Says:

    Hi, I used baking soda and its getting lighter now after 2 weeks.

  299. LELOUCH Says:


    I used ALUM and LEMON for almost 2 weeks, and I didn’t need to apply deo! First, after taking a bath, pat dry the armpits. in a small Bowl, mix the ALUM and LEMON together, until the ALUM is completely dissolved. (prepare only the exact amount for both armpits). Then rub it gently in the armpits for 2 mins.(NOTE: you can wash it off or let it stay as long as the smell doesn’t bother you).. after taking a bath, apply some ALUM for best results… TAKE NOTE, it can also whiten the armpits, after continuous usage..


  300. mikaza Says:

    Hi…baking soda is different from baking powder..but for those who wants to get rid of those dark underarms try this..mix vinegar,alum,baking soda,and a few drops of calamansi.and apply it every morning and bed time.baking soda is known for cleansing and vinegar removes dark areas with the help of calamansi and the alum is good for sweat..i have the same problem before i cant wear sleeveless shirt coz my armpit gets darker due to shaving but thanks to natural products im not afraid to wear sleeveless.

  301. Mevans Cabucos Says:

    hey guys, try nyo apply sebo de macho on your armpits and then the baking soda….then see for ur self the results….

  302. Inamorata Says:

    “Threading” is another way to remove underarm hair :) hindi na mangingitim, pang matagalan pa bago tumubo :)

  303. NauralBeauty123 Says:

    Just by using alum(TAWAS) and lemon?

  304. ochigo Says:

    i’d been using calamansi for weeks or months depends on how dark your UA is.. then it lightens my armpit but it takes a while to see the results. well im goin to try baking soda as my deodorant.thanks !

  305. sofie Says:

    sandea- thanks for the info.. where did u get your laser treatment and UA whitening treatment? I’m interested. please do reply.

  306. elli Says:

    saan ba makakabili ng greeb peeling oil maliban sa online?? effective daw yun eh. please help!!

  307. Chris Says:

    Hi guys for a 100% guaranteed safe and effective whitening cream, research about 2002TOMC The Original Magic Cream. Saludo ako sa effect nito. Tanggal lahat ng problema niyo maitim na singit, kili kili, … pati tigyawat burado. Walang halong kalokohan.

  308. lahv Says:

    tried the lemon already but no effect. i tried Human Nature’s Sunflower seed beauty oil. it really works!!! i can already see the effect by just using it twice a day for 1 week. it is very cheap (P119.75) and it is 100% safe because it’s 100% natural and no harmful chemicals. try it. you will not regret.

  309. mizpah Says:

    waaaah…my wedng wud be less dan 2mos and il b wearng a tube gown…i try na whitning creams pero nt effctv…now i tried d lemon but may UA was so mahapdi and namula..natural ba tlga un wen ur using lemon…or do i need to stop it kasi bka mas magdarken. i bought dn active white exact underarm whitening but dont know f efectv…

  310. april Says:

    Hi, I used 2-3 tablespoon of white vinegar (you can buy it on any supermarket or the asian mart) combine it with 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate sode (baking soda) wait for the bubbles to subside and mix it well. Use a face towel dip it in and apply it to your ampit, do it clockwise or circular motion, don’t rub it in. Leave it for 15 mins and rinse it. I dont soap it anymore and i dont use deodorant if you have a smelly pit just use wipes. It freshens your pit. Or spray some body spray outside the shirt of your pit. Do it twice daily, it works for me, we have different skin types so it may or may not work on you. Some are causes of health issues. Anyways you can also apply it on other dark areas such as your knees, elbows, between your legs. Hope this is helpful to you guys :)

  311. MillieK Says:

    OMG!!! do not use Alum for your armpits. Aluminum is a harmful substance absorbed by sweat glands in armpits. Toxins can’t be released by the sweat glands and the toxins then travel to other parts of the body. For lighter armpits proceed with using lemon only! For Armpits with no odor I recommend using baking soda, Just mix half a spoon of baking soda with two spoons of water and apply it on your armpit for 10min then wash off. Also Most deodorant contain Aluminum, Take note that Aluminum causes DARK ARMPITS! So if you want better results look for Organic deodorant.

  312. Missy Says:

    Equal amount of baking soda and lemon juice
    Make a paste of tht, it will be thin, and rub tht on yr body
    Armpits, teeth. Feet arms hands every where u need to whiten
    And leave it on for 15/20 min. Till it dries
    Then wash it with water , not to cold water.
    :) repeat tht as often as u like, but do need a moisterizer cos
    Lemon wil dry ur skin..

