The Worse Blackhead Removal Ever!

October 17, 2012 by Datrev  
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Blackheads and whiteheads removal are one of the most popular (and disgusting) hobbies, mostly for women. I have found a cracking video showing the biggest blackheads ever extracted by a doctor!

Blackheads and whiteheads are respectively open and closed comedones, which are actual bumps on the skin mostly consisting of keratin and sebum. It’s a consequence of acne.

Despite common belief tends to see comedones as caused by scarce hygiene, comedones are instead caused by sebaceous glands filled with the accumulation of excess skin oils.

Blackheads are named open comedones as the pore have an opening to the outside air and therefore oxidizes and reflects the external light, so the head of the comedone might be black, but not necessarily (it can be brown, for example).

In opposition, whiteheads are called closed comedones as in this case the pore does not present an opening, the air can’t reach the inner follicle and the oxidation does not take place.

Both black an white heads have however a large fanbase. Zit popping, comedone extraction and cyst drainings are one of the top hobbies in my personal Popular&Disgusting Category.

As one may expect, a large portion of such fanbase is made of girls and women, despite the male contribution to the category is stronger than one can imagine.

Such practice also has a dark side as popping a zit, draining a cyst, extracting a comedone or any similar operation can lead to serious infections if not performed with the necessary precautions.
In many cases it’s an operation that should be made by a doctor or by a professional with proper tools and desinfectants.

I found a shocking video the other day! It’s the extraction of the BIGGEST BLACKHEADS I have ever seen!

Just click the image below to watch the video, but be advised… IT’S a VERY SHOCKING VIDEO!

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