Effective Cure for Acne and Pimples

May 23, 2008 by joycelamela  
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Glutathione and Vitamin A can dramatically cure pestering acne and pimples.

Many beauty experts have claimed that Glutathione supplements help whiten skin (and it is most effective, especially when taken with vitamin c).  It became the latest trend of beauty regimen that sends dark skinned women crazy. It sky rocketed in the market and any product containing glutathione became a blockbuster. It is even more popular when famous local celebrities help endorsed the products.

I have a fair skinned complexion and a good skin tone so it didn’t raise my pulse to high heaven to buy this latest miracle in whitening, plus the fact that it is expensive it would cost a good amount of toothpaste supplies for the whole month. Besides, I have other serious skin problems minding and fretting about, my long suffering history of acne and pimples. It became a part of my life since I was 13 and did not leave my side ever since. I tried experimenting different remedies, from homemade to scientifically formulated products to side street formulations, but to no avail as if I was being cursed. It became a liability to my self that sometimes caused my depression and misery. Different negative emotions crowded my inner self that sometimes caused my mood to explode like a raging volcano.

When the year 2008 strikes I slowly come to terms with my fate with acne. To accept it with a heavy heart I stop researching new products. Feeling tired and weary with the same lies it contained. Then one day, as if some outer spirit tried to console my agony, I accidentally read one article in the internet (because when boredom attacks in the office, I just surf the net aimlessly) about glutathione supplements that contained a powerful antioxidant, since I take a daily vitamin E and C supplements (both antioxidants) I give it a try, not for the purpose to whiten my skin but to reap other health benefits.

According to the website of that particular brand, it helps prevent Parkinson disease (the dreadful disease which affected mobility-the agonizing sight of my favorite World figure Pope John Paul II, where he was suffering from Parkinson Disease gives me a flashback sad memory). It contains the master antioxidant alpha-lipic acid that can heal dark spot caused by ACNEGlutathione is a compound found in living organisms and plays a vital role in maintaining excellent health. It has an anti-aging benefits and has shown to exhibit anti-cancer effects.

I started taking the supplements with vitamin C and keeping my finger cross for a positive outcome. Then the miracle I’m praying all my life happens, watching my face in the mirror one day I’ve discovered that after 2 months of taking the supplements non-stop, my acne and pimples and blemishes (scarce caused by acne) are gone and I have an even more skin tone. But each day there’s still some fears under my sleeves for acne to appear and knock me off again, especially during my monthly period. So I have to prepare my self for the disaster that will interrupt my inspired mood, but it’s been 2 months now that my “enemy” did not visit.

Unfortunately, the brand I was buying was pulled out in the market for unknown reason, so I started researching again for other supplements. I discovered that Vitamin A supplements can do the same tricks as glutathione. I tried Vitamin A that has a composition of beta-carotene and fish liver oil. The result was remarkable, after just one month of taking the supplement, I noticed a more radiant complexion and my face has close pores and not oily any more.

It helps also that I have this never ending patience about life, the history of my pimples since I was 13 was severely frustrating I thought there’s no more remedies. If you have to wonder all day long why on earth those acnes stayed as if they were precious tulips sprouted in your skin they will cling longer than you think but if you dismissed them as no more like pestering bacteria they will just go away with no traces and the supplements only aided that strong belief and will. 

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  1. elvie Says:

    i like it

  2. Tessie Says:

    Is it?well, i will try to find out.thanks for the info.Like it.

  3. AlexanderNicolo Says:

    what dosage are you taking per day?

    I’ll be taking 1000mg a day kce and Im hoping that my face gets clear within just 2 weeks.

  4. joyce Says:

    hi alexander, thank you for your inquiry. I take only 1 capsule per day because my purpose is not to whiten my skin but to get rid of my acne. 1 capsule composed of 500mg of glutathione, 100 mg of vit.C and 250 mg of alpha lipoic acid which aid the absorption of glutathione. You can see the result in just 1 month.

  5. bernadet Says:

    i wanted to try this supplements also because it sounds convincing. tanx for this info i am also suffering from acne eversince.tanx

  6. tina Says:

    i wana try dis product as i m sufferin frm severe acne but i m in middle east n itz nt avaiable here can u plz temme abt india will i be able to get dis product der…??

  7. Jenifer Says:

    Since I started taking cosmo skin 2capsules a day, my skin became smoothe and white. As a call center agent I dont looked hagard and stressed.

    Hi Tina, try order online.

  8. by ces Says:

    where can i order this?

  9. trixie Says:

    hi ces,
    cosmo skin is available at all watsons outlet, but i think only in watsons not in any other drugstores. you can order also through their website.www.cosmo-skin.com.if you have to buy in retail it only costs 33.50 in philippine peso which is very cheap among all glutathione supplements plus it’s more effective compared to others.

  10. bianca Says:

    How about those reports on TV that other glutathione supplements contain false content of glutathione?it’s difficult to assume this is effective. But I will try this supplement bec.it’s not expensive

  11. nikki Says:

    hi joyce! how’s the progress so far? are you still pimple-free? just want to know if the effect is CONSISTENT. i’ve been on diane 35 for the past 2 years due to hormonal acne. finally got clear skin on the 8th month of taking diane but i’m scared of getting off the pill since my pimples might start to appear all over my face again. I’m thinking of trying cosmo skin as an alternative to diane.

  12. dyan Says:

    hi joyce! i have hormonal acne, and i’ve been on Yasmin birth control pills for about 4months now.i stll havent seen any desirable results though. i still have breakouts around my chin, and now on my forehead (tiny red bumps).
    I’ve been researching glutathione on google and i came across your post. I am hoping that this will be the cure for me too. I have been suffering from acne since i was 13, and now im 22, im fed up with it. its also embarassing that my boyfriend has better skin than me, thus fueling my insecurity issues. =(

    i am eager to try this supplement, and i just want to ask if i shld take 1 capsule a day first or just go with two capsules a day right away? i just started taking vitamin C (1,000 mg) a day and vitamin E (400iu). is that ok? or shld i reduce the amt of vitamin C intake since the capsule already contains vitamin C?

    I home you can help me.
    i’ll be looking forword to your reply.
    Congrats on your miracle remedy. i hope this works for me too. cheers!

    is taking glutathione with birth control pills safe? will it effect the reliability of the pill? thanks.

