The Secret to Whiter Armpits

February 6, 2010 by Jejeizahfaye  
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Women need a lot of convincing before ditching tried-and-tested routines for new ones. But what if a practice you’d never compromise proves to be unhealthy and disastrous — like plucking or shaving your underarm hair? Research has proven that plucking and shaving are among the major causes of dark underarms.

Bad Habit No. 1:  Blaming the Hormones for Dark Underarms

You may have noticed that upon giving birth, the skin on your underarms, along with your neck, belly, and bikini lines, darkened.  This is normal according to dermatologists. Overactive hormones that play in your body while you were pregnant allow the release of too much melanin — the brown pigment that determine skin color — and manifests itself in the armpits, among other areas. This over production of melanin that causes skin darkening is called hyper-pigmentation.

The bad news: hyper-pigmentation is inevitable for pregnant women. The good news:  this dark period usually fades within a few months after delivery. After birth, hormone levels go back to normal, and so does the color of your skin. 

Bad Habit No. 2:  Abusing the Underarms with Razors and Tweezers

You succumb your armpits to vigorous washing, scrubbing, waxing, shaving and plucking everyday — all in the name of beauty! These routines may seem harmless, but in reality, it hurts your skin more than you know.

Underarm skin is super sensitive. Skin in the armpits is as thin as skin in the groins. Thus, it gets easily scratched. Plucking and shaving are often the culprits. Shaving chafes the tender layers of the skin, tears the normal cell structure, allows the loss of water and lipid, and irritates skin by leaving micro-abrasions or bruises. Plucking, on the other hand, aggressively pulls hair follicles from the root, leaving ruptures, swelling, and an unmistakable sting. When these cuts and wounds heal, they cause hyper-pigmentation or skin darkening. Does this mean you have to bid plucking and shaving goodbye and say hello to armpit hair?  Absolutely not!

Daily damage needs daily renewal.  Dermatologists suggest preventive measures include wetting or moisturizing skin before shaving and plucking:  checking for deodorants that have mallow, peppermint, turmeric extracts, Vitamin C, linoleic acid (found in sunflower seed oil), and glycerine or ceramide; and a moratorium on scrubbing the underarm. Moisture on skin forms a protective barrier against irritation. It’s important to keep the armpits hydrated. For therapeutic or healing measures, you should also drop by your trusted dermatologist for the appropriate treatment.

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  1. jane Says:

    tnx c0z you\’re such a big help for us.. thank you so so much!!

  2. blackbird of the pond Says:

    Really? Dermatologists suggest wetting or moisturizing the armpits before shaving and plucking? But someone I know had small lumps on her armpits because she wet them while plucking. The water entered the holes created by the plucking and caused her to have small lumps. That’s how the doctor explained it. The doctor said that the armpits should just be dry, before or after the shaving or plucking. So, maybe, it’s better to shave or pluck at nighttime so that in the morning, the armpits can be readily washed in the shower. Or, better yet, go for waxing. :)

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