Dry Skin Remedies!

December 30, 2010 by NatzVanz  
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Here are some tips and tricks I have used to cure the dry skin problems of the winter!

Drinking LOTS of Water.

  • Drinking the recommended 8 cups of water a day has seriously hydrated my dry skin needs.

Vitamin E Capsules.

  • Taking these vitamins have improved the look of my skin, not even just for dry skin purposes. It improves skin from the inside out. It has also been beneficial personally, to puncture the liquid vitamin E capsules and squeeze the liquids onto any scars, or very dry parts of my skin. 

Coconut Oil.

  • Rubbing coconut oil on your body before/ after taking a bath or shower can really help your dry skin problems. Beware of putting too much on however, because excessive use can make your skin feel greasy and extra oily. *Tip: Coconut oil is also very good for dry hair. 


  • Exfoliating is scuffing off dead skin from the body. This can be done easily with an exfoliating product; (i.e. exfoliating shower gels, etc.) Taking off the dead and dry skin your body “sheds” would definitely help the process.

Night Creams and Moisturizers. 

  • Night creams and moisturizing lotions are great to put on before bed to help skin rejuvenate while you’re sleeping.  

_____________________________________________________________________TIP: Do not forget places like elbows, neck, chin, heels, and knees! These places are often overlooked on our bodies, and can begin looking extremely ashy is not moisturized with the rest of our body!

Good luck! Stay healthy!

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