How to Make Your Own Hand Cream for Dry Hands

October 21, 2008 by Kristie Leong MD  
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As cold weather approaches, hands can become rough and dry. Here’s how to make your own dry hand cream at home.

As the temperatures drop and the air becomes dryer so do your hands. The result can be rough, dry, and chapped skin on the hands which can feel rough and look unsightly. Although you can purchase a variety of hand creams and lotions at your local drugstore or cosmetic counter, store bought creams can be expensive particularly if you use them frequently throughout the day. Most also contain perfumes as well as alcohol which can be irritating to the skin and may actually make dry, chapped skin worse. One solution is to make your own hand cream at home. If you make your own dry hand cream you not only save money but you control the ingredients which gives you piece of mind. Here are two quick and easy ways to make hand cream for dry hands at home.

Make Dry Hand Cream from Scratch

Here is a simple formula for making an all natural dry hand cream that has a slightly thinner consistency, almost like a lotion. It’s quite nourishing and soothing to dry skin and makes rough, dry hands feel smoother quickly.

Dry Hand Cream Recipe

Items needed:

  • One ounce olive oil
  • A half ounce of almond oil
  • A half ounce of lemon juice
  • Essential oils of your choice

To make this soothing dry hand cream, mix the first three ingredients together in a glass bowl. Stir until blended. Add three drops of essential oil to the mixture. Use a hand whisk or blender to further blend the ingredients until light and airy. You can omit the essential oils if desired. The cream should have a light, fresh scent even without the addition of fragrant oils. Once made, store your new hand cream in a glass container in your refrigerator. Keep in mind this cream is all natural with no added preservatives so it won’t stay fresh for longer than ten days. Some sources say that the addition of a small amount of lavender essential oil can help to prolong the shelf life of hand made creams. Another option for preserving your dry hand cream is to add the contents of two vitamin E capsules to the mixture. Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative.

The Super Quick Formula for Dry Hand Cream or Lotion

If you have limited time and want to make your own dry hand cream, choose an unscented, all natural hand cream or lotion from your natural food market. When you get home add your own essential oils and other natural, healing ingredients to the basic, unscented formulation. To do this, pour the lotion or cream into a large glass bowl. Add several drops of essential oil to add fragrance and additional soothing properties. Some good choices are lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Another ingredient that can be added is the antioxidant vitamin E which can help nourish and soften the skin. To add vitamin E, open several vitamin E capsules using a knife and squeeze the contents in to the cream or lotion. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and package into glass containers. These would make nice gifts when packaged into pretty glass containers with a ribbon or piece of raffia tied around it.

Have fun making your own hand creams!

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  1. dee gold Says:

    olive oil is really good for the skin and i think this hand cream will really work.

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    I love all the ingredients. I now just use olive oil, so the additional components will be a test for me.


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