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July 1, 2009 by Jess Shanahan  
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The trick to keeping you skin looking healthy and youthful in the summer is to make sure that you don’t over tan. It is healthy to get some sun as those shining rays are full of vitamin D which is great for healthy skin.


By all means get out in the sun and attempt a bit of a tan but do not get yourself burnt, this can lead to skin cancer as well as quite an amount of pain. When going out in the sun wear a decent amount of sun block this will stop you from burning but will also allow the sun’s essential vitamin D to penetrate your skin helping to build health bones, skin and teeth. If you do get burnt then it is best that you moisturise the area thoroughly with a naturally moisturising product such as Emu oil, this will keep your skin supple and will make it easier to move the sore areas.


Invest in some foundation or tinted moisturiser that has a sun block factor in it, this means that wearing it will protect you from the sun and you don’t have to go without just to put on some sun block. A bit of bronzer is also a good idea to give you shimmery summer skin; it will make you look healthier as well as giving you a little bit of summer glow.


Moisturisers that build a subtle tan over a period of time are a great way to boost your skin’s radiance in the run up to summer. They also keep your skin moisturised which can help prevent wrinkles, keep your skin from becoming flaky and make you feel much better for not having dry skin!

Skincare Routine

During the summer it is important to have a skincare routine, due to the hot weather pores can get clogged with makeup and sweat a lot quicker than normal. Taking your makeup off before bed is a great way to un clog those pores and keep your face feeling fresh, also use an exfoliation product to get rid of any dead, dry skin that may have come about due to your skin drying out the sun. Make sure that these products are designed for sensitive or dry skin so they don’t dry you out.

The trick is to keep your skin moisturised to prevent the sun from drying you out and making your skin flake. Moisturise with body lotion after your shower and as soon as you get in from a prolonged amount of time in the sun apply your after sun or emu oil even if you haven’t burned. You don’t have to burn your skin in the sun to get that tight uncomfortable feeling that often goes with it. Stop the tightness by moisturising regularly, it will stop your tanned skin from going leathery after too much time in the sun.

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