  13. hello nikki Says:

    Tanx for your nice comments.Yes I am pimple free now since taking cosmo skin. I think because of glutathione, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin c contents that totally iradicated my acne and pimples. You know I suffered those bacteria for the past 20 years of my life and just imagine the long years of agony. If you find gluta supplements too expensive, try taking vitamin A and vitamin C supplements (you have to take it altogether in a daily basis)Vitamin A is known to quickly renew skin. It will surely iradicate your pimples and acne.You can read my other blogsite about taking care of skin, http://www.countrystyle.wordpress.com

  14. Hi dyan Says:

    It seems you are a lovely and wonderful lady. Tanx for your inquiry. I understand your predicament, our history in acne is the same, only that you are much younger than me now.It’s only recently that my acne are gone forever. I am not sure what’s the condition of your acne, but in my case it was really worst. I only take 1 capsule a day og cosmo skin, 2 capsules I think is for people who desired to whiten skin. You know I have nothing against vitamin E I am also a loyal client of Vitamin E but I’ve noticed that it became worst when I regularly take vitamin E. Dyan try to stop taking vitamin E and take gluta supplement together with vitamin c and see the result. In my case,it was the beginning of the miracle. If you find gluta supplement expensive, try taking vitamin A it is very effective in iradicating acne too since it quickly renew skin cells therefore eliminating bacteria, take vitamin a together with vitamin c to be more effective. I tried it and offers miracle. I posted topics about the goodness of vitamin A through my other blogsite you can read some benefits there also, http://www.countrystyle.wordpress.com..I am not really familiar of birth control pills bec. I am still single and never tried it since. Thanks Dyan and goodluck!

    It’s me joyce

  15. rizza Says:

    I want to know also if other glutathione supplement have the same effect as cosmo. I have so many pimples and acne also. tanx

  16. sexyprettyme Says:

    hi, im also cosmo user, this product really amused me, since it has given me a pimple free,pinkish white skin

  17. leila Says:

    I am also suffering for a long time from pimples. This can be good news for people like me. I wanna try this also. Thanks for this nice article.

  18. kurnia Says:

    hey. im also having acne and pimple problems… but i couldnt find Cosmo Skin products in watson Singapore .. Do u know where to buy it in singapore ? so instead i bought the GNC triple C 500 , it has Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) 500mg , Grape seed Extract 100mg , Citrus Biofavoniods complex 50 mg , Setria L-Glutathione 25 mg and alpha Lipoic Acid 25 mg . will eating two capsules of this works ?
    Thank you. Really look forward to solve my acne problems and blemishes.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Kurnia,

    I have heard that cosmo skin has been temporarily pulled out from watsons store, but you can order it from their website http://www.cosmo-skin.com..other alternative that can effectively cure acne without scars is by taking Vitamin A and Vitamin C supplements, they are the best antioxidants that quickly renew body cells leaving no inflammation which is one of the causes of breakouts that lead to pimples. Drink carrot juice and other fruits juices.

  20. joyce Says:

    Hello everybody!thank you so much for your generous comments, vitamin A and vitamin C are best substitutes for glutathione, they are antioxidants work excellently for skin renewals, better try it.

    You can read more tips for curing acne and pimples and glowing skin through my other blogsite: http://www.countrystyle.wordpress.com

    Thank you and God bless you all!

  21. april Says:

    -helo pOh aSk q lang if hOw tO prevent pimples?
    anO po b dpat kOng gawin.hindi po kc matanggal
    ung dark spot sa face ko eh.ung gnagmit ko nman
    pong pampatanggal hindi effective.

    plz.i hope matulungan nyo
    po ako.


  22. Mitch Says:

    hi April!i have got some tips on how to effectively vanish dark spots and prevent pimples. Eat a lot of foods rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin a and c they are very good in preventing pimples. wash your face with mild soap and apply panoxyl ointment. To vanish dark spots try to mix honey, kalamansi juice and mashed banana and apply direct on your face wash it after 30 minutes.

    Regularly take Vitamin A and C altogether, they work together to quickly renew cells making your skin clearer, radiant and young looking. Hope these tips help a lot.

  23. obie Says:

    hi joyce, im so happy for you that you were able to find a cure for your acne. i really know and feel what you\’ve been thru,coz i myself have been a sufferer of acne and still suffering from it until now, just like what youve said its like a curse. i had it since 12 and im 35 now, it started as mild and as years go by it got worst and worst. ive tried oral antibiotics, creams, lotions, birth control pills. i even tried taking accutane for a month but i had to stop because i was having really bad side effects from it. since then i lost hope. i became to accept my fate. I always cry myself at night, because this culprit really killed my esteem. It just not left ugly scars on my face, but it also scared me personally. I missing a lot from my life because of this curse, i never had a special someone, of course i know why its because of how i look.. huhuhu :…( it really does hurt. I hope you could help me, coz you gave me hope. How many vitamin a and c do i need to take in a day? how many mg? do i need to take them both at the same time? I would be hoping for your reply soon. thanks in advance and God bless …

  24. joyce Says:

    Hi obie,

    Thanks for your nice comments. Yes, I understand your predicament because I’ve been there also. I had acne and pimples when I was 13 and only last april (on my 34th bday)that all those skin problems had gone. Unfortunately cosmo skin is not available anymore in Watsons according to them the product was pulled out because of glutathione content lacking dispute. so what I did I made a research about the formulation of Acne mdecial drugs, I found out that Vitamin A is the number ingredient so I tried it, then i found out that it is very effective.

    Now it is my daily maintenance. Vitamin A 200 IU plus vitamin C 500 mg (daily intakes)make sure to eat meals first before taking these vitamins. They are very good for the skin, they help quickly renew cells leaving no skin break outs. Drink also carrot juice to make the skin more glowing and radiant. Do not use irritating toner, there’s new cream in the market that help my face really radiant and smooth, it is called Beauche, the creams are very effective, it will help close your pores due to acne and pimples.

    Thank you and make me inform. read my other blogs for pimple free skin: http://www.countrystyle.wordpress.com Thanks and God bless!


  25. thuan Says:

    hi joyce …are u still pimple free right now..I just started using it for moderate acne so i was just wondering..Thanks so much for the info

  26. THUAN Says:

    How would you describe your acne before it was gone…I just want to know to see if i can obtain the result like you and is it ok to use vitamin a at the same time using glutathione or just one at a time…U have inspire me so much with your story and i wish you the best because of how much you have been through…

  27. Joyce Says:

    Hi Thuan,

    Thanks for your nice comments. Yes I am 100% pimple free now, skin break outs did not occur since I take vitamin A, coupled with vitamin C. While taking these vitamins avoid too much fatty foods just drink plenty of water and fruit juices, you much eat boiled carrots, mango and papaya too, they contained beta-carotene which produced vitamin A in the body, so your skin is free from break outs and becomes smooth, radiant and glowing.

