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September 28, 2010 by udemsion  
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No matter the level of your skin dryness,there is a solution to it.You don’t have to spend your fortunes on getting that soft and gentle feel of a skin you so desire.Get it right here.

Whether you are blessed with a supple and soft skin or not, you are bound to suffer the discomfort of dry skin once in a while.

            But the following tips should help you remedy the problem of prolonged skin dryness:

            Keep water lukewarm, not hot.

            Hot water robs skin of moisture, causing dry skin, so it’s best to shower in lukewarm water.

 If you can’t bear this rule, try to keep your showers short and try showering only once a day. Wash hands in lukewarm water; never hot.

            Moisturize after shower or hand washing.

            Moisturizer is the key to soft, supple skin. Apply product when skin is slightly damp. For best effect, pat skin dry instead of rubbing with your towel before application. Try out coconut oil treatment while you are at it. Also avoid antibacterial soap and when you use one, apply olive oil on your hand to keep the cuticles soft.

            Exfoliate on a weekly or semi-weekly basis.

            Moisturizer is much more effective on properly exfoliated skin. Use a scrub in the shower and exfoliate facial skin with a mild scrub made for the face. It’s best to scrub skin when it’s dry. Apply scrub to dry skin before you turn on the water (mix with lotion if it’s not moist enough). Massage the scrub into the skin for a few minutes for best results.



            Skip the drying soaps.

            Soaps can be drying. Stick with a cleaning moisturizing cleanser that contains glycerin or petrolatum. Hands and feet can suffer terribly from dry, itchy skin. Put on moisturizer and gloves before you head outdoors in harsh weather.

            Stay hydrated but don’t go overboard.

            Many people believe if they drink more water, they’ll hydrate skin but you simply cannot moisturize skin from the inside out. People who drink relatively little water could see a significant benefit in skin hydration if they started drinking nine glasses of water per day. Dehydration does affect skin, but a normally hydrated person isn’t going to see major benefits by drinking even more water.

            Don’t forget your lips.

            Licking your lips will not moisturize them and instead will help dry them out. Lips retain less moisture than other parts of the body, so they tend to dry out more quickly. A simple lip balm helps. Take a toothbrush and “brush” your lips in a circular motion. This will remove dead flakes and leave you lips soft and supple.

            Protect your face too.

            If you have supper, duper sensitive skin, consider avoiding rinsing your face with tap water, which can contain harsh minerals that can make the skin dry.

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