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October 2, 2012 by Nicewriter  
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I’ve been on Triond for three and a half years and Triond has been going down hill by all means. First of all, I would like to take the time to discuss the fact that when I first came here, Triond would proof read my work and if it would not be decent, they would send it back to me asking me to revise my content. Once, I got an article declined.

Now, Triond will publish anything, even if the article has grammar errors, typos or mispellings. Back then, it took me three days to get an article published. Now it takes three minutes.

That is because Triond no longer proof reads. They simply put your content through a computer and run it through.

I have been on Get Satisfaction and I have seen so many complaints, it’s not funny. People have been complaining about their articles being lost. About all of their articles being declined. About not being payed on time. About other members who act out, bothering other members.

I have read others articles on Triond and there are some articles that are so bad in spelling, format, grammar and copycating. Here is an example.

“This is the place whee u r to go.”

I also readsomebody’s article on acne andit was copy cated (The person did not write the article in his own words,) and it was formated like this.

1). Always keep your hands off yourface

2)Never eat oily foods

3)Always use acne medication.

That’s his article not mine.

I am apalledand disgusted at theway Triond now publishes.

Helooo! Wake up Triond!

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  1. Ashley89 Says:

    I agree and I’ve been on since 2008!

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