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June 3, 2008 by LindseyGirl  
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This will unclog your pores and smooth your face within days.

The best pore unclogger you will ever use can be found at Lush. They make all different products and the best thing is that they are all natural! I have always had skin problems and I wear makeup everyday. My pores, to say the least, were very clogged even though I washed my face all the time.

My chest and back too. I couldn’t understand that one but as soon as I started using this stuff my pores immediatley cleared out and got smaller. My face is much smoother. It is called Sweet Japenese girl. It has butters that hydrate the skin, juniper berry helps to clear pores, and tea tree keeps bad bacteria at bay. The blackhead-blasting action of aduki beans and almonds is amazing. Just rub the edges of the bar on clogged pores and voila: clean, exfoliated skin without any soreness or dryness! Wash away with warm water on a cotton pad. It is amazing trust me!

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3 Responses to “Pore Unclogger”
  1. lil mo Says:

    I am so glad you published this. I am definitely always looking for natural facial care, but all I have found is Burts Bees so far and their products aren’t very wide spread and when I go to the store to purchase them sometimes they don’t have them. I went on ebay to look at Lush products and it isn’t very wide known yet, but the website is awesome!

  2. Lady Syxess Says:

    What a great article, I have problem skin,although I cleanse thoroughly and I have tried almost every advertised brand of acne products to no avail. I will be trying this.

  3. juliet Says:

    I luv d advert. I ve skin problem,my hair pores are all clogged must especially my legs and it is so embarrasing. How do I get the product? Am in Nigeria. Please I really need it. I ll be very greatful if I can get it. Tanx.

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