Organic Home Remedies for a Pimple Free Skin

July 30, 2011 by betterhide  
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Organic Home remedies for a pimple free skin

 What are pimples? It is often called a zit, a kind of acne which results from clogged pores. Oil is trapped inside the pores, which can result to swelling, and once it breaks down, it result in unattractive pimple.

Home remedies for pimples:

Orange peel:

Pound the orange peel and combined with water, an effective treatment for pimple is created.  Apply to affected areas and watch results.


Apply lemon juice to pimples to reduce its size and intensity.


Rub a raw garlic on the problem area several times a day, to clear the skin. You may also eat three seeds of garlic once daily for a month to see results, it purify the blood, which aids in keeping pimples at bay.


Apply a grated cucumber over the face, neck, and eyes for pimple treatment and of black heads. This process should only take 15-20 minutes only.


A facial mask of grated apple and honey serves an as effective home remedy.

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