Cheap Hair Repair

August 19, 2007 by sara lee  
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A quick and cheap way to repair dry, damaged hair.

Step 1:

First thing you need to do is wet your hair. Next take common household mayonnaise, yes the one off of your refrigerator door. Or a warm one offs the shelf. It does not matter the brand, as long as it is NOT sandwich spread. Use as much as your hair will hold, but no more than a medium size jar ( med. size for long-past your shoulders hair).

Step 2:

Next, wrap your hair in a plastic bag. You know the kind you bring things home in when you’re out shopping. Then I usually wrap a towel around that as if I was getting out of the shower.

Step 3:

Leave it in your hair as long as you can, but no more than one hour. Fifteen minutes at the least. The longer the better. After wrapping your hair, go take a nap, watch TV, whatever.

Final Step:

Then rinse out the mayo, shampoo, sometimes you’ll need to shampoo twice. Style, blow-dry, do what you usually do.

I do it once every three months.

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