    Whitening teeth:
    Mix a Tea spoon Baking soda with ur tootpaste
    And make a paste , for better result put few drops of lemon in it
    And rub tht with a baby tooth brush all over yr teeth
    Like u brush normaly yr teeth.
    Do tht 2 times a week.
    First few days yr gums will feel painfull irritated
    And wil bleed, dnt worry just brush gentle not to hard

  313. Missy Says:

    Baking soda and baking powder are not same
    Baking powder one uses for cooking.
    Baking soda is used for cleaning:)
    Dnt use BAKING POWDER to whitening skin/teeth

  314. Amor Says:

    aahmm Hello How many days before you can see the result of the Baking soda?,.! please reply as soon as possible I really need it now :( sobra na kung nahihiya lalo na sa sayaw:(


    just bought baking soda and lemons. ill get back to you guys and remind you of the results.

  316. Beb18 Says:

    I’ve tried lemon in my UA… Pero prang na irritate sya:( Tawas dn nagamit ko na pero parang wala lang it won’t stop sweating:/ Tinry kong I shave yung UA ko pero ng karon sya ng hiwa dun sa gitna d naman ako ng ka sugat nung shinave ko after 2 days yata tawas pa gamit ko nun ang hapdi ng UA ko halos d kona matiklop sa sobrang hapdi mangiyak-ngiyak na nga ako that time. I stopped shaving and ginamit ko nalang ung gnagamit ng boys na di battery instead of shaving kse na trauma nako. I’m 15 and I can’t wear sleeveless dress kse maitim ung UA ko my b.o pa so kailangan pdin mg deodorant:( Ano po bang mas ok gamitin ng mga medyo sensitive yung skin? Help please:(

  317. pretty_girl Says:

    hi to all…just drop by in this site..im really interested with baking soda..butt its hard for me to find it..i live in pasig city..near in pasig palengke..but i really don’t know where i can buy that baking soda..is anyone here can tell me where is it available in my place? thank you so much…

  318. Pooja Says:

    Hey guys you all can also use the turmeric powder and pinch of besan powder and some lemon juice and and some baking soda i hope you all will get some solution throw this…….thank you……..

  319. luckygirl14 Says:

    HeLLo. Iam 14 Yrs.old, Me and My Sisters Have A Black UA. Dati nman di dark ung UA Nmin Magsimula nung gumamit kmi ng deodorant naging dark na :( (
    Gusto nmin na pumuti na ung UA Nmen. e2 ung mga sinubukan nmen asian secret,magic soap,ung iba di ko na maalala . wla nman pinagbago. dark pren :(
    Anu Po ba ung mga pampaputi na afford nmin ?
    nka2hya po ksi bka one time may program na sleevless ung su2otin na ksma kami tapos dark ung UA Nmin. SOBRANG NKA2HIYA Yun. >. pls reply po:(
    help po pls. yung kaya po ng badget thanks in advance

  320. jessica Says:

    hey were do you get this rexona whitening deodorant from??
    i need it! :)

  321. simmy Says:

    try hydrogen peroxide which is similar to bleach and baking soda make a paste and leave on for 15 minutes….ull thank me

  322. mars Says:

    hey guis ive been reading the comments above nd im interested in
    -baking soda
    -A bonne spa milk salt

    about the spa milk salt, i accidentaly found it in the supermarket in less than P100, there was a liquid type nd a powderd type,, and i bought the powderd one,

    which of the 3 wud u guiz recommand????

  323. Lala Says:

    Im going to use the BAKING SODA thing! Thanks guys. Gaano katagal bago makita results?

  324. ming ming Says:

    Aree Says:

    Okay everyone this works 100% and not alot of people know. I shave. I don’t wax and my armpits and other parts of my body are always white. My secret is an Aloevera plant that is growing in my backyard. The plant is cheap and doesnt need any maintenace really. Most grocery stores sell it. Its good for scrubbing armpits, back of the neck, inner thighs, knees, elbows, and even private parts! Alot of people get these parts of the body dark. Aloevera works for it all! Not only is it good to keep your skin white but its also good for your skin.

    Directions? Easy!! I do this every other day. Just take a sharp knife cut one whole leaf off the plant. The greener the better! Gently slice the skin off the leaf from one side. You will see the green slime the plant has inside. This is what you use! Take the leaf and begin to scrub the areas you want white. Keep slicing the leaf the more you keep scrubbing. The slime is sticky so its best to do this before you shower in a towel. Let the slime dry for 15min into your skin. Rinse or shower after 15min. Thats it!! Really cheap and easy to do! The plant grows fast so don’t worry you will never run out of it! This works I promise you and its safe to use even on your private parts.

    Look it up on youtube.com alot of people show you how to cut the plant there and use it or even store it so the slime is ready for you!

