Five Little Tricks to Softer, Smoother Feet

February 8, 2008 by ET Barton  
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Why shell out a ton of cash to have someone torture your feet for softer skin when you can do it all on your own? Here are five tricks that will give you salon-pedicure feet at DIY prices.

I don’t know about you, but I have incredibly ticklish feet. The thought of spending $30 or more to get a pedicure and have someone torture me as they scrub my soles is about as appealing to me as someone pulling my teeth. Of course, there are always women who enjoy someone picking and prodding at the soft skin between their toes, but if you would rather save the money and get soft feet all on your own, try the five techniques below to accomplish your goals.

  1. Use Socks

    Sweaty feet are soft feet, as gross as that sounds. Men often have softer feet then women simply because they wear socks more often. By wearing socks in the winter and summer months, you can keep your feet warm and moist helping moisture penetrate the dry patches on your feet.

  2. Use Facial Night Cream

    Believe it or not, night cream designed for the face is usually thicker and more moisturizing then most moisturizers. Lather it on your feet in the evening and throw some socks over it to warm the skin and allow the moisturizer to penetrate and by morning, you feet will be wonderfully soft. While you’re at it, don’t forget your knees, elbows and hands and soon all of your skin will be as soft as a baby’s.

  3. Give Your Feet a Facial

    This little trick is really fun for anyone with sensitive feet. Rub a gritty facial mask for dry skin all over them, then pull some plastic grocery bags over your feet and tie them off. Kick back in front of the TV for at least fifteen minutes, longer if you can stand it, and by the time you are done, the heat and the mask inside the bag will have penetrated the thickest, toughest parts of your soles. As you wash away the facial mask, thick layers of dead skin will wash down the drain leaving your feet incredibly soft and smooth. Voila…a torture free way to exfoliate your dead skin cells.

  4. Scrub Your Heels

    Invest a couple bucks in a scrubbing pedicure brush. You can often find these for as little as $5 at Target or some other beauty store. After you have treated your feet to a facial or the night cream treatment, give it a quick buff to get any dead patches of skin that are stubbornly clinging to your feet. It’s always best to do this right after doing one of the special treatments, or when you are fresh out of the shower as that is when your skin sloughs off the best.

  5. Use an Anti-Aging Moisturizer

    Moisturizers designed for anti-aging components generally come with vitamins E and C as well as a ton of other products guaranteed to create new skin cell growth. By treating your feet to the more expensive creams, you will soon have the feet of a goddess.

So what are you waiting for? Go treat your feet.

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6 Responses to “Five Little Tricks to Softer, Smoother Feet”
  1. Darlene McFarlane Says:

    Great tips, thanks for sharing.

  2. Tarra B. Says:

    Looking forward to trying these great tips, thanks!

  3. Anne Lyken-Garner Says:

    You are certainly right about the first one. I can vouch for it!

    My feet feel like the palm of my hands as I always have to keep them in socks even in the summer. They sweat too much when the dirt and humid air hits them, so I never bother with sandals.

    I also cream them after I have a bath.

  4. Judy Sheldon Says:

    Great tips and tricks. Thanks, I also am extremely ticklish. I hate to have anyone touch the sole of my feet. Johnson’s Foot Soak is also excellent to soak your feet.

  5. tito Says:

    thats a sure fire way to get athletes foot. the most common reason for dry scailly feet is fungus wich loves to live in moisture. so just use powder when you were shoes and air out your feet as much as possible. cocoa butter works excellent on the rough areas.

  6. CHIPMUNK Says:

    well shared with helpful points

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