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November 5, 2012 by ExRayEx  
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Skin tends to be dry when entering the dry season so it’s quite damaging to your appearance. Here are some tips to make the skin fresh in summer with a fairly easy way.


Avoid dry and dull skin by using moisturizer diligently, both in face and body. Choose a moisturizer according to skin type. Do not forget to use a moisturizer at night before bed in order to maintain skin moisture.

The freshness of the skin can be obtained by diligently using the cream morning and night. In the morning use a cream to keep the skin moist. While in the evening, night cream helps exfoliate dead skin cells.


Use sunblock when you plan outdoor activities. Not only useful for protecting skin from the sun, sunblock was able to reduce black spots and aging on the face. Use sunblock spf 30 and apply it 15 minutes before you go outdoors.


Diligent exercise is not only good for health but also the skin. Circulation making skin look younger, fresh, and radiant. No need expensive sports or weight, you simply jogging in the neighborhood regularly.

Diligent cleansing

Do not miss a cleansing activity, especially before bedtime. The dry season makes it easier to sweat and cause acne. But be sure not to wash your face immediately after activities in the sun. Wait 15-30 minutes just to wash the face.

Eating vegetables and fruits

The dry season comes the need for fluids in the body even more. Do not let your body become dehydrated because it can cause skin look dry and dull. Expand also the consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, minerals, and zinc to maintain the freshness of the skin.


This activity is not only a dead skin but also helps to face more relaxed. Massage around the face to help the blood flow more smoothly so that the face looks fresh and bright. Just do a facial once a month to get beautiful skin.

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