    Good luck everyone! Have fun shopping for sleeveless shirts! ”

    i bought an aloe plant from my neighbor and i was surpriced that it was only for 25 pesos :D
    anyways, you stated there that i should apply aloe vera for 15mins. before taking a shower…right? :3 and while i take a bath,, its ok to use soap ? or not? cuz i was kinda afraid it might fade the effect of aloe vera in my skin :(
    and do you use any lotion after??

    im actually going to try the soap called KOJIC SOAP ive been researching it and this came to the result of the most effective way(if used properly)to whiten my uneven toned body :O

    and with more on research bout aloe vera, it says that after applying them at night, i should put some lotions to keep them moisturized,,,,i need ur opinions :( theres lots i dont know what to do and its not on the internet

  325. ming ming Says:

    Aree Says:

    Okay everyone this works 100% and not alot of people know. I shave. I don’t wax and my armpits and other parts of my body are always white. My secret is an Aloevera plant that is growing in my backyard. The plant is cheap and doesnt need any maintenace really. Most grocery stores sell it. Its good for scrubbing armpits, back of the neck, inner thighs, knees, elbows, and even private parts! Alot of people get these parts of the body dark. Aloevera works for it all! Not only is it good to keep your skin white but its also good for your skin.

    Directions? Easy!! I do this every other day. Just take a sharp knife cut one whole leaf off the plant. The greener the better! Gently slice the skin off the leaf from one side. You will see the green slime the plant has inside. This is what you use! Take the leaf and begin to scrub the areas you want white. Keep slicing the leaf the more you keep scrubbing. The slime is sticky so its best to do this before you shower in a towel. Let the slime dry for 15min into your skin. Rinse or shower after 15min. Thats it!! Really cheap and easy to do! The plant grows fast so don’t worry you will never run out of it! This works I promise you and its safe to use even on your private parts.

    Look it up on youtube.com alot of people show you how to cut the plant there and use it or even store it so the slime is ready for you!

    Good luck everyone! Have fun shopping for sleeveless shirts! ”

    i bought an aloe plant from my neighbor and i was surpriced that it was only for 25 pesos :D
    anyways, you stated there that i should apply aloe vera for 15mins. before taking a shower…right? :3 and while i take a bath,, its ok to use soap ? or not? cuz i was kinda afraid it might fade the effect of aloe vera in my skin :(
    and do you use any lotion after??

    im actually going to try the soap called KOJIC SOAP ive been researching it and this came to the result of the most effective way(if used properly)to whiten my uneven toned body :O

    and with more on research bout aloe vera, it says that after applying them at night, i should put some lotions to keep them moisturized,,,,i need ur opinions :( theres lots i dont know what to do and its not on the internet

  326. Stuti Says:

    ops i tried a lots of things for my underarm whitening but none of these things work for me, i have had my dark underarm when i was about 14/15.when i was young i didnt even care what i was wearing and what it will do in future, i used to wear tight clothes which used to rub my armpits against the clothes , that time i didnt even care but when i was like 16 i noticed that it was too late…….after i did everything wat i heared abt lightening the underarm, i took lots of medicine ,cream, home made ingredients etc, none of them work, cream like xreme britening gel worked for me but as soon as i left to put them back it was again the same condition,i have never used deodrant , never shaved my underarm but also i have the dark underarm.Now i m age of 25 , my frens they tell me to go to club, pub, swimmming , party etc bt i am quite shy so i just refused to go with them ,Now i am totally fed up with my armpits….

  327. Jeanna Says:

    I think most of us are feeling the pressure now of being more beautiful. I am going to avail of the kate jones underarm whitening, and I’m going skin house beauty clinic for diode laser hair removal. They offer deferred payments. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Skin-House-Beauty-and-Laser-Clinic/221939591170866

    One of my officemates mentioned going to makati med for her laser. I looked for diode, as suggested, and came across skin house. Good luck to us!

  328. KissHaven Says:

    You can visit http://houseofscionph.blogspot.com/p/whitening-deodorant.html for your underarm needs.

  329. jada Says:

    hey guys why dont u try using eskinol lemon, after i gave birth to my second child I’ve had a terrible black under arm..then I applied eskinol lemon…it worked like miracle..the dark melanin production was just like dirt that is being wiped with cotton balls with eskinol lemon.

  330. Girlaloo Says:

    Use maxipeel until ur skin peeled off then put sunblock in the morning during the peeling off stage. Use whitening cream to the area with new skin. I used skinwhite whitening cream before and it worked for me.it would take 1 week using maxipeel before peeling off stage. Just put it to areas with dark skin.

  331. carbonated Says:

    hey i used to live in australia were theres baking soda everywere,now i dont live there no more and were i live they only have carbonated soda…is carbonated soda the same as baking soda?? please reply!