    My acne before were about the size of pea, you know that?they were swelling and super red in color, I developed inferiority complex because of those skin problems. I was so down that I did not know what to do because everything seems so useless. Until I tried taking first with glutathione then vitamins A and C.

    From what I have read, it is okay to take glutathione and at the same time vitamin A, they are both antioxidants which fight free radicals-the main cause of aging and skin break-outs-but with distinct properties:glutathione is a master detoxifier in the body which detoxify the liver and improved skin pigmentation, while vitamin A helps renew body cells quickly preventing inflammation, vitamin C helps the skin remains elastic because of the production of collagen.

    Hope this information can help you get rid of acne and pimples. Good luck and God bless you!

  28. aiken Says:

    Is it ok to take Vit A and Gluta at the same time?

    What brand of Vit. A should I buy?

  29. aiken Says:

    I used to have a clear smooth face/skin. I never had pimples. However after several swimming vacation last summer, I got so tan. I decided to use ponds flawless white and active white gluta.
    after a few days of using both products, I noticed that 1 by 1 pimples were coming out. until last june 2008 pimples were all over my face and even in my body.

    I consulted a dermatologist, she gave me clindamycin, salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and tretenoin. Non of those works for me. Then I transfer to a new dermatologist recommended by my friend. The benzoyl and sulfur resorcin lotion she gave have irritated my skin.

    My officemate recommended me to use eskinol with dalacin c solution but then again, I experienced the worst irritation I ever had. My face is crumpled paper like I may say.

    Joyce do you think that the cosmo gluta will work for me? Is the vit A + vit C really effective?

    hope to hear from you soon

  30. thuan Says:

    joyce how much vit a n c u take a day? I dont want to overdose especially on vitamin a because it really bad for you..I been taking gluto and vitamin c for a week now I really like it but Im gonna wait for your reply and buy the vit a and hopefully that will give me the best result without harming me in the long run..thanks joyce

  31. glyn Says:

    hey joyce what brand of vit.a should i buy in the market? tnx

  32. bhabes Says:

    THUAN: scroll up and read post comments and you can get answers to your questions.

    GLYN: any brand of vit. A doesn’t matter just see to it that you will buy in a reputable drug store.

    AIKEN: you need more patience if you want to cure your pimples. Most treatening products,when used for the first or two weeks, more pimples appear than before. This is a physiological reaction. If you stop and use again another product then expect again more pimples. Try to use product in atleast a month. I suggest kojie-san soap(kojic acid soap)really works for pimples/acne, will lighten dark spots/acne scars, and tighten your skin. you can buy in watsons outlet. And take cosmo skin gluta + vit.C, it is very effective.

  33. aiken Says:

    Hi bhabes thank you for the advice. Actually it was not pimples that came out after I applied those products (benzoyl, sulfur and eskinol dalacinc). As per my dermatologist advised, I should stop the products cause I got allergic to it. Rashes came out and it looks like a drought land after using the mentioned products.

    Is Vit A a best alternative for cosmo gluta? I went to mercury drug and what they have is AFIXIN (vit A brand).

  34. neil Says:

    What brand of Vitamin A is advisable for daily i-take?

  35. Joyce Says:

    Hello there!

    Thanks for your wonderful comments!I take vitamin A from NATURE’S LIFE, it can be bought from healthfood stores only (available in all shopping malls nationwide), make sure it comes from beta-carotene and fish liver oil formulations. They are all natural and no reported adverse side effects. It is very effective in curing skin break outs especially when taken with 500 mg of Vitamin C.

    1 soft gel of Vitamin A and 1 tablet of vitamin C daily are the best recommended dosages. Thank you and good luck to all of you!

  36. neil Says:

    Do you know AFAXIN? That’s the brand that the pharmacy assistant from mercury drugs was giving me.

    Is it safe?

  37. Joyce Says:

    Hello neil,

    Based on the article I have read, Affaxin is a form of vitamin A derived from animal sources (liver and eggs)but I am not sure if it is also effective in curing pimples. The proven vitamin A I used is derived from beta-carotene and marine sources (fish liver oil).

    To be safe, look for vitamin A in Health Food outlets in the shopping malls because it is more natural and formulated without harmful chemical ingredients that can irritate skin. Goodluck!

  38. thuan Says:

    joyce how many IU of vitamin a do you take everyday? I take 20000IU is that two much…I’m alredy seeing good result my skin is smoother and the pimple form scab now i think it the vitamin a or the glutathione im not sure but can you let me know what are your doses of vitamin a and c and whether that is okay to use while pregnant thank you so much

  39. Lilibeth Says:

    hi,im taking pills now its Diane 35.But still im planning to take gluthathione is it okay?taking my pills and at the same time gluthathione.

    Hope youll response sooner…

  40. Neil Says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I Already bought a Vitamin A(beta carotene) at gateway mall. It is more cheaper than AFAxin. Brand name is Nature’s Blend. I cannot find a Vit. A named Nature’s Life so I decided to buy the other brand.

    Thank you for all the advises that you gave. I am also currently using kojic soap. It has a very smooth effect after using in my daily bath. Hopefully, the good effects of all the products that I am using will continue.

    Thanks again

  41. Hello Neil Says:

    Thank you and goodluck. vitamins made by Nature’s blend is also made from natural ingredients, I think it is the same with nature’s life. Don’t forget to take vitamin C also to have the best result.

    Eating boiled carrots once a week is a great help in eliminating deadly bacteria from the skin plus it detoxify the internal system. Good luck neil and Godbless you!

  42. Joyce Says:

    Hello lilibeth,

    I am not familiar with the pills you mentioned. You may read the label of your pills before you take glutathione. Glutathione has a special detoxifying properties intended for the liver, it also recommended for patients who undergo chemotherapy, it is not recommended for children and for pregnant. But I am not sure if it is okay to take gluta while taking pills at the same time.

    To be safe, you may ask or consult your doctor first before taking glutathione supplements. thank you and goodluck!

  43. obie Says:

    hi joyce, its my again. just want to give an update. its been 3 weeks since i started taking vitamin a(beta carotene) 10,000 iu + vitamin c (500 mg).try to take the vit A Beta-carotene because it is the safest form of vitamin A form it would not cause any toxicity level in the body. And i think its working for me.. knock on wood. i really hope this is it. before, i would always get at least 1 cyst or 1 nodule on my face a day. But now since i started taking it, my face is clearing up. OMG i want to cry after 13 years, you dont know how much you’ve help me, with you sharing your information and experience has help me a lot. Thats why im writing back to give an update and to help others too, especially the acne sufferers like me because i really know how it feels. So guys try it, there’s no harm in trying.

