Rough Skin While Taking Accutane for Acne and What to Do

April 3, 2013 by Seina Himura  
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Rough Skin While Taking Accutane for Acne and What to Do.

Recently I started Accutane again for my cystic acne.  I took it several years ago for a year and had great results!  Unfortunately, as I was warned might happen by my dermatologist, my pesky cystic acne came back about six years later.  Not a bad run though, so I really can’t complain!

This time around I’m having no serious side effects just like the first time.  Bad dryness is inevitable as that’s what Accutane sets out to do.  There is one thing I noticed that’s different this time though, and I’m sure winter is partly to blame here.  What’s that you ask?  Rough, dry, patchy skin! 

It’s the worst whenever I wash my face.  I figured some those taking Accutane might be having some similar issues so I decided to write this article to share what I’m doing to help.

A mild soap is key.  The less drying the better.
Moisturizing is key.  While you don’t want to clog pores (ever), you need to moisturize your skin.  Even when not on Accutane, think of your skin like leather.  Without some moisture it’s going to dry up, flake, age sooner than it should, wrinkle and generally look awful.  Since we often can’t naturally balance moisture well on our own (it’s normal, and we especially can’t do it while taking Accutane), a good moisturizer is key.  But don’t over it!  After washing your face is good enough.  Remember, you want to basically replace what you took away – from washing your face that is. 

All that is fine and well, you may be saying to yourself, and should already be apart of your routine, but what about your rough, dry skin?At night I do like to try and use jojoba oil which can be found at health food stores typically, or online.  This stuff is known to try and rebalance your oils, naturally.  Sure that’s tough to do now on Accutane, but it feels nice on your skin and not to heavy as oppose to olive oil which some folks recommend for skin and hair care.

Okay, I hear you!

Drink plenty of water!
Get a humidifier
Don’t wear much make up if you’re a female, and if you do, try to stick to light mineral powders which hide better than foundations and whatnot
Don’t touch your face!  Don’t pick at the flaking!

Last but not least: AQUAPHOR by Eucerin.  Find it where you would Chapstick or lotions (different in every store I’ve found).  Use this at night, it’s a great thing for your lips really.  But at night it really helps sooth those bad spots if nothing else helps.   Vaseline does not penetrate skin to hydrate it; this stuff does.

Good luck and feel free to write your own tips in the comments!  Just remember that this is worth it in the long run, I promise!

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