Healthy Skin: Five Easy Do’s; Five Don’ts

November 13, 2009 by chitragopi  
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Beautiful skin is gifted to those who care.

The various creams, lotions, oils and beauty products that we apply on the skin help to maintain the outer layer, epidermis of the skin in good condition. How can we nourish the dermis and the hypodermis, the inner layers? Proper diet and health care does it. We must understand what is good for the whole skin, and not just  part of it.

The following five things are good for the skin, not only for the outer layer, but for the inner layers as well.


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Omega 3 seems a panacea. From skin to vital organs, it does wonders.

Take salmon, tuna and shell fish, which contains omega 3 in good measure, for the plump, healthy, smooth skin.  Walnuts and flax seeds are also good.

Papaya is a magical fruit. When eaten, it provides vitamin A, B, C and E. When applied on the face, it cures pimples, acne, skin lesions and moisturises the skin. It contains papain, a proteolytic enzyme, which removes dead cell and rejuvenates the skin. Topical application of the fruit on the skin, gives it a healthy glow, removing tan and blemishes.

Milk proteins(cottage cheese, yogurt), cereals and legumes are good for the skin.

Fresh vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits strengthen the collagen, the protein fibres in the dermis. The aging process is retarded by these foods. Sweet potatoes, carrots and broccoli are very good for the skin.

Fruits can be eaten any time of the day. Heavier food should be taken only for breakfast or lunch.

2.       EXERCISE:

Any form of exercise rejuvenates the skin

Aerobic exercises are especially good for the skin.


Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water every day helps retain the moisture of the skin. You can take plenty of fresh fruit juice and green tea.


Application of organic substances on the skin is always better than application of chemicals.

5.       SLEEP AND REST:

Nine hours of sleep is essential for the skin to rejuvenate. Otherwise it will start aging quickly.


The following things are bad for the skin. Avoid them.


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Sun is the major source of vitamin D but it does not take long for the skin to absorb that. Direct and over exposure to sun darkens the skin, creates uneven pigmentation, and damages the cells, causing wrinkles and sun burns. The UV rays cause even cancer of the skin, melanoma. If you are required to be in sun light for long, use sunscreens of SPF 15.


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UV Radiation in excess causes skin cancer. The well bronzed skin that people love may have to be obtained at the cost of their lives.

3.       ALCOHOL :

Alcohol dries the skin, prevents absorption of vitamin C from food and depletes the body’s stock of vitamin A. Wrinkles and sagging of the skin starts very early for those who love their booze.

4.       TOBACCO:

Tobacco in cigarettes or taken in any other form creates skin diseases. Psoriasis, destruction of cells due to poor oxygen supply, acne, skin damage due to poor absorption of vitamins,  especially  vitamin C – all these are caused by tobacco.


Soaps clean the skin and at least once a day you have to use soap, unless you are particularly allergic to it. You may presume that soaps with strong perfumes will keep away body odour. But perfumes can damage the skin. The chemicals used in strong perfumes can cause - from allergies, other skin disorders to even skin cancer. It is always better to use soaps with vegetable oils and mild natural fragrance.






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  1. wonder Says:

    More than the exterior the internal care is so vital. Good things written.Good pictures too.

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    very good work and nice pictures

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    An article with quite useful tips and packed with relevant information too.Thank you.

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    Easy to follow tips. Well done piece, keep it up! :-)

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    Very good advise for a healthy skin. Well done.

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    I agree, skin care is both internal and external. Nice article. Very practical tips.

  13. aparna Says:

    useful information on keeping all layers of the skin healthy!

  14. Mary Says:

    Nothing new here, plenty of fruit and vegetables of those high in antioxidants, excercise and an abundance of water. What prompted me to write though was that you said tobacco causes psoriasis. This may not be correct. In fact, I learned that smoking can keep psoriasis at bay. I was at a hypnotherapy seminar once and met a man there who had given up smoking through hypnosis. He said that before he started smoking he suffered from psoriasis, whilst he smoked it disappeared and then reappeared when he gave up. Because of this he was considering smoking again. This provoked a discussion on the subject at the seminar and there seemed to be some people at the seminar, including the hypnotherapist that agreed, that one of the only benefits of smoking was that it kept psoriasis at bay.
    Maybe the author of this article may like to check this out.

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