Seven Summer Must-Haves for Your Skin

May 4, 2009 by twopenneth  
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Protect your skin from the sun and prevent premature aging and damaged skin.

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In most tropical countries, the months of March, April and May are summer months where the temperature is at its heighest. Meanwhile in European countries Spring is beginning in March and the weather becomes warmer as each day progress until September when Autumn creeps in. During spring and summer, taking very good care of the skin is very important because the sun is exceptionally hotter and more damaging to the skin these days.

Here are a few reminders for us who wants to maintain beautiful skin especially during these hot days.

  1. Sunscreen - Wear them everyday especially on the face. I never go out in the sun without putting on sunscreen in my face. I use Nivea Sunscreen with SPF 30. SPF 30 and up is recommended to fight the damaging effect of the sun to our face. It should protect you from UVB and UVA from the sun. Since it’s still spring in Europe I dont use it on my body everyday yet but for those people going to the beach, this is one beach essential that you should not forget. Re-apply every 4 hours if you are baking in the sun.
  2. Water - Well even if it’s not summer, I have a bottle of water in my bag everyday. But during hot days, its needed more because we have to immediately replace the fluid that we sweat out otherwise we will end up dehydrated.
  3. Moisturizers - If we want our skin to be young and healthy for a long time, we have to moisturizers everyday. Moisturizers like lotions, body butter, facial creams helps maintain the soft and smooth skin. Moisturizing is a must during summer but more so during cold days.
  4. Caps, Hats and Umbrellas – Not only they are good accesory for your clothes but they do serve a good purpose of shielding your skin from too much exposure to sunlight.
  5. Sunglasses – Another accesory that does very good on our eyes. Wearing sunglasses protects our sensitive eyes from UV rays and helps prevent crow feet and fine lines around our eyes. Squinting when expose to the sun causes these crow feet and fine lines around the eyes so to avoid it, use a good quality sunglasses that really protects your eyes.
  6. Lip Balm with SPF – Our lips also needs some protection from the sun. Hot weather can also cause dry chapped lips and the remedy for this is by using lip balms that has SPF15 and more.
  7. Fruits – One summer must have that most beauty writers forget is the importance of having a generoous supply of fruits during summer. Not only it has a refreshing effect on the body but it also acts and natural mousturizers that works very well on the skin. Eat a lot of fruits during summer to keep you hydrated and beautiful the whole time. not just for the beach.
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    Nice informative article..

  2. CutestPrincess Says:

    You give some very wise advice in your articles. Good work.

  3. fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa Says:

    You are absolutely correct. As much as the sun is great for us, it is important to protect yourself from the dangerous affects of the sun as well.
    Great Article

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