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April 9, 2013 by Abella Smith  
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Many times chronic back pain does not stem from a single solitary source, so it can be difficult to diagnose and track down its cause.

Severe back pain can be debilitating and cause those who suffer from it to be unable to work or do other important things in their life. Without an accurate diagnosis of its cause, back pain can be quite difficult to treat, and many people who suffer from it end up dependent on narcotic pain medications due to a lack of a better way to deal with the problem. Without diagnosingthe cause, people who suffer from back pain severe enough to prevent them from being able to work, can also have an uphill battle trying to apply for disability payments.

Conditions that can cause major back pain run the gauntlet from obvious causes like damage to the spinal disks to much harder to diagnose causes like autoimmune issues that cause swelling in the tissue surrounding the spine. If you suffer from extreme back pain and your doctor hasn’t been able to determine a satisfactory cause, it is important that you locate a back specialist. Many conditions that cause back pain will continue to get worse over time if they are not treated. Consulting with a back pain doctor, such as one who is trained in spinal decompression treatment Ottawa area, may help you avoid an irreparable worsening of your condition. If you need help finding a doctor visit the website for help. 

A back specialist is uniquely qualified to know how to track down the source of your pain. If your current physician is unable to locate the source of your back pain, seeing a doctor who is aback pain specialist could really change your life. Even when most physicians are able to figure out what is causing the severe back pain their first line of treatment is generally narcotic pain medication.

Unfortunately narcotic pain medications cause dependency and they begin to loose effectiveness when taken consistently over time. Many people who suffer from chronic back pain find themselves in the never ending loop of constantly needing to take higher doses to obtain a level of relief that allows them to function. Not doing anything for the pain just isn’t an option, but dependency on narcotics can have its own disabling effects. If you are desperate to get off of the narcotic treadmill, then you absolutely need to see a doctor that specializes in back pain.

Back pain specialists are trained in many different systems of relief for chronic back pain and they are highly familiar with transitioning patients from medication based treatments to more sustainable ones. Since they specialize in problems of the back and spine exclusively, they are going to be more up to date than most physicians about the latest treatments and breakthroughs for sufferers of chronic back pain. If you are suffering through debilitating pain every day, you owe it to yourself to see if there is a better treatment out there. Many people have reclaimed their lives after taking the leap to see a back pain specialist.

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