Simple Tips for Skin Care

June 6, 2009 by K.Reshma  
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Learn the basic technique of skin care, and protect your skin from all types of diseases.

Skin rash is most common problem, for people living in hot tropical climate. High temperature and extreme working climate leads to rashes, itching or burning of the skin making a person more frustrated, irritated and most probably crazy. Though there are many creams available in the market, but you will not be aware of it. Only if the rash gets severe, people visit doctors, sometimes people don’t take this rashes very seriously resulting in more pain, rapid swelling leading to shortness of breath, bleeding blisters in the mouth or eyes, large amount of skin starts peeling out, the skin starts turning dark or dusky. Some rashes such as dermatisis, atopic, eczema, acne, psoriasis cannot be cured completely, but can be controlled, and you have to continue the treatment  so as not to spread more.

But  then simple rules have to be followed to take care of your skin  and thereby avoid this major problems:

  • First is hygiene, keep your skin always clean, wash it with water, specially when you come home after lot of sweating.
  • Always use mild cleanser to remove excess oil, makeup and also dirt from your skin.
  • Always apply moisturizer on your skin, it helps the skin from cracking, it helps the cell to function properly, it  exfoliates dead skin  cells, it helps to replenish the skin’s natural oil, it helps the skin to produce more natural oil, it protects from sun burns and brown spots. But always remember to choose moisturizer as per your skin type.
  • Protect your skin from exposure to UV radiation by applying sunscreen lotion, as most of the damage happens beneath the surface of  the skin gradually, that we don’t even realize how much harm it has done to our skin, leading to sunburn, photoaging and even skin cancer
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