    My dilemna now is the scars left by the acne, pigmentations and dark spots. Ive tried to check the product online “Beauche”, but i dont know which one of the beauche line should i use to remove the scars and pigmentations. i hope you could give me an advice. ill be waiting for your reply soon. Thank you very much and GOd bless :)

  44. carol Says:

    hello Joyce! Hope you are well. I am taking cosmo gluta + vit. C, is it okay if i also take vit A with my supplements or is it already too much. thank you.

  45. Joyce Says:

    Hello Obie thank you for your update and I am happy that I was able to help you in a little way, we have the same experience with pimples and I know how it feels having those skin blemishes. God bless you always.

    Hi carol, i think taking vitamin A with glutathione is safe and okay because they are all food supplements, just be sure to stick on the required dosages to avoid complications. Thank you!

  46. AcneTreatment Says:

    Nowadays acne treatments centers are offering laser treatments procedures to cure the skin diseases. It is one of the effective and fastest way to get relieve from pimples, zits, blackheads, scars and marks.


  47. Lisa Says:

    Hi Joyce, thanks for your personal story. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how long it took you to see results, in your acne clearing up? I just started taking the beta carotene and vitamin C. I was also wondering what are some topical things you use to help clear acne? Thanks in advance.

  48. Joyce Says:

    Hello Lisa,

    It took 3 months before I see the results. I also used beauche beauty product, I don’t know if this is available in your area, but this can be bought here in Davao City, this is very effective in clearing acne and pimples, the 1 set is consist of 1 toner, 1 clarifying lotion, 3 creams and 1 soap, I used this for 2 months and I already see the beautiful results. You need to maintain this 1 set for 2 months afterwhich you may opted to use the 2 creams and 1 soap. This application together with vitamin a and c make my face free from bacteria and become smooth and clear again. Good luck!

  49. mona Says:

    Hi guys, i got cosmo skin after reading this post, and yes thank you joyce, i just receive the same miracles, my skin became flawless my acne were gone, its just sad that i cant get it anymore once i transfer abroad, their grape seed extract also helps a lot, by the way they are back in watsons since july, the bfad issued the true assay,

  50. joyce Says:

    Hello mona,

    Thanks for your very nice comments. So cosmo is back in the market?I will check it out in watson because it really helps a lot in curing my acne. Thanks and Godbless

  51. dreamer Says:

    can anyone tell me how good is cosmo skin for skin whitening? how whiter can you get with this and in how long? does anyone know about gluta injectbles? please advice me on these.

  52. allona Says:

    hi, thanks joyce for this post, im also a cosmo skin user, the product gave me the same amazing results.

    dreamer : for me i achieved the results in 2 weeks time, well i guess it will still depends on your body’s absorption, i also use neutrogena non-alcohol toner,

  53. mary lenny Says:

    Hi Joyce,

    I am suffering of acne and pimples also since high school. I am now 21 years old and 2 years in teaching already. I am really stressful with my work and being a teacher handling kids from time to time in school and I don’t have a good sleep every time. That is why I can’t get rid of my pimples…Huhuhu…Hope you can help me through your advices…I just read this site few weeks ago…
    What brand of Vitamin C should I take? Is the healthyconcepts brand of Gluta*C500 and Vita*C500 are OK for me to take? I didn’t find yet the Vita A natures blend product or the Glutathione from cosmo skin product here in our City. I am from Ozamiz City. I really want to get rid of my Acne/pimples coz I am suffering also with inferiority complex. I felt bad of this face i had for now. So many pimples, specially during my menstrual cycle. I am so inspired with your story. This is really my last hope;-(…Creams in the market and other treatment are just useless to me. I really had a sensitive skin, specially in my face.
    Hope to hear you soon…
    Take care and God Bless…

  54. joyce Says:

    hello mary lenny!

    Have you tried panoxyl ointment?it is also very effective in curing acne and pimples. I have a long history of acne and pimples, I suffered that skin problems for 20 years!first I took 1 capsule of cosmo glutathione which I maintained for 3 months coupled with vitamin C 500 mg (any brand of vitamin C will do), then cosmo is no longer available in our place so I switched to Vitamin A which also very effective, but then my doctor advised me not to take vitamin A everyday because it can caused toxic in the body, so I take it once every 3 weeks (vitamin A), right now I stopped cosmo skin and vitamin A because my acne completely gone, so I just maintained vitamin C and eat a lot of foods rich in vitamin A like boiled carrots and maintained two creams from Beauche, I also used a celeteque toner (oily-free variant) and put 1 Fern C (take off the capsule and pour the powder into the bottle of celeteque), these regimens are very effective. Hope these tips can help you, let me know if you want to try this.

  55. mary lenny Says:

    Hi joyce!

    As of now, I am taking 1 capsule of Gluta*c500 with vita*c500 from SPG Healthy Concepts Inc. for 4 days already. The formulation of this Gluta*c500 that I am taking now are as follows:
    Each capsule contains: Glutathione…..500 mg
    Alpha Lipoic Acid …100 mg and
    Sodium Ascorbate …. 50 mg
    Is this ok for me? and is it safe to take Glutathione everyday with vita*C500mg? Does Glutathione medicine doesn’t have side effects? I also drink water at least 8to10 glasses everyday. I never try yet, panoxyl ointment. Does panoxyl ointment can’t irritate the skin? I will try these later;-)and the other tips you are giving to me. Where can I buy this Beauche cream? and what are the specific names of these two creams from Beauche? because just like Ponds, There are different creams like detox, pinkish white, etc. Is the celeteque toner and Fern C available in the pharmacy nationwide? I am sorry Joyce if i had a lot of questions. I hope you understand me. How i wish I could be like you later. Acne and Pimple free…As of now, I simply intake this Gluta*c500 with Vita*c500 and drinking water 8-10 glasses a day and eating boiled carrots 1’s a week. Please, advice me if i am doing the right treatment for now? or what should i do? I am really conscious with my health now. Specially regarding with my acne and pimples. I really want to get rid of this. Just like you. I was really inspired with your story Joyce. You really gave me the last hope I can have and I really need your advices. I am so thankful that I found this site for many years of using the net, Thanks to God that I’ve found your site and this will really be my last hope to be an acne/pimple free person, A.S.A.P.;-) Thank you so much for giving me the last hope…

  56. joyce Says:

    hello mary lenny!

