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March 22, 2010 by jcgtampa  
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A brief review of the Face Thin that can make face healthier thinner, and tighter giving you a youthful look.

As you get older, your face will droop or get fatter resulting in making you look much older than you actually are.  In this face thin review I will be telling you the cons and pros of this tool.


The face thin will give you a youthful appearance, shedding ten or so years off your face as well as burning the fatty deposits that lay dormant in your face.  The face thin works great, is doctor approved.  Creams and anti wrinkle firming cream is the lazy approach, the Face Thin gives you real long lasting results guaranteed or your money back.


Takes two weeks to start seeing results.


Your face contains many muscles, all of which will atrophy if you don’t work them out everyday.  You need to work out your face to notice real results for a youthful appearance, and the Face Thin tool does just that. Hope this Face thin review has helped.

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19 Responses to “Face Thin Review”
  1. melinda Says:

    The face thin is wonderful, honestly better than the lifestyle lift. I have tried them both, and face thin works best and fast for much lower price

  2. emma Says:

    the best thing that ever happened to me seriously, I lost about 50 pounds a year ago and have a lot of excess saggy skin. the face thin help tighten my face and even helped me get rid of a few wrinkles. I am so happy to have found this product

  3. angel Says:

    I love face thin, worked so fast………

  4. christina Says:

    it is so not worth the time and the cost of lipo when you can get the face thin………….it works fast and you will get the same results as if you went to a surgeon without the pain and swollen face

  5. fiona Says:

    The best product I have ever found out of all my years of shopping online.

  6. Todd Bryson Says:

    Face thin works! just takes to damn long like a week and a half to make face thinner.

  7. Kate Downing Says:

    I wish i knew this before i go surgery! OMG this is cool.

  8. mahi Says:

    wer do i buy this frommm:?????????//

  9. claire_loves_jewels Says:

    Working out using aiding tools is always best compared to plain exercising. This, together with its cheap price, convinced me to buy the face thin product. Definitely a must-have for women with chubbier faces!

  10. meohme Says:

    ohhh god, I’m so lazy to exercise yet I still bought this Face Thin thingy..hope it does its job, i’m sick of sagging skin :( ((

  11. madison Says:

    omg, this actually legit works!!
    like, i’m using right now. :3
    i can use it whenever i want. :)
    i seriously love it!!!
    i’m so happy for ittttttt!

  12. SarahCsYou Says:

    I’ve been using it for a few days now but I seriously need to take a break…my whole face aches, proof that it works out all your face muscles…

  13. Nicole Says:

    Hhahah, I know what you mean. I used this tool for like 3 days and was in pain when smiling or chewing. Face Thin is an awesome exercising tool. I will resume working out with it as soon as I can!

  14. anne_r Says:

    I tried all sorts of facial creams and lotions…money NOT well spent…they didn’t work at all so I began exercising and ordered face thin to boost the results. Now that was money well spent :D

  15. playfulTh1ng Says:

    i second you on the face lotions problem…the only real thing is putting muscles to work and burning fat..and it so happens that face thin helps a lot and makes your efforts worthwhile!

  16. Lizzie Says:

    yeeeey, i’ve finally got used to exercising with it. it’s been like 10 days and I can already see the difference!

  17. abbigailsweety Says:

    Face Thin arrived today! Now I have till Christmas to get rid of this annoying double chin! I really hope I get results fast enough

  18. Stylechoices4u Says:

    someone said above that it helps you get rid of wrinkles too? is it true? i’m still wondering whether to buy it or not and this would help me decide…

  19. vampirecthru Says:

    No idea….I bought mine because it was affordable and I needed some sort of tool to exercise the muscles in my face….face thin was ideal for what I wanted

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