Skin Deep: A New, Much Needed Make-up Database

April 17, 2010 by t3jem  
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Learn about the information that Skin Deep provides and how it could help you make your next make-up purchase decision.

Skin deep is a relatively unheard of service that opened it’s database in 2004.  Since they opened they have been collecting data about the safety of thousands of cosmetic product.  After three years, skin deep expanded their web site in just about every aspect, making the site easier to navigate and more useful with much more information than ever before.

Skin deep rates the cosmetics you find in stores and online not by beauty rating or how long it lasts, but instead, they rate each cosmetic on it’s toxicity rating and the gap of information available for it.  Many people may not know that some cosmetics can be dangerous to one’s health, especially when used often.  Skin deep was created to spread that knowledge and to allow for better decisions when deciding which cosmetics to purchase.

In their frequently asked questions section it was surprising to learn that almost 90% of all cosmetics sold to consumers have not been tested for safety.  It’s easy to think that a powder can’t possibly harm someone; however, the powder could get absorbed into your blood stream through your skin, or you may ingest some it.  If the powder is toxic this could make you ill, and if the powder is toxic enough, it could even kill you.

We don’t hear to many stories about people dieing from cosmetics; however, it is possible that they could cause cell damage, leading to cancer, something that is difficult to track the source to without proper testing. 

Question seven of the FAQ states “More than one-third of all personal care products contain at least one ingredient linked to cancer.”  This is very surprising to hear if you are someone who uses cosmetics all the time.  So be sure to check the hazard ratings on your make-up and cosmetics before you go crazy with them.  Without proper testing, one can never be sure of the safety of the products one uses.

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