    Thanks for your trust. Panoxyl cannot irritate skin so as long as you just use it at night, it is very effective as in my case. I understand your misery because I have been through with it and always pray that someday those skin enemies will go away. Well, they said that glutathione is safe because it is antioxidant, but not advisable for long term used. If you are taking it with vitamin C for 3 months it is okay to stop it and just continue vitamin C just like what I did.

    You may opted to use beauche, after glutathione and vitamin A I used beauche, this brand is very effective in eradicating acne too, but for a starter you should use the one set which consists of 1 toner, 1 clarifying lotion, 1 rejuvenating cream, 1 exfoliating cream, 1 soap and 1 age eraser. Right now, because I have a very clear facial tone already (no acne or blemishes anymore thank God)I only used rejuvinating cream, exfoliating cream and soap. 1 set of beauche costs P750, I am located in Davao City and we have a beauche store here, I don’t know in other parts of the Philippines if there’s beauche, try to check their website if there’s available in your area: http://www.beaucheinternational.net, just feel free to ask me if there’s something you wanna know more about curing acne through beauche. Good luck!

  57. mary lenny Says:

    hi joyce!

    thank you for your reply. As of now, I am maintaining vit. c alone and having celeteque toner for my face. I stop taking glutathione from healthy concepts because i want to buy the cosmo gluta soon. Thank you for your advices. After this treatment, I will try gluta from cosmo which I can be in CDO in Watson Limketkai;-). I know that’s the best thing to do after this 1st treatment of mine;-). As what you shared 1st. I will follow the last step beauche later. We have it here in the pharmacy. Thank you so much Joyce. Ask ko lang for another matter, do you have a known remedy or treatment for skin rushes? specially in the butt? that is also my problem. I had skin rushes which became an allergy to me. Hope you can help me with this too…
    Stay safe and God Bless…

  58. Annie Says:

    I suffered from pimples since the age of 14 and now i am turning 36. At 35 my face cleared up on its own. I guess is about our hormones. I stopped drinking soda and juice and not only did i loose weight but my face cleared up. I drink alot of water and for the last 5 years i use cocoa butter on my face everymorning and night and that has helped with scars. i have no scars. thank GOD. My face is beautiuful and all my patients always have something to comment about how nice my face glows. Good Luck everyone!

  59. joyce Says:

    hello mary lenny!

    Hope you are doing well. Sometimes I have skin rushes too around my stomach but this is not permanent. Try to check the products you are using, maybe some of those are irritating. Or maybe your soap is super drying that’s why you have skin rushes, try to change it with something mild like dove. I cannot say for any treatment or ointment because I am not sure what kind of rushes you have right now. If it become a problem or severe you may consult a dermatologist to give you a right treatment.

    But if it is not, you may treat that by avoiding salty foods, like me if I have skin rushes, I try to drink plenty of green tea with honey to flush out bacteria and eat a lot of banana, it is very helpful. Good luck!

  60. mary lenny Says:

    Thank you joyce;-)…
    God Bless..

  61. mary lenny Says:

    hi joyce!

    ask ko lang,
    what brand of vitamin E you took
    no side effects?

  62. joyce Says:

    I took myra-E 400 units before but I discovered that it was the cause of my never ending acne and pimples because it is too much oily, so I stop taking it and my face is now very clear. Well, vitamin E has no side effects, only that it worsen acne and pimples.

  63. mary lenny Says:

    i see, i shouldn’t take that one;-)
    Thank you joyce…
    God Bless…

  64. joyce Says:

    hello mary lenny

    thanks for always visiting my site, hope you have a successful treatment in your acne and pimples, well, it took 19 years before my acne left me for good, so I hope you have the same result too. You may want to see my face right now?hehehe..join this link you have to earn dollars too:http://www.mylot.com/?ref=jlamela..or you may add me in your facebook account, I posted many pictures there. My name in facebook is Joyce R. Lamela..Hope we became good friends. Godbless!

  65. mae Says:

    hi joyce, i arrived here thru google, i was looking for vitamic c brand…i become curious about your post so i ended reading it…i also have pimple it was started year ago, i don’t know what was the cause of it for sure but i am guessing it about “hormonal imbalance” well i been visiting on a dermatologist and had facial treatment. For now, i got good result i hope this will continue and will try to take vitamin C soon too.thanks for the info…can you linked my blog page? http://mae-onlyndaphils.blogspot.com…thank you hope you can visit me too..

  66. joyce Says:

    hello mae!thanks for reading my blog, fern-c and poten-c are my preferred vitamin C because my stomach can tolerate their acidity, i would say you must eat plenty of vegetables and fruits to eliminate pimples, glutathione and vitamin A are effective in my part in curing my acne.

    Sure, I will visit your blogsite also, I will post a comment there too.Have a nice day!

  67. Maxinne Says:

    Hello, Thank you for great advise here, 2 months ago after reading this blog i immediately tried Cosmo skin glutathione, i used it twice a day coupled with 1000mg vitamin C + Vitamin B5 in replacement of vitamin A- since vitamin A can cause toxicity on prolonged used-according to my physician, i think i have received the same miracles, which i’ve been longin for since highschool days. the regimen really helps me a lot. Thanks joyce more power

  68. Nate Says:

    I actually came across an amazing product. It increases glutathione levels and is verifiable through a blood test. Something that’s never been done before!
    I love your name, and let me know once you figure it out.

    Check out this video and let me know what you think. http://Drkellervideo.com


    oh yeah, can you email my hotmail account nathan_nielson12@hotmail.com for the reply, your opinions are appreciated!

  69. Ces Says:

    Hi joyce. Its me Ceszy. I was actually happy upon reading your article because I for one is a victim of that SCARE.. the acne. rawr! I started having acne since i was 14 and I was really sad because until now after tons of regimens, toners, facials, pricking… THEY NEVER EVER LEFT :( It’s a sad thing bcause I am taking up tourism and I want to become a flight attendant. You’re actually intriguing. I want to see the NEW YOU after long years of frustration. I badly need your help. I always find myself crying as I look into the mirror because I hated my skin soo much! I have a lot of inflammation caused by those irritating pimples. I hail from the Philippines. I don’t know if those vitamins are available in the country. Joyce, To tell you honestly.. I am happy for you. Hope you cud reply on me. I really need you. I think youre going to be my hero. Im wasting money for my face.. nothing’s happening

  70. Ces Says:

    I actually bookmarked your page and Im going to spread the news over the hopefuls. :)

  71. joycelamela Says:

    Hello Ces,

    Sorry for my delayed response, hope you can still read this. Actually we are having the same problem, but luckily, I successfully find good solutions for my acne and pimples problem after so many years of researching about a good product. I understand what you are feeling right now especially that you are a Tourism student, you know acne and pimples and blemishes can be damaging not only physically but emotionally, it can drop self-confidence and greatly affected self-esteem. You know when I suffered all these skin problems, I developed an inferiority complex attitude and eventually kept myself locked inside my shell and refused to mingle out with friends.

