How to Get Rid of Acny Easily

February 9, 2012 by atifiqbalkhan  
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You can get rid of from acne by following these tips.

A good, fair and healthy skin is dream of every girl as well as boy in our society. it is praised very much and give you self confidence among your age fellows. a girl or boy with acne or any other kind of skin problem can have a complex. here i would like to let you know guys about the base of the acne problem that how and why it occurs. sebum is produced by the oil glands. many things like dirt, dust, dry skin flakes and oil also can clogged it. it creates blockage and pebble-like area on skin which causes infection. there are bacterias on all over the skin but they rush on that areas of face where pimple or acne occurs. Here are some useful tips which can really help you to get rid of acne problem.

1: healthy living is very necessary to avoid from skin diseases. drink lot of water daily, take exercise, sleep well at time, don’t take stress. it will make you healthy as well as your skin.

2: diet is also very important. it should consist of all food groups including fresh fruits, vegetables, juices. snacking is good in the day to boost metabolism.

3: it is most necessary to wash your face twice a day with a good cleanser. wash at the morning and before going sleep is best for your skin. it protects from dust and other harmful materials on your skin.

4: avoid to drink too many beverages which contain sugar and caffeine. don not smoke and drink alcoholic drinks.

5: never pop your acne. it will get more worse. it will spread more bacteria on your skin.

6: let your skin breath. it is also resilient. don’t take so much medicines on your skin. remove your all makeup before going to sleep.

7: if you are having sever acne

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, consult with a dermatologist. but you can get rid easily by keeping in view above mentioned tips. 

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