Overcome Acne Natural Remedy

July 8, 2013 by xl123mania  
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Overcome Acne Natural Remedy.

Approximately 650 species of plants cultivated in Organic Djamoe Kampoeng Martha Tilaar in Cikarang, inspiring healthy living naturally. Medicinal plants, cosmetics, aromatic developed not only beneficial to health, but also beneficial for beauty.

Of course regular treatment using natural ingredients is the key of success. You can plant yourself in the house plants that are useful for skin care such as acne. That way, you can pick it anytime when you feel need it, and make him a natural herb.

In the book of herbal recipes address a variety of diseases, Organic Djamoe Kampoeng Martha Tilaar, inspired skin care acne using three natural ingredients. Namely lime, cucumber, meeting buffoonery. In addition to its own plant some plants, such as lemon, you can also get these natural ingredients in the supermarket or other shopping centers.

Lime and cucumber, you can use to treat acne on the skin surface. While meeting buffoonery, can be brewed and treat acne from inside the body. Here’s how to cultivate these three natural ingredients into potions to treat acne:

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