    But now I have a different self-confidence after finally eliminating those unwanted skin problems. Cosmo skin can really help a lot, try taking the capsule at least once a day with vitamin C, you can also use this new cosmetic product called Beauche, it’s a one set solutions and just follow religiously the steps and you are on your way of achieving fine, smooth and young looking skin plus it helps revitalized your skin. Cosmo skin with the application of Beauche beauty product really did a special magic, it is very effective to me so give it a try. Good luck!

    Ces, if you want to find out my pimple and acne-free skin, try to visit my facebook joy_lam6@yahoo.com you can add me there so that we become friends and talk some more about beauty tips, I will share you all what I know about taking care of skin. Thank you so much for reading my blog. God bless you!

  72. mirana Says:

    hello,i hope this will be the cure to my acne and pimples, thank you so much for sharing your experience,i actually have heard some good feedbacks with this product,but still afraid to try, but after reading your blog..i will surely take my chance with cosmo skin gluta, i believe i can only get this at watsons? Is that right?

  73. sandra Says:

    Me too ive been taking cosmo gluta and gse for 4months now and it really made my skin fairer and blemish free. By the way, I just read from the site of cosmo that cosmo savers pack is discounted during paydays in watsons. I think the discounted price of cosmo pack is P1210.

  74. Eden Says:


    I am already 27 years old and for years I’ve tried different regime to cure my acne. I’ve been to a doctor in Australia and he gave me an antibiotic and benzoyl peroxide to cure my acne. In fairness, my body acne is gone. The anti-biotic didn’t have a long term effect on my face, because my acne came back.

    I’ve been searching from different ways to cure my acne. But still, the problem is there. Now, I have the worst breakout. I don’t know what to do now. Nothing seemed to work.

    I am thinking of trying cosmo skin glutathione because I’ve read good reviews about it. However, I don’t know what is the right dosage for me.

    Please, can anyone help me how many tablets I should take? Should I still use it with Vitamin C? What is the recommended dosage of glutathione and Vitamin C should I take in a day?

    Please someone help me.


  75. Laila Says:

    hi Joyce, i’m so happy for you. i have been having the same problem such as yours. and i think my mystery will be solved soon. my question is can you drink gluta and vit C at the same time? or Vit C and A?

  76. kristina Says:

    hi, im a breastfeeding mom. are there any research/reports that gluta has good or bad effect on babies?

  77. joycelamela Says:

    Hello Eden yes, you can take glutathione with vitamin c to be more effective..recommended dosage is 500mg per capsule/tablet, it is very effective in curing pimples and acne and you will have a pinkish glow. It’s my only solution to my long time agony about acne and pimples.

    Hi Laila: yes you can take gluta and vitamin C together, I am doing it right now. as for Vitamin A, actually my doctor prevented me from taking it anymore as it is not advisable to take regularly.

    Hello Kristina: most physicians would never recommend glutathione on breastfeeding moms. It is not also advisable to take while pregnant. I think children below 10 years old are not advise to take this supplement.So try to avoid it now while you are breastfeeding your baby.

    Goodluck to all of you and thanks for reading my blog, it’s such a great pleasure. God bless you!

  78. ian Says:

    hello ate Joyce! I am so happy to see these comments and testimonials of these persons you helped, also your replies to each of them and it makes me smile..someone like you have heart for us, by the way ate, I am a male..22 yrs old. i suffer also this acne and pimples,.hay,, it started wen i was 15, i was treated then in dermatologist, but after few months later, it came back again and it became worst.. i had the lowest self esteem ever..i always cry though i am a boy.. but it makes me feel the worst feeling to have..hay.. so may years of suffering.. accepting the fact that i could not be a heartthrob anymore that i used to be in my high school days..or someone you could enjoy loving, like a girlfriend touches your face….so sad.. so lonely.
    now at my age, my acne and pimples started to lessen. i can say its not that popping out as always maybe 2 or 1 pimps a month. but my really concern about now is the scars left behind, and its so visible…. could you help me to have some ways to lessen dis scars by acne and pimples..some says it could be diminish by laser dermabrasion, and you must have the money of a rich man.. or its the only way.. i have already done accepting the fact. but i want to overcome this, for my girlfriend..she loves me inside and out of me,.she is so beautiful like a doll and yet i am not good in face like a moon or beast,. and im lucky she loves me inspite of the look i have.. and i want her to be proud of me..she is the reason why i am like this, want to take care of myself bringing the best out in me… hayyy ate Joyce cencia na., i am too emotional.. hope you could help me. God Bless!

  79. ian Says:

    ate Joyce, d kita ma add sa fb.. but i always check here to see your reply. 1 more thing, is collagen soap could help me regenerate skin from being scarred?..

  80. john Says:

    Hello joyce,

    read for article many times and finally decided last month to buy cosmo but it seem’s at first its making my face softer but not yet fairer and acne/pimples still pop-out so recently added Nature’s Life Vit.A and after few days it seems it’s working. But I am worried about the toxic you are referring but I’m happy that Vit.A is working for me bec. I consider myself having hormonal imbalance which causes acne/pimples since highschool. Can you advice me about Vit.A, I am currently taking it daily 1 softgel (10,000 UI). I just want my breakouts to stop and have fairer skin.

    Thank you very much.

