Effective Ways to Eliminate Enlarged and Rough Pores From Your Face

September 29, 2007 by CHAN LEE PENG  
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Beauty is a property and wealth for everyone. Most of us will always admire or even dream of a beautiful, fair and clear skin’s texture. Everyone hates of having enlarged and rough pores on his or her face. The tips provided help you to combat with these agonized and troublesome skin problems.

Everyone, particularly females have desired for beautiful face as it represents their personal appearance, image and status. Therefore, do not allow enlarged and rough pores to be a hindrance for your beauty plan. If you wish to avoid your skin pores in your face becoming enlarged and rough, you have to understand two importance concepts.

  1. Enlarged and rough pores do not represent for oily skins. Similarly, oily skins will not always have enlarged or rough pores.
  2. The three key elements towards beauty success: cleansing, stay hydrated and avoid overexposure to sunlight. If these basic requirements are maintained, you will definitely not be troubled by skin pores problems.

Once you have these correct perceptions in your mind, the next step is to examine whether your skin pores condition is worsen by enlarged pores. Females in reality cannot stand for the “handicapped” over their faces. But if the enlarged and rough pores is due to inflammation of acne or pimples while one is in her or his puberty period, then it is encouraged to see a doctor for a good advice. Do not rely too much on the facial products as they sometimes do not solve the problems. However, if you are serious to eliminate this nightmare thoroughly from your face, the following tips may somewhat help you to fight against enlarged and rough pores.

Cold Towel

Place a pierce of clean and personal used towel in a refrigerator. After washing and cleansing your face, put a cold towel on your face for several minutes. You will feel refreshing later.


Place a chemical free makeup lotion in a refrigerator for a while. Then soak a wet facial pad in the makeup lotion and apply it to your face or areas with enlarged skin pores. It does help to unclog the enlarged pores and you can see the effect within a very short period.

Skin of Fruits

The skin of watermelon as well as lemon can be used to lessen the tension of your face. They can soften the skin pores; control the secretion of grease and whitening the face. But, one must remember to cleanse his or her face after applying watermelon or lemon skins over the face.

Lemon Juice

To solve oily skin problem, drip a few drops of lemon juice into a clear and clean water (for better result, it is suggested to use alkaline water), then use it to wash your face for a few times. By practicing this, it helps to unclog the enlarged and rough pores, besides reducing the chances of getting acne. Take note that the lemon juice cannot be too concentrated. Do not apply lemon juice directly to your face.

Cold Cucumber Slices

Press cold cucumber slices gently against face for about ten minutes before going to bed at night. Prior to this, make sure you have washed your face thoroughly.

Chestnut Skin

Take out the inner skin of chestnut. Toss the skin into small pieces before stirring it evenly with some royal jelly honey. Apply them to your face for a few minutes then wash your face. They can make your skin elastic and clean.

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8 Responses to “Effective Ways to Eliminate Enlarged and Rough Pores From Your Face”
  1. fareed Says:

    “The three key elements towards beauty success — cleansing, stay dehydrated and avoid overexposure to sunlight.”

    How will staying dehydrated solve skin pore problems?

  2. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    Hi, fareed,

    I am sorry for the typing error. It should be “hydrated” not “dehydarted”. Thanks for reminding me. I will get Triond to fix this error.

  3. fareed Says:

    Aha, I see!

    Great article, though. I suffer from this problem so it was very informative!

  4. CHAN LEE PENG Says:


    The error is fixed.

  5. Dance Says:

    What is ‘chemical free makeup lotion’? Any examples?

  6. neelam pandey Says:

    very nice tips…and really very informative for me…thanx a lot for sharing.

  7. KathySpring Says:

    Well Done….informative and helpful for those not naturally blessed with “perfect” skin

  8. a19924 Says:

    what is a chemical free makeup lotion? can you give an example of one that works well. Also, what type of moisturizer should I use?

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