Tips for Controlling Cellulite

April 17, 2007 by Carrie Belt  
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Cellulite is a skin issue that affects many women. Read more about some basic cellulite management techniques that can save your body.

Cellulite is a fancy name for collections of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath a person’s skin, which causes the surface of the skin to dimple or pucker like the surface of an orange peel. Cellulite is more common in women than in men and it is usually found over the hips, thighs and buttocks. It is not related to obesity.

Causes of cellulite:

  • A family history increases the chances of having cellulite
  • Cellulite may be caused by insufficient water intake
  • Poor eating habit like alcohol and caffeine consumption may contribute to cellulite
  • Smoking weakens the skin by causing constriction of capillaries. It further damages the connective tissue that causes the cellulite.
  • Tension and stress are also responsible for cellulite because they block the tissue and thus prevent proper waste elimination and purification
  • A sedentary lifestyle may contribute to the formation of cellulite

Sam Dhatt’s tips for controlling cellulite:

  • The main tip to get rid of cellulite is exercise. Exercise keeps your body balance normal. Do exercises that will help you tone your legs and buttocks. Do special exercises to improve muscles in your thighs like walking, cycling, climbing stairs, yoga and Pilates.
  • Cellulite can be minimize by using topical managements that include gels, ointments, foams, creams and lotions
  • Some topical ingredients, such as vitamin C, may help by stabilizing collagen. Anti-cellulite creams are very effective in the eradication of cellulite.
  • A healthy diet and exercise help in reducing cellulite
  • Massaging the areas that have cellulite will increase circulation and break up the fat. You can use a body brush or use a body wash or exfoliator while bathing. This will also increase circulation.

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