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April 4, 2011 by tonyleather  
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There have been herbs, fruits and vegetables in use for skin care problems in far eastern cultures for thousands of years. Not all derma affliction solutions need to cost the earth.

The most important organ of our bodies, from a cosmetic point of view, is our dermis, better known by most as skin, and this wondrous material, that covers our entire bodies, is truly the most fantastic of natural creations, waterproof, elastic and hard-wearing, but we lose billions of skin cells every day, dying off and dropping to the earth. 70% of what your vacuum picks up in the home is dead skin cells.

Of course, as we age, our skin begins to lose some of the properties that see it replenish itself, unnoticed, in our youth, simply because the daily wear and tear take ever bigger tolls. It is clear that aging can cause  many skin problems, especially for those over forty, because of the tendency to lose the elasticity and self-repair facilities of youth, though there are perfectly good natural ways in which you can help your skin fight the inevitable, and herbs can have a beneficial effect, used wisely.

Aloe Vera, as a plant, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is recommended, in cream form, for treating derma afflictions of all kinds, acting as an antidote for infections, burns, insect bites, blisters, allergic reactions, and as an anti-aging treatment.  Marigold extract is also a good anti-fungal, useful on inflammations and sunburn, while Chamomile is effective when bacterial infection is the problem/

Comfrey is well known as a medicinal herb, containing allantoin,  helpful inthe process of new cell formation, as well as proving effective in treating burns and scalds. The Goldenseal  plant extract features the compound berberine, used in Indian and Chinese medicine for treating eczema and  athlete’s foot. The Horsetail, seen as a weed by some, contains Silica, good for both hair rejuvenation and in treating dry skin and wrinkles.

It is not just herbs, however, which help with addressing derma afflictions or skin problems. Green tea contains anti-oxidants that help dispose of free radicals in cells, and can thus indirectly help to alleviate the dermal irritations. Also very much in use, and highly recommended in Ayurvedic practice, Lemon extract, rich in vitamin  C and anti-bacterials, is something that should be imbibed every day. Like the green tea.

Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries are all futher recommendations for maintaining young-looking skin, because the anti-oxidant properties they display are very helpful to the derma, as are some vegetables, like carrots, full of vitamins A and C, helpful in fighting off acne, as well as helping the shin cells by providing carotin to block out harmful effects of sunshine.

Among other natural remedies you can try for the maintenance of healthy derma are various home treatments, such as the use of honey as a face-mask, mixed with egg-white, which will, after removal, make the skin feel soft and supple.

Fenugreek leaf oil is useful for unblocking the pores, while sandalwood oil is also useful for maintaining the youth and elasticity of the skin generally. Tumeric, mashed together with orange extract, can be applied to help make the derma glow with inner health, as does a face-pack of fuller’s angel mixed with papaya fruit.

One extremely effective way of ex-foliating the skin is through the use of ground coffee for scrubbing, mixed with a little olive oil, and washed off afterward with water, it leaves you skin glowing with health. These are but a few ideas for ways in which things that are already in your kitchen cupboards, or easily available in health shops, can be put to good use in helping to keep your skin looking young and fresh.

Derma affliction is the bane of life for many women, as they get older, but if they begin addressing the problems with determination, they can certainly slow down, if never actually reverse the inevitable ravages of time on their skins.  Feeling young is sometimes best accompanied by the feeling of looking young, and that can, to some extent be achieved by taking good care that derma afflictions do not rule ones life.

There are always methods of treatment that have been tried and tested, in far eastern cultures, for centuries, so there is no reason to accept skin problems as anything other than treatable conditions, and being able to employ everyday foodstuffs to help in that treatment program must be a welcome alternative to expensive, and probably no more effective cosmetic processes. Skin care can be simple, if you want to make it so

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