  81. john Says:

    Ms. Joyce just like to add that when I take Vit.A after a few mins. my eyes both will be “mahapdi” …I’m now worried about Vit.A …please help me…thank you

  82. phoenicity Says:

    Try glutha (500mg), panthothenic acid (500mg) available thru GNC, vitamin c at least 500mg, and also Vitamin A 50,000 iu (you can get one that\’s not pricey thru like a Chinese Drug Store – i believe the name is Deep See Fish Liver Oil contains Vitamin A 50,000 iu Vitamin D 25,000 iu or less sorry i forgot, and it\’ll only cost you like P100 for 500 capsules already)… take glutha (1pc) panthothenic acid (2pc … btw this is to control the oiliness of the skin something abt conrolling the hormones or glands) vitamin A (1pc) for each meal but take the vitamin c (1pc) only once during the day. this worked for me

  83. dianna Says:

    Hi! I’m 27 years old.I’m suffering from now from acne. As per my dermatologist, it is now on level 2. he told me to use diane 35 and zocin to take orally for my acne. He also gave betadine facial clenser and zyneryt plus benzoyl peroxide gel (to apply in the morning) and differin (to apply in the evening). And in addition, every other week i used to visit their clinic for salicylic peeling. It’s my 3rd week now but unfortunately he asked me to stop using all the creams and cleanser for 1 week coz my face got burned. He only ask me to put sunblock in the morning and moisturizer in the evening. I still have lots of pimples in my face. Is it normal since i’m still on my 3rd week? my mom gave me this myra 400 UI. is it safe to take with diane and the antibiotic? And will it help in curing my acne/pimples? I do really need your advice guys. It’s my first time to suffer from this.

  84. pamvin Says:

    hi there! as i check the NATURE’s LIFE webpage, it seems that they only have 10,000 iu as the least dosage of VIT a. Which dosage do you recommend? are you taking the emulsified A complex with 15,000 iu or the 25,000iu vitamin a? Also, in which health stores is this brand found? is it available in health express? ty and more power!

  85. Gigi Says:

    Hi, I’ve been using Glutatione for almost a month now… also suffering acne due to PCOS.. I started taking Gluta together with Vitamin A (10,000 IU and 500 mg of Vitamin C) for almost a month but as I’ve noticed, my acne got even worse! :(
    it got itchier and it darkened even more… I don’t know what to do? Shall I stop taking Glutathione?

  86. astroboy Says:

    Hey, Hi all, to start of, I’m a dude. A Guy.
    Who is suffering from acne problem. And it s*cks.
    I read this post, and right away, i wanted to buy the stuff you’ve been discussing here.

    Is the combination of
    -Mosbeau, Placenta White, 500mg
    - Afaxin, Vit. A, 20000 IU
    - Poten-Cee, Vit. C, 500mg

    are these okay to take everyday?
    How many tablets for each do I have to take?

    Hope a reply would come from you guys, because i’m a guy, kind’a ignorant about these stuff. :D


  87. Opet Says:

    I’d like to share my experience with you and the journey I had in my quest to achieving a smooth, flawless skin.

    I tried glutathione for 2 months (the chewable brand found in Sara Lee brochures) and it was very effective. My skin tone is medium to light and don’t dream of getting any whiter but my main purpose for trying it out was to get rid of my acne scars and marks. I’d say my skin was at its best. I would actually get embarrassed when people comment about my glowing, fair skin because it’s becoming obvious I was using gluta. :) But back then I was also in a less stressful working environment which also attributed to my having a good complexion. I stopped it because it’s too pricey for me (P2000-30 tablets).

    Last year, I got stressed with my job, my skin became very oily and I suffered a breakout. The tretinoin and bleaching products the dermatologist prescribed to me didn’t work. I stopped going to the derma then and just walked in at a skin clinic that offers facial cleaning and power peel for just P1000. I’d go their every month. Tried it 4 or 5 times but later on stopped after my skin cleared up. Again, it was too pricey for me I can’t maintain it. I didn’t think of taking gluta during this time.

    After that, I heard of organic products so what I just use are all natural soaps and toners. I never had any issues with breakouts anymore. I only get a couple of pimples each month when my period is about to come but nothing worse than that. My products are: activated black charcoal soap, Vit C toner from Avalon Organics and shea butter which serves as my day and night moisturizer. I also have honey at home which I use with brown sugar for facial scrubbing once or twice a week. My face is ok I guess but it’s not as good as when I was using gluta.

    I still have a few brown pimple spots which take time a long to whiten with the organic product I am using. My skin has the tendency to get sallow and dry giving me a haggard look when I am really stressed and “puyat” although I no longer go into a breakout. However, because I don’t want to be bothered with my skin when I am already facing job and personal related stress, I am contemplating on going back to gluta. It would be a relief not to worry about your skin anymore so I am thinking maybe it’s worth coughing out 1500-2000 every month for it. But when I heard about Vit A and C working almost as good as gluta, wow, it really is a good news!

    I will try those and come back here for the results. I would recommend shea butter though and the Vit C toner I am using. For topical use, they are very good for the skin.

  88. Lenny Says:

    hi joyce,
    i’ve read all your recommendations and advise to those who are dying to get rid of their pimples,unfortunately i am one of them.In june last year I started taking althea birth control pills,,my OB gyne had told me to take such pills to cure my very disturbing pimples.6months later,i saw a little progress,my face was clearing up from pimples though the deep scars caused by my stupidity of going to a derma clinic ( i should have known that these stupid fresh acne prick out methods by the derma doctor would just worsen the situation ) were still so visible. However, i’d been so ecstatic that everybody would notice my pimple free face until i stopped the pills in the first year and a half of using.My husband asked me to stop taking it because he was so worried that it would affect my fertility and according to his personal research, birth control pills cause several kinds of cancer esp. ovarian and breast cancer.Immidiately after stopping the pills,my pimples began to appear again,,hayyy..it causes me to be so much irritated, even much after i noticed my scars were a lot deeper! hayy,parang sumpa nga! I have very white complexion but im not happy with it,not with the face like this.Everybody says “ang puti puti mo nman “.But i’d rather be so tan and have pimple free face than this white with tons of pimples!!!!Nowadays,im taking b-complex vitamins and i eat a lot of veggies,drink plenty of water,exercise ( but not too often) I even bought portable sauna after I learned sweating would help reduce skin problems such as pimples.but i see very little changes that don’t really satisfy me as much as i was satisfied with the result of taking the althea pills.Of course i would not jeopardize my health especially when cancer is involved,so im not taking pills anymore flat out! i’ve got to find other ways to stop this culprit.And so when i bumped to this blog of yours,it gave me the urge to at least try your recommendations cosmo pills,gluta + vitamin c.I hope and pray this will work for me.I’ll keep you posted joyce and thanks for helping people like us who have been suffering from this kind of self – esteem killer. I’ll add you as my friend on facebook…bye God bless you.

  89. Tracy Says:

    Hi Joyce,
    I’ve been on cosmo skin for 2 weeks now. I drink it twice a day (an hour after breakfast and dinner plus 500mg of Vitamin C). I think it’s working for me too. The scars have lightened already and new pimples would heal faster than before. I just hope this effect would continue and thus heal the acne totally :) However, may I just ask.. did you drink the Grape Seed Extract too? The one that comes with the Cosmo Skin Saver’s Pack? Would you recommend drinking it? It’s just that I’m scared on trying too many products at the same time. But if you would enlighten me, I might drink it as well too. I’m hoping for your reply. Godbless you! :)

  90. rhai Says:

    hi tracy,

    may I ask if how much did you spent for the cosmo skin? because im only a student and I really want to know if its cheaper than other products that i’ve tried. and where did you buy cosmo skin? plz answer. thanks.


  91. rhai Says:

    ` may I know also if how old are you? Im only 19 years old, and I want to know if its safe to take 2 capsules per day? plz answer. many thankyou. :) )

  92. Anne Gooding Says:

    hi Joyce! what brand of Vitamin A do you buy in drugstores? i have this suspicions that Myra E, when i took them before it causes me to have pimple-breakout..i want to drink it regularly but it seems like it causes me to get even more pimples..anyway my skin is better now. I use Apple cider vinegar mixed with water as my toner after washing my face. i wanna buy Vitamin A supplements too so i hope you could share with me what and where you buy it. Thanks and God bless!

  93. tracy Says:

    Hi Rhai,

    Sorry for the late reply. It costs 1218 pesos at any Watson’s outlet if you buy it on weekends. It’s called cosmo skin saver’s pack and comes with a bottle of grape seed extract. However I don’t drink the GSE. I just go for the gutathione :) You just have to buy every weekends because it’s cheaper. If you buy during weekdays it costs 1700. Expensive! :)


  94. thea Says:

    hi..i just to know where can i buy the natures life vitamin a here in manila?i’ve been checking online but can’t find one shop.thanks..

  95. Hanna Says:

    How many capsules are in a Cosmo Saver’s Pack? What Vitamin C are you taking?

  96. Mar Says:

    Hi, I’m 29 yrs old and last year i was diagnosed with PCOS after noticing some changes in my skin and hair. I was on Yasmine (Birth control Pill) for over 6 years and I never had acne (as the pill controlled my hornmos). Last year I stopped taking Yasmine and after 3 months I started to suffer from acne around the jaw area. My gynea did tests and concluded that I have PCOS. I’ve tried alot of products but noting seems to work :( I went to a skin specialist and gave me Dalacin C 150mg. Up till today I didnt see and results. I’ve read some comments above regarding taking Vitamin C combined with Vitamin A. Will it help with my acne ?? What dose is needed ?? Many thanks to all.

  97. mau Says:

    hi is it true that vitamin A can get rid of pimples?

  98. Abbey Says:

    Do this work on black American skin tones an a skin whitener

  99. kathy Says:

    hi im 26 years old and have tried lots of products and even consulted one of the most popular doctors here in phils..for a while i achieved glowing skin but still have my brakouts.and now i already stop using produts.i hope this one will work for me too..

  100. mara Says:

    Who’s the manufacturer of the Vit A you are using?

  101. Angelaa Says:

    Hi! Ms. Joyce! :) I’m also a sufferer of acne since 13 years old, and 19 na po ako T_T, I’ve already tried cosmetics that can clear my face, pero temporary lng po lge ung effect..ask ko lng po sana if, pwedeng pagsabayin ung beauche one set at cosmo, i’ve been taking cosmo for almost 1month na po and it’s really effective i’ve already seen the results within a week kc maputi nadin po ako, mas napancin pong maputi ako kc glowing. pero problem ko parin pimples, gnagamit ko sa face ung cosmo soap maganda din po ung effect sa face pero hindi sya ganun kabilis magdry ng pimple, chaka may tumutubo pdin,ok lng po ba if mag-switch na ko agad sa beauche,para mas mabilis din po ung pag-tanggal ng pimples?? I hope your soonest reply ms. Joyce! :) thankyou! godbless po..

  102. eyhie Says:


  103. eyhie Says:


  104. Mae Says:

    Hi Joyce ,Taking Apha -Lipoic Acid + Vit.C only can rid off acne scares with Gluthatione.I suffer severe pimples breakdown after stopping taking my Diane 35.Pls.be advice.and you think how long it will effect? .I realy don’t know where to get cheap Gluthatione here Malaysia.

  105. Mae Says:

    Hi Joyce,
    Taking Apha -Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C only can rid off acne scars,without Gluthatione.What is the role of this Gluthatione for the LIver.?

    Salamat po.

  106. Angel Says:

    Hi ate Joyce, im a 19 year old 4th year IT student. I just got my this year lng ata. i used to have a good skin just by using mild soaps. But trying products like creams and toners just worsten my face .My problem right now is that i have so many darkspots, pimple marks and pimples (regularly, after ng isa, my isa na nman ulit and it always leaves dark spots on my face) :( . Pro ate ok lng bah na gumamit lng aq ng cosmo once a day? sabi dw po kc dpat twice a day. pra mkita agad ung results. pro kung once a day lng po bah mga ilang days po or weeks mkkta ang results na mwala po ung mga dark spots xa face q? at btw ate ok lng dn po bah na yan lng ang ggmitin ko. sensitive po kc skin q, at pnagbawalan dn po pla ako ng mama q na mglagay ng kung ano anong creams at gumamit ng harsh soaps xa mukha q. Now i only stick 2 mild soaps like dove. Ms maigi na dw po un. bata pa po nman po dw ang face q. Mbilis dn po bah ang pgkawala ng darkspots xa mukha q kung cosmo+ vitamin c lng po ung ggmitin q. nttakot na po kc aq bka nu pa mngyari xa face q kung ano2 ang ipaglalagay q. Nhihiya ndin po kc akung lumabas dhil d2. lumalabas lng po aq. kung gnagamitan q ng foundation at concealer ang mukha q. at ate thank u2 pla huh? gnawa mo 2ng site mo pra matulungan ang mga tulad nmin. thank u tlaga ate. update kta ate kung ano results skin ng glutha. once a day lng po muna d q pa kc afford mgtwice, studyante plang dn nman aq eh.haha. mgstart nq cguro bukas o mamaya bbli nq. excted nq. sana mgwork. hehe :) . maraming salamat po.


  107. babyruth Says:

    agreed with anne re about acv mixed with water as a toner… also mixed with dalacin c, afaxin, tawas, myra e and life oil.. i just started using it a week ago… and it really works..

    by the way, if you wish to watch tv shows replays and MOVIES… kindly try to visit the link below… and like us, please.. thanks;

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