  332. pinoyproblemado Says:

    there’s a bunch of suggestions some said that it is effective some said they’re not. what should I do?. im so frustrated with this dark UA.

  333. Ana Says:

    i don\’t know, but look at the Ant Egg oil of tala.. just search it in google..

    they say its natural and WILL remove hair Forever\’. …

    just try if you really want to have hairless armpit Forever…

  334. france Says:

    ..guys try SKIN MATE SHARK OIL…it can peel the dark spots of ur underarm,but use it every other day and should be at night..just let the skin peel,don’t force it to peel..u’ll see lighter underarms in 2weeks..use cotton balls then and rub it evenly :) ..i tried it and its effective..again every other day coz if u use it everyday the peeling might worse it :)

  335. Lynn Says:

    4 things really worked for me: 1) Always wax and don’t shave your underarms, 2) wait until your armpits are dry before you apply deodorant, 3) when you do use deodorant apply Adidas Cotton Tech deodorant, and 4) when you get home wash your deodorant off with a washcloth in a light circular motion so you don’t keep deodorant on all day; no need to scour your skin and make it darker by the damage. And yes you heard right ladies. Adidas makes deodorant, and without aluminum for that matter! I’ve tried so many non-aluminum deodorant’s (the rock, Tom’s, the body shop, etc) and ADIDAS IS BY FAR THE BEST NON-ALUMINUM DEODORANT to keep me dry and not smelly by the end of the work day. The other’s left me really self conscious not even half way through the day; if I had an important meeting forget about it. I wouldn’t dare take off my blazer. I am by no means compensated by Adidas but I fully endorse their product. They don’t advertise their deodorant as part of a solution for dark underarms but by golly it works — no aluminum means bye by darkness. If that is not enough, it is also practical for the working woman with its light scent, non sticky, and non-staining formula to keep you effectively dry and not smelling during a regular work day. I tried the whole baking soda thing for a month and that just left my underarms tender with no results. Eskinol didn’t do a thing for my kili kili (pits). And using lemon or any acid on my skin is a big no no. For me simply waxing and using Adidas Cotton Tech deodorant did the trick. I found it at my local grocery store Market Basket. I hear you can find it at Walgreens too. It runs between $2.50-$4 depending on where you go. Good luck everyone!

  336. dee Says:

    According to one doctor, sweat mixed with alum chloride, the active ingredient in most deodorants, can stain skin and your clothes. Using deodorants will prevent body odor all right, but the flip side is that it can also cause darkening of the skin.

    Wondering which is a good antiperspirant ingredient? The newest ingredient, Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine, is better tolerated by the skin and is less likely to cause irritation or acne. Furthermore, applying these antiperspirants before bedtime reduces the risk of their mixing with sweat, and eventually lessens incidence of stains.

    Shaving is also a big contributor to darkening the armpits. For women who underwent pregnancy, dark underarms are unavoidable. Here are some of the natural ways to whiten your dark underarms:

    Lemon Juice and Turmeric Powder – One way to start whitening your underarms is to mix lemon juice with a pinch of turmeric powder. Apply the mixture on the underarms and let it sit for at least 12 minutes before rinsing. Rubbing gently can be done. You can also use lemon halves to rub the underarms.

    Baking Soda – Baking soda is another natural ingredient that can help whiten underarms. Simply rub baking soda on your underarms every time you take a bath. To be able to see the effects, you must do this consistently and regularly.

    Sandalwood and Rosewater – You can use a paste mixture of these two ingredients to whiten your underarms. Mix 2 tsp. of sandalwood and 2 tsp. of rosewater until it becomes a paste mixture. Apply it on the underarm for 15-20 minutes and rinse it with warm water.

    Coconut oil – Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E which can help solve many beauty problems, one of which is dark underarms. Coconut oil moisturizes the skin and helps produce more collagen which will make the skin look healthier and younger, thus, the dark pigmentation will be lessened.

    Lemon and Alum – With these ingredients, you don’t have to mix anything. Just cut the lemon crosswise and remove the seeds. After you are done taking a bath, rub the lemon on your underarm. After that, rub the alum powder in a circular motion and leave it on.

    Lemon and Honey – All you need to do with these ingredients is mix 1 tbsp. of honey and lemon. Apply the mixture on the armpit and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. It is best to do this after taking a bath. You can also apply alum powder on your armpits afterwards.

    All these natural ingredients are great whitening agents. They are all safe and cheap too. Further, you can find all the ingredients in your local grocery store which won’t be a hassle at all.

  337. Janna2233 Says:

    I tried using the lemon and honey but it doesn’t work :s is it bcuz I didn’t use